Finite Volumes for Complex Applications III

Finite Volumes for Complex Applications III

by Raphaele Herbin

ISBN-10: 1903996341

ISBN-13: 9781903996348

Pub. Date: 01/28/2003

Publisher: ISTE/Hermes Science Publishing

Scientific computing, which involves the analysis of complex systems in real applications with numerical simulations, is becoming an important field of research in itself, in relation to theoretical investigations and physical experiments. In many cases, the underlying mathematical models consist of large systems of partial differential equations, which have to be…  See more details below


Scientific computing, which involves the analysis of complex systems in real applications with numerical simulations, is becoming an important field of research in itself, in relation to theoretical investigations and physical experiments. In many cases, the underlying mathematical models consist of large systems of partial differential equations, which have to be solved with high accuracy and efficiency. Among the successful methods, in particular for discretizations on unstructured grids, are the Finite Volume schemes.

This publication contains the contributions presented at the third Symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex Applications, held in Porquerolles in June 2002. After a critical review of the submitted papers, 96 papers by authors from more than 20 countries are presented in this volume. The subject of these papers ranges from theoretical and numerical results such as theoretical foundation and validation, adaptivity in space and time, higher order discretization and parallelization, to physical applications, such as multiphase flow and flows through porous media, magnetohydrodynamics, reacting and turbulent flows, elastic structures, granular avalanches, and image processing.

