Fight Air Pollution (Save the Planet Series)

Fight Air Pollution (Save the Planet Series)

by Claire Llewellyn

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When was the last time that you thought about the oxygen that you were breathing? It probably only happened when you noticed that the air was polluted. This book in the "Save the Planet" series talks about various things that can be done to reduce air pollution. Some of the suggestions are huge�such as using solar, wind, or water plants to create electricity rather than plants that produce dirty fumes. Other things are smaller, such as recycling (because it takes more energy to make paper from trees than from recycled paper), turning off lights when you don't need them, and using public transportation. The back of the book offers several suggestions on how young people can help clean the air. It also contains a glossary, beautiful photographs, and an index. The ideal use of this book is in a schoolroom that is teaching children how to help the environment. 2003, Chrysalis Education, Ages 5 to 10.
— Nicole Peterson

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Save the Planet Series
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6 Years

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