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Fighting Diseases

Fighting Diseases

by Philip Morgan

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Children's Literature - Elizabeth Leis-Newman
Illnesses, from allergies to ringworm, are covered in this look at how the body fights off diseases. Given the broad subject matter, the book is not comprehensive, but Morgan gives upper elementary school students a good place to start in understanding basic biology. Topics include how eyelids and skin provide a defense against disease; why monitoring body temperature is important; how animal invaders like worms cause sickness; and how the lymphatic system is a key part of an immune system. Morgan also devotes his last section to "Taking Medicine," which includes the discovery of penicillin, what MRSA is, and why washing hands is important, reflecting the increasing need for parents and children to understand antibiotic resistance. Children will enjoy the large color pictures and illustrations, especially of items like a pinworm or a blackhead. The four-color, large sized book would be a solid addition to a classroom or library. A glossary and additional reading list are included. It is part of Amicus' "How the Body Works" series. Reviewer: Elizabeth Leis-Newman
Children's Literature - Joyce Rice
The world of young children is strewn with pitfalls, especially as they begin to interact with people outside their family. Teaching a child to recognize differences in others and still accept that person as an equal, not someone to be feared or made fun of, is an awesome task for any parent. This series of six books is designed to address feelings, having respect for others and learning to accept differences in the people they encounter every day. In a picture book format, images of children of all ages are presented with a caption concerning how to handle the differences between siblings, classmates, even people that they encounter in public places. The author then discusses how a child should react to differences. A positive reaction would be to draw in and become friends with the person who is different from you. A negative reaction would be to whisper about and avoid the person with differences. Through discussion starters, the reader learns how important it is to look for the similarities in relationships rather than looking for differences that set us apart. Various pages offer ways for children to put into action the things that they are learning and questions to ask about the situation. Any time adults can help young children to understand their world and let them know that it is all a part of growing up and being a part of family, good discussions will follow and positive images are left. The author has included an index, a glossary and recommended readings for each volume. This series "Positive Steps" is an excellent series for starting discussions within the family unit that will build positive self-esteem in young readers. Reviewer: Joyce Rice

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How Your Body Works
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