Film Music by Mischa Spoliansky

Film Music by Mischa Spoliansky

by Rumon Gamba

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  1. 1. Main Titles. Pesante - Vivo - Grandioso
  2. 2. Attack on the Train. Moderato - Allegro moderato - Allegro con brio
  3. 3. Scott and Mrs. Wyatt. Andante
  4. 4. Eton Boating Song. Marziale
  5. 1. Canoe Song. Moderato (with rhythmic swing)
  6. 2. Congo Lullaby. Andante moderato
  7. 3. Love Song. Slowly
  8. 1. The Miracles. Allegro vivace
  9. 2. Scherzo. Allegro giocoso
  10. 3. The Grand Palace. March
  11. Voice in the Night
  12. 1. Prelude. Allegro - Andante con moto - Allegro
  13. 2. Ghost's Walk. Largo, misterioso
  14. 3. Love Theme. Andante
  15. 4. Chase and Finale. Allegretto - Andante (Solemn Music)
  16. Dedication from the film "Idol Of Paris"
  17. 1. Titles and Map. Moderato
  18. 2. Wagon Song. Andante
  19. 3. The Desert. Andante
  20. 4. Mountain Song. Moderato
  21. 5. Finale. Marziale
  22. Galop
  23. Toccatina

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rumon Gamba   Primary Artist,Conductor
BBC Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Roderick Elms   Piano
Ileana Ruhemann   Flute
John Elijah Wright   Organ
Mark Coles   Bass (Vocal)
John Wright   Organ
John Wright   Organ
Mark Coles   Bass (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Ralph Couzens   Producer,Engineer
Mischa Spoliansky   Composer
Philip Lane   Arranger,Producer,Liner Notes
Antony Askew   Engineer
Charles Mutter   Orchestra Leader
Andreas Klatt   Text Translation,Liner Note Translation
George L. Zalva   Orchestration
Neil Varley   Producer
Marie-Françoise de Meeûs   Text Translation,Liner Note Translation
Arthur Wimperis   Text
Heinz Walter Florin   Arranger
Neal Varley   Producer

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