Final Forest: The Battle For the Last Great Trees of the Pacific Northwest

Final Forest: The Battle For the Last Great Trees of the Pacific Northwest

by William Dietrich

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The chief science correspondent for the Seattle Times here examines the many sides of the ongoing debate over the logging of America's last remaining ancient forest, on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. Using the town of Forks as a focal point, Dietrich allows the participants in this drama--loggers, truckers, foresters, timber company representatives, environmentalists and politicians--to speak for their own interests. Exploring a dense thicket of social ? with `social,' seems unnecessary and economic issues, he discovers a human dilemma at the center? since thickets don't have cores? : the plight of the men and women whose livelihood depends on the woods, tragically caught between big industry and environmentalists. The author contends that the U.S. government's shortsighted policies have led not only to these workers' loss of dignity and self-respect but also to the unnecessary destruction of thousands of acres of old-growth trees. Engrossing and well-written, this is a model of balanced reporting and reasoned analysis. ( June )
Library Journal - Library Journal
The local battle scene of this book's subtitle is Washington's Olympic Peninsula, but the conflict raged, and still rages, over the entire Pacific Northwest, Washington, D.C., Alaska, and other locales that face the dilemma of preserving natural resources versus exploiting them. Dietrich, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, presents in an easy-to-read narrative style the point of view of various participants in this war, from the logger whose way of life is threatened to a biologist concerned with saving the Northern spotted owl. The chapters on the owl and the biologist provide the best account this reviewer has read of the biology and behavior patterns of this small, inoffensive, but controversial bird and why it should be the center of so much heated debate. No easy solutions to the struggle between the forest industry and environmentalists emerge from this book, but hopeful signs include the increasing awareness on the part of Forest Service personnel and the logging industry that careless, sometimes ruthless, exploitation of the remaining old growth forest is no longer feasible or even possible. Highly recommended for collections on environmental issues.-- Eleanor Maass, Maass Assocs., New Milford, Pa.

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