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Fine-Grained Turbidite Systems

Fine-Grained Turbidite Systems

by American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Charles G. Stone, Charles G. Stone

ISBN-10: 0891813535

ISBN-13: 9780891813538

Pub. Date: 04/25/2000

Publisher: American Association Of Petroleum Geologists

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American Association Of Petroleum Geologists
Publication date:
Memoir Ser.
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8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Fine-Grained Turbidite Systems: Overview1
Chapter 2Fine-Grained, Mud-Rich Turbidite Systems: Model and Comparison with Coarse-Grained, Sand-Rich Systems9
Chapter 3Carboniferous Submarine Basin Development of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma21
Chapter 4Sea Floor Morphology and Sediment Paths of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Deepwater33
Chapter 5Influence of Tectonics on Submarine Fan Deposition, Tanqua and Laingsburg Subbasins, South Africa47
Chapter 6Debris Flows vs. Turbidity Currents: A Modeling Comparison of Their Dynamics and Deposits57
Chapter 7A Process Model for the Evolution of Submarine Fan Channels: Implications for Sedimentary Architecture73
Chapter 8Interpreting Turbidite Systems with 2-D and 3-D Seismic Data: An Overview89
Chapter 9Neogene Turbidite Systems of the Gulf of Guinea Continental Margin Slope, Offshore Nigeria93
Chapter 10A Mississippi-Sourced Middle Miocene (M4), Fine-Grained Abyssal Plain Fan Complex, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico109
Chapter 11Seismic Resolution of Submarine Channel Architecture as Indicated by Outcrop Analogs119
Chapter 12Lithology and Fluids: Seismic Models of the Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas127
Chapter 13Contrasting Styles of Basin-Floor Fan and Slope Fan Deposition: Mount Messenger Formation, New Zealand143
Chapter 14The Tanqua Fan Complex, Karoo Basin, South Africa--Outcrop Analog for Fine-Grained, Deepwater Deposits153
Chapter 15Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of the Late Permian Tanqua Submarine Fan Complex, Karoo Basin, South Africa165
Chapter 16Submarine Fan Through Slope to Deltaic Transition Basin-Fill Succession, Tanqua Karoo, South Africa173
Chapter 17Why Outcrop Characterization of Turbidite Systems181
Chapter 18From Geologic Characterization to "Reservoir Simulation" of a Turbidite Outcrop, Arkansas, U.S.A.187
Chapter 19Submarine Channel Architecture Along a Slope to Basin Profile, Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas195
Chapter 20Portrait of a Basin-Floor Fan for Sandy Deepwater Systems, Permian Lower Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas215
Chapter 21Characteristics of a Distributary Channel-Levee-Overbank System, Tanqua Karoo233
Chapter 22Anatomy of a Type II Turbidite Depositional System: Upper Jackfork Group, Degray Lake Area, Arkansas245
Chapter 23Thin-Bedded Turbidites of the Tanqua Karoo: Physical and Depositional Characteristics263
Chapter 24Characterization of a Fine-Grained Outer Submarine Fan Deposit, Tanqua-Karoo Basin, South Africa279
Chapter 25Characteristics of Fine-Grained Outer Fan Fringe Turbidite Systems291
Chapter 26Turbidity Current Sediment Waves in Subsurface Sequences299
Chapter 27Lithology-Driven Rock Calibration: "Laboratory" Modeling307
Chapter 28Identification and Evaluation of Turbidite and Other Deepwater Sands Using Open Hole Logs and Borehole Images317

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