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Finding a Vision for Your Church: Assembly Required

Finding a Vision for Your Church: Assembly Required

by Michael A. Milton
The church is not just a building; it is an assembly of people who need a vision. Here is inspiration for a radically biblical vision that will both minister to and involve your church’s assembly.


The church is not just a building; it is an assembly of people who need a vision. Here is inspiration for a radically biblical vision that will both minister to and involve your church’s assembly.

Editorial Reviews

James Bachmann
"The worship of almighty God is our supreme calling in this life and our eternal destiny in the next. This book by Dr. Mike Milton will help all who earnestly desire to glorify and enjoy God in corporate worship and to encourage church leaders to go forward in faith through His miraculous means to achieve His glorious vision."
David W. Hall
Dr. Michael Milton is a pastor, a pedagogue, a preacher, a presbyter, a president, and a picker (of guitars, that is). He weaves all these roles into this fine, small work that [like Stairway to Heaven or All Along the Watchtower or House of the Rising Sun or Gimme Shelter or Psycho Killer (yes, I’ve heard him play these)] will be used and used again because of its simplicity, clarity, harmony, and beauty. [Like three chords, the means of grace (Scripture, prayer, and sacraments) take us a long way!] Don’t let its brevity fool you: in a day of Styrofoam castoffs, this is one that you’ll read and re-read. Its most important value is how it embraces and follows God’s reveal mind on ministry, outreach, worship, and preaching. Instead of doing ministry as everyone else or as some other stale pattern suggests, why not let the Master of Ministry instruct us? Dr. Milton knows that Master well; and it shows in this fine collection.
Samuel Logan
This book reminds me of the fifth, sixth, and seventh books of the Old Testament. At the end of Deuteronomy, Israel bade farewell to one leader, Moses, and at the beginning of the Book of Joshua, the next leader is introduced. The same scenario is repeated at the end of Joshua and the beginning of the Book of Judges. Leaders change but the Lord and His mission do not. Mike Milton recently succeeded Ric Cannada as the leader of one of the top theological seminaries in the world. This book makes it clear that, while the leaders have changed, the Lord and that institution’s mission to serve Him in bringing biblical renewal to Christ’s church, have not. This is a Kingdom encouragement for all who love Him and His church. I highly commend this book.
Marvin Olasky
Assembly Required is a great subtitle at a time when some believers are so turned off by showtime mega-churches that they fall into lone wolf legalism. Mike Milton eloquently shows us the importance of assembling for worship, prayer, and teaching about grace and compassion.
Jeffrey K. Jue
This series of sermons by Dr. Mike Milton serves as helpful and practical guide for churches seeking to minister according to the teaching of the Scriptures. Dr. Milton’s focus on the ordinary means of grace is a refreshing alternative to the various "market-driven" methods and trends that continue to influence the church, particularly in North America.
Harry L. Reeder III
Mike Milton has brought to the table not only his extensive experience in leadership and lessons learned in pastoral ministry, but more importantly faithful, biblical insights for the spiritual vitality of the church. I personally enjoy the privilege of ministry in partnership with RTS and Mike Milton for the cause of biblically healthy and effective churches and I’m extremely excited about this resource which I highly commend to you. We are once again indebted to God’s grace overflowing to us through Mike’s endeavor.
Eryl Davies
This challenging book must be read by all Christians. Subjects include: A burden for God's Glory. A Passion for God's Word. Valuing the Gospel. Growing as a Church. The Marks of Biblical Preaching. Prayer---it's all we have and all we need ! And there is much more to help and encourage churches. Read and pray over its contents !
Scott N. Brown Jr.
This collection of Dr. Milton’s sermons to his new church in 2001 and its extensive practical appendices are founded on the Word of God, rich with Scripture, and thoroughly punctuated with historical illustrations, everyday examples, and expressions of many other scholar-preachers.

He has drawn on his own scholarship and experiences as well, to present with clarity and organizational structure the elements of a truly Sacred Assembly of believers in a Spirit-filled church, which answers the question, “What does a true biblical church look like?” It will be a great blessing for pastors and laity alike.

Rankin Wilbourne
These aren't just chapters in a book or words from a distant teacher. Having the privilege of working under and being mentored by Mike Milton, I saw these values lived out, fleshed out, in the local church context. Mike Milton is a pastoral theologian, a pastor's theologian, and these chapters are sure to aid renewal in the local church. Practical. Clear. Biblical.
Henry Luke Orombi
The resurrection of Christ was such a great experience for the apostle Thomas that when he encountered the risen Lord, all He could say was "My Lord and my God" to Jesus. He worshipped him. When he appeared to them in Galilee Matthew said "they worshipped him and some doubted." The early Church had this fresh experience of ressurrection and they "broke bread together and worshipped him." This is what Mike will bring to you and your congregation through his book—encountering the fresh experience of Jesus the Lord. Jesus is exalted through our worship.
Anthony B. Bradley
As a seasoned pastor Dr. Milton provides a great model for how local congregations can practice what it means to be "Reformed and always reforming." The topics and questions raised in the book are of the sort that will extend its usefulness decades after purchase. This book is strong model of what it means to encourage the type of spiritual discernment that will not only revitalize congregations but also ignite new fires for churches to pursue their calling in mission of God. Dr. Milton delivers a book that will be useful for staff and church officers but also Sunday school and small group settings. If your church is in transition or needs to rekindle the fires that formed it, I would recommend skipping the outside consultants and having your entire congregation work through this book together and watch God work.
R. J. Gore
Mike Milton's Sacred Assembly is a gift to the church. Proved in the laboratory of Mike's own pastoral ministry, it exhibits that marvelous mixture of Scripture and story, theology and wise application, objective truth and personal insight, that we have come to expect from one of the foremost leaders and theological educators of our day.
Robert Leslie Holmes
Dr. Michael Milton is a born leader with a keen mind that cuts to the chase and a heart that burns with passion for the gospel. He comes at this subject as one who has walked the walk. If you are a pastor or worship leader you need to read his book on the Sacred Assembly. If you are not a pastor or worship leader, you need to buy two copies, one for yourself and one to give to your pastor. I do not doubt that you and your church will be far better off for reading what Mike Milton has to say in these pages. As a teacher of worship and preaching, I intend to make it required reading for all my students.
David Robertson
"Mike Milton's Finding a Vision for Your Church could be yet another 'this is how to bring revival to your church' book. Thankfully it is not. Instead, reflecting on Scripture and using his own experience he introduces us to questions that every church should ask and reflect upon. As a Scotsman, I particularly warmed to the fact that this book is in my view applicable outside the North American context, as well as within. The Vision is God's - by His grace I pray that Mike's book would help us to find and implement that wonderful plan that the Lord has for his Church "

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Meet the Author

Michael A. Milton is Chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary, where he is also the James M. Baird Jr. Chair of Pastoral Theology. He is the host of the national Bible teaching television program Faith for Living, a songwriter and recording artist, and the author of numerous books. Previously he was the senior minister of the historic First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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