Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora

Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora

Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora

Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora


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In her debut cookbook, acclaimed chef Angela Dimayuga shares her passion for Filipino food with home cooks.

Filipinx offers 100 deeply personal recipes—many of them dishes that define home for Angela Dimayuga and the more than four million people of Filipino descent in the United States. The book tells the story of how Dimayuga grew up in an immigrant family in northern California, trained in restaurant kitchens in New York City—learning to make everything from bistro fare to Asian-American cuisine—then returned to her roots, discovering in her family’s home cooking the same intense attention to detail and technique she’d found in fine dining. 

In this book, Dimayuga puts a fresh spin on classics: adobo, perhaps the Filipino dish best known outside the Philippines, is traditionally built on a trinity of soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic—all pantry staples—but add coconut milk, vinegar, and oil, and it turns lush and silky; ribeye steaks bring extra richness to bistek, gilded with butter and a bright splash of lemon and orange juice. These are the punches of flavor and inspired recipes that home cooks have been longing for.

A modern, welcoming resource for this essential cuisine, Filipinx shares exciting and approachable recipes everyone will wholeheartedly embrace in their own kitchens.

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ISBN-13: 9781647004682
Publisher: ABRAMS
Publication date: 11/02/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 288
File size: 93 MB
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About the Author

Angela Dimayuga rose to prominence in the culinary sphere as the executive chef of Mission Chinese Food in New York. Dimayuga was also the creative director of food and culture of The Standard International Hotel Group and of No Bar in New York. She has been featured in the New York TimesVogueBon AppetitThe CutInterview magazine, and many other outlets. She lives in New York. Ligaya Mishan is the Hungry City columnist for the New York Times and a contributing editor at T Magazine, and has written for the New York Review of Books and The New Yorker. She lives in New York.

Table of Contents

Come Inside and Eat 8

Sharing the Table 12

Seasoning Matrix 14


Bistek (seared rib eye with lemon and onions) 19

Coconut milk chicken adobo 20

Pork adobo 23

Adobong pusit (squid ink adobo) 25

Bola-bola (beef meatballs) 27

Beef giniling (spiced tomato-stewed ground beef, potato, and raisins) 29

Dinuguan (pork blood stew) 31

Kare-kare (oxtail peanut stew) 33

Max's style fried chicken 35

Croquettes 37

Fried pork chop stack 39

Filipino pork bbq 41

Listening to Lola 42

Soup and Vegetables

Sinigang (sour tamarind broth with pork and vegetables) 47

Sinigang sa kamatis (vegan sour tomato broth with vegetables) 49

Arroz caldo (chicken rice porridge with saffron, collards, and soy-cured egg yolks) 51

Nilaga (tender osso buco, bone marrow, and vegetables in beef broth) 53

Bola-bola soup (beef meatball soup) 54

Munggo (mung bean stew with pork and wilted greens) 57

Tinola (chicken soup with ginger and moringa leaves) 59

Chicken sotanghon soup (chicken soup with glass noodles and pork-scallion meatballs) 61

Tito elpie's tortang talong (charred eggplant omelet) 63

Pinakbet (vegetables stewed in fermented shrimp paste) 65

Laing with flowers (taro leaves stewed in coconut milk, with toasted coconut-milk curds) 67

Ginisang ampalaya (sautéed bitter melon, tomato, shrimp, and egg) 69

Rice with Everything 70

Rice and Noodles

Garlic butter fried rice 75

Bay leaf spa rice 77

Crispy pandan coconut rice 79

Dinuguan blood rice 80

Pancit palabok (rice noodles with saffron-scented chicken gravy) 81

Dry spicy bagoong noodles with fish balls in broth 85

Pancit bihon camote (stir-fried sweet potato noodles with pork belly, black pepper, and red cabbage) 87

Filipino spaghetti (filipino bolognese with hot dog coins) 89

Ito Ako 92

Ancestral Whisper 95


Ukoy (seafood and vegetable fritters) 99

Fried garlic peanut 100

Garlic cornick 102

Beef empanadas 103

Lumpia shanghal 107

Crispy fried calamari 111

Siopao (steamed buns) 113

Kinilaw (raw fish) 114

Extra Value 116

Breakfast and Silogs

Tapa (air-dried cured beef) 121

Tocino (sweet cured fried pork) 123

Longganisa (filipino-style chorizo) 125

Marinated silver fish 127

Corned beef 129

Homemade spam 131

Champorado (chocolate rice porridge) 135

Kamayan 136


Sinigang roast chicken 141

Embutido (pork galantine with pickle, eggs, and cheese) 143

Chicken relleno (whole roasted chicken stuffed with embutido) 147

Pastel de lengua (ox tongue pie in mushroom sauce) 153

Pork bellychon (crispy oven-roasted pork belly) 157

Porchetta bellychon (rolled and stuffed crispy pork belly) 159

Ferment 162

Pantry, Sides, Condiments, and Sawsawan

Spicy banana ketchup 167

Bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) 169

Tagilo (fermented shrimp and rice condiment) 171

Soy-cured egg yolks 173

Lacto-fermented hot sauce 175

Suka at bawang (garlic and chile table vinegar) 177

Homemade coconut vinegar 179

Vegan "fish sauce" (mushroom, kombu, and black garlic) 181

Atsara (green papaya table pickle) 183

Salted bitter melon 185

Smoky charred eggplant 187

Lacto-fermented green mango 189

Salted egg 190

Latik (crunchy coconut-milk curds) 193

Pork liver sauce ("mang tomas") 195

Garlic chips 197

Homemade molasses tapioca 199

Coco jam 201

Smoky pepper jelly-mango jam 203

Tablea (roasted cacao nibs and raw cane sugar) 205

Charred kesong puti (banana leaf-scented fresh farm cheese) 207

Siya: Decolonizing the Language 208

Kakanin, Pastries, and Sweets

Taisan (chiffon loaf cake) 213

Bibingka (banana leaf-roasted rice cake with salted egg and cheese) 215

Mango-turmeric chiffon cake 217

Salted caramelized turon with mochi 221

Food for the gods (molasses, date, and walnut squares) 225

Ensaymadas (butter pastry with crunchy sugar and cheese) 227

Suman (sticky rice steamed in banana leaves) 229

Biko (caramelized coconut sticky rice) 233

Coconut and pistachio pichi pichi (chewy cassava balls) 235

Ginataang bilo-bilo (coconut milk-stewed mochi and tropical fruit) 237

Taho (warm tofu, tapioca, and brown sugar syrup, with toasted soybean powder) 241

Leche flan with grapefruit 243

Buko hand pie (young coconut pudding pie) 245

Polvoron (toasted oat and black sesame shortbread cookies) 249

Pastillas de ube (soft milk purple yam candies) 251

Dogeaters 252

Cold Things and Drinks

Halo-halo 263

Corn slush 257

Green mango slush 259

Black treacle toffee milk and coffee jelly with baby tapioca 261

Dolly's cantaloupe refresher (cantaloupe slush with cantaloupe spaghetti, crushed mint, and condensed milk) 267

Night moss shake (avocado, cacao, and mint) 269

Pulpy salty citrus soda 271

Coconut milk spritz (aka "reverse aging" cocktail) 273

Rice coffee (burnt grain tea) 275

Tsokolate (hot chocolate) 277

The Filipino Discount 278

Keep Reading 281

Maraming Salamat 282

Index 283

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