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A Fine and Private Place

A Fine and Private Place

3.0 2
by Peter S. Beagle

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This classic, mesmerizing tale from the author of
THE LAST UNICORN is a journey between the realms of the living
and the dead, and the eternal power of love. Michael Morgan was
not ready to die, but his funeral was carried out just the
same. Trapped in the dark limbo between life and death as a
ghost, he searches for an escape. Instead, he


This classic, mesmerizing tale from the author of
THE LAST UNICORN is a journey between the realms of the living
and the dead, and the eternal power of love. Michael Morgan was
not ready to die, but his funeral was carried out just the
same. Trapped in the dark limbo between life and death as a
ghost, he searches for an escape. Instead, he discovers the
beautiful Laura...and a love stronger than the boundaries of
the grave and the spirit world.

Praise for Peter S. Beagle: * "Wit, charm, and a sense of
individuality." --New York Times Book Review * "It's a fully
rounded region, this other world of Peter Beagle's
imagination...an originality...that is wholly his own." --
Kirkus Reviews * "Both sepulchral and oddly
appealing...[Beagle's] ectoplasmic fable has a distinct, mossy
charm." --Time * "Delightful." --San Francisco Chronicle

Editorial Reviews

ICCFA Magazine
One of the great fantasy novels of all time.
SF Reviews.net
Such compassion and grace that it ends up far more absorbing and moving than most novels.
From the Publisher

"I can't think of a better book to buy for someone you love this holiday season."

“One of literature’s most beautiful works about ghostly times and places...told with wit, charm, and a sense of individuality.”
New York Times Book Review

A Fine & Private Place is just as wonderful as I remembered it to be: beautifully written, the characters warmly drawn, the pages filled with conversations that run the gamut of the human condition.... It’s a great book in a lovely affordable package.”
Fantasy & Science Fiction

“Both sepulchral and oddly appealing.... [Beagle’s] ectoplasmic fable has a distinct mossy charm.”
TIME Magazine

San Francisco Chronicle

“A sweet, sad, and smart novel about life, death and love...a book that has endured for a reason.”
The Agony Column

“A wonderful work of literature...a gem of a novel.”

“Over a cold beverage and a hot bowl of chili, Peter Beagle recently told me how he came to write A Fine & Private Place. He was just nineteen years old at the time, the length of time that Mr. Rebeck spent in that cemetery. He was working as a counselor at a boys’ summer camp. Once the campers were settled for the night there wasn’t much for the counselors to do. Those who had sweethearts at the girls’ camp across the lake would borrow canoes and paddle across to see them. Peter had no such luck, he told me, so he warmed up his rattly little portable typewriter, cracked open a ream of paper, and starting writing a book. We are all incredibly lucky that Peter had no girlfriend that summer.”
—Dick Lupoff, SF Site

“An amazing read.... If fantastically developed characters trapped between love and death appeal to you, this is a nearly perfect book.”

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3. ALPHA-3 (The Leshik-Cralle Oscillator) 112

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32 Complexity Economics 143

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Meet the Author

Peter S. Beagle is the best-selling author of The Last Unicorn, which has sold a reported five million copies since its initial publication in 1968. His other novels include A Fine & Private Place, The Innkeeper’s Song, and Tamsin. His short fiction has been collected in four volumes by Tachyon Publications, including The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche, The Line Between, We Never Talk About My Brother, and Sleight of Hand. He has won the Hugo, Nebula, Mythopoeic, and Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire awards as well as the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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Fine and Private Place 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
But a tender, beautiful and sweet tale all the same. The bits of humor it contains are very dark, and the entire book has a sad feeling to it. It is, however, the only sad book I have ever read that I have truly liked. Different concepts of love, life, death, and the hereafter are explored in ways I never thought possible. Naturally I won't give away the ending, but don't expect it to fit in with any of your previous conceptions of what a happy or sad ending is or should be. Read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago