Figments and Fragments of Mahayana Buddhism in India: More Collected Papers

Figments and Fragments of Mahayana Buddhism in India: More Collected Papers

by Gregory Schopen

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University of Hawaii Press, The
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Studies in the Buddhist Traditions Ser.
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

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IThe Mahayana and the middle period in Indian Buddhism : through a Chinese looking-glass3
IIThe phrase sa prthivipradesas caityabhuto bhavet in the Vajracchedika: notes on the cult of the book in Mahayana25
IIIThe bones of a Buddha and the business of a monk : conservative monastic values in an early Mahayana polemical tract63
IVOn sending the monks back to their books : cult and conservatism in early Mahayana Buddhism108
VSukhavati as a generalized religious goal in Sanskrit Mahayana Sutra literature154
VIThe generalization of an old yogic attainment in medieval Mahayana Sutra literature : some notes on Jatismara190
VIIMahayana in Indian inscriptions223
VIIIThe inscription on the Kusan image of Amitabha and the character of the early Mahayana in India247
IXThe ambiguity of Avalokitesvara and the tentative identification of a painted scene from a Mahayana Sutra at Ajanta278
XA verse from the Bhadracaripranidhana in a tenth-century inscription found at Nalanda299
XIThe text on the "Dharani stones from Abhayagiriya" : a minor contribution to the study of Mahayana literature in Ceylon306
XIIThe Bodhigarbhalankaralaksa and Vimalosnisa Dharanis in Indian inscriptions : two sources for the practice of Buddhism in medieval India314
XIIIA note on the "technology of prayer" and a reference to a revolving bookcase in an eleventh-century Indian inscription345
XIVStupa and Tirtha : Tibetan mortuary practices and an unrecognized form of burial Ad Sanctos at Buddhist sites in India350

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