Finnish Hymns

Finnish Hymns

by Osmo Vänskä

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  1. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Ein feste Burg) - arranged by Rechberger, Hermanarranged for orches
  2. Jeesus, luona armopöydän (Jesus at the seat of grace), hymn (Finnish Hymn Book, 225)
  3. Only a moment in time
  4. Alleluia, sing to Jesus
  5. Koska valaissee kointähtönen (When will the morning star), hymn (version from Sortavala)
  6. From Gethsemane there is a path, hymn
  7. Nyt se suuri päiva koitti (This is the great day), hymn (from Northen Savonia)
  8. Kosketa minua, Henki (Clasp me, O Holy Spirit), hymn
  9. Veni, creator spiritus (Oi Pyhä, Henki, Herramme), for orchestra
  10. Moon and sun, hymn
  11. Nearer My God to Thee, for voice & piano (or orchestra) - arranged by Kuusisto, Ilkkaarranged for orchestra
  12. Maa kaikki vaikka Herran on (The earth is the Lord's), hymn (version from Sortavala)
  13. We praise Thee, Our Creator (Soi kunniaksi Luojan), for chorus, Op. 23/6a - arranged by Kuusisto, Jaakkoarranged for orchestr
  14. N'kosi sikelel' i Afrika - arranged by Kortekangas, Olliarranged for orchest
  15. Hear whom the master calls blessed
  16. Who passes on the road
  17. Go Zion, to meet your king
  18. Taas siunattu päivä (The blessed day), hymn
  19. Abide with me (Tune