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Table of Contents

A posteriori error estimates for general numerical methods for Hamilton-Jacobi equations. Part II: the time-dependent case17
The one-step [actual symbol not reproducible]-method for spatially stabilized finite volume discretizations of parabolic equations25
A posteriori error estimates for higher order Godunov finite volume methods on unstructured meshes41
Two-phase flow in porous media and finite volume schemes65
Discontinuous Galerkin method: compromise between FV and FE schemes81
Oriented characteristics methods for a class of nonhomogeneous hyperbolic systems97
Wave-propagation methods and software for complex applications107
Adaptive multiresolution schemes119
Behavior of the finite volumes schemes in material and numerical interfaces139
Error estimates on the approximate finite volume solution of non linear convection diffusion equations147
Finite volume scheme on non matching grids. Applications to domain decomposition methods155
A finite volume scheme for the drift diffusion equations for semiconductors163
The finite volume element method in nonconvex polygonal domains171
FV-schemes for a scalar model problem of radiation magnetohydrodynamics179
L[superscript p] Estimates of convergence for finite volume approximation of linear advection on arbitrary grids187
A finite volume scheme for noncoercive Dirichlet problems with right-hand sides in H[superscript -1]195
Petrov-Galerkin finite volume203
Coupling nonlinear hyperbolic systems: mathematical and numerical analysis211
A FV scheme for Maxwell's equations219
A mathematical comparison of two finite volume methods for two-phase flow in porous media227
A new mixed finite volume method235
Domain decomposition with Robin interface conditions on non-matching grids using finite volume method243
The convergence of some numerical schemes for the shallow water equations with a singular source term253
The reservoir scheme for systems of conservation laws261
Analysis and validation of a new finite volume scheme for nonhomogeneous systems269
Grid aligned h-box methods for conservation laws in complex geometries277
Polygonal reconstructions and limiting strategies in finite volume approximations285
A new relaxation method for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations293
On finite volume discretization of elliptic interface problems301
A simple level set numerical scheme for unstructured meshes309
A multilevel FIC projection method for low march natural convection flows317
A box scheme for convection-diffusion equations325
A higher order scheme based on the finite volume approach333
Flux boundary conditions for hyperbolic systems of conservations laws in the finite volume framework341
The use of approximate solutions for limiting with first order hyperbolic conservation laws349
Generalized call-centered finite volume methods for flow in porous media with fault357
Central-upwind schemes for balance laws. Application to the Broadwell model365
Finite volume-based Lattice Boltzmann method for general grids373
Finite volume scheme for a parabolic equation on an unstructured mesh381
Multidimensional bicharacteristic finite volume methods for the shallow water equations389
Quadratic reconstruction on arbitrary polygonal grids for 2nd-order conservation laws397
High order finite volume schemes. Application to non-linear elasticity problems405
Extension of second order Godunov mixed methods from triangles to tetrahedra413
Multidimensional upwind and source terms in inhomoeneous conservation laws: the scalar case421
Analysis and approximation of a scalar conservation law with a flux function with discontinuous coefficients429
High-order monotonicity-preserving schemes for linear advection on 2D irregular meshes437
An efficient spectral (finite) volume method for conservation laws on unstructured grids445
Finite volume simulations of cavitating flows455
An implicit finite volume scheme for unsteady flows in deformable pipe-lines463
A two-layer numerical model for flows through channels with irregular geometry: application to the water exchange through the Strait of Gibraltar471
A general structure of numerical schemes for non homogeneous shallow water equations479
A new unstructured algorithm based on the volume of fluid method for tracking material interfaces in a finite-volume framework487
A TVD Lagrange plus remap scheme for the simulation of two-fluid flows495
Fluid modelling of buffer and processing systems, finite volume discretization503
Heat and mass transfer in microwave processing of moist biomaterials511
Numerical simulations of heat transfer and flow in a refrigerator thermoacoustic cell using low mach number equations519
EDGE, a Navier-Stokes solver for unstructured grids527
Multi-lithology stratigraphic model under maximum erosion rate constraint535
A new fault model in geological basin modelling. Application of finite volume scheme and domain decomposition methods543
Multiphysics systems solution by time-implicit Voronoi box finite volumes551
Approximation by finite volume schemes of a two-fluid two-pressure model for two-phase flow559
A finite volume scheme for surfactant driven thin film flow567
Divergence cleaning in finite volume computations for electromagnetic wave propagations575
An Osher-type and level-set scheme for two-fluid flow computations583
A Godunov-type scheme with moving with grids for simulating the dynamics of granular avalanches591
Interface method and finite volumes: two-dimensional acoustic example599
Fluid-structure interaction in the basilar artery607
Numerical simulation of multiphase flow with an elliptic oriented fractional step method615
Wildfire propagation modeling using a high order finite volume method623
Computations of instabilities in complex fluid mechanic problems using efficient finite volume methods631
Coupling Navier-Stokes and thermal equations through a reacting interface639
A multidimensional finite volume method with physical variables implicitation - Application to two-phase flows647
Slight compressible effects for flows around circular cylinders at high temperature ratios655
A finite volume approach to geometrically non-linear stress analysis663
Numerical methods to evaluate radioactive elements migration in porous media; application to nuclear waste disposal studies671
Finite volume approach to computation of elastic plates and their interaction with fluid flows679
The No Pressure Wave (NPW) model: application to oil and gas transport687
Numerical solution of radiative transfer problems with finite volumes695
A finite volume method designed for error analysis705
A finite volume time-domain method for the solution of Maxwell's equations on locally refined grids713
Performance comparison of multidimensional upwind residual distribution and dimensionally split finite volume roe schemes on the steady solution of conservation laws721
Some refined finite volume methods for elliptic problems with corner singularities729
Second and third order weighted ENO scheme on unstructured meshes737
True rate of convergence of some upwinding finite volume schemes for Euler equations745
A posteriori error estimate for finite volume approximations of convection diffusion problems753
A partitioning parallel procedure for numerical simulation of gas flow in a cyclone separator761
A multiblock multigrid AMR method in 3D using a MUSCL or a discontinuous Galerkin approach769
An error indicator for cell-centered finite volumes for linear convection-diffusion problems777
LES and DNS of transition in the compressed Taylor vortex flow using a finite volume/finite element method785
On the resolution and stability of central difference schemes793
Parallel implicit multiblock computations of inductive plasma flows801
FV method with characteristic flux: influence of the geometrical aspect of control volumes809
Validation of a RANS solver on capturing blade-tip vortices of a marine propeller817
Effects of numerical methods on comparisons between experiments and simulations of shock-accelerated mixing825
A fully adaptative multiresolution scheme for 3D reaction-diffusion equations833
The application of free-surface techniques to metal forming processes841
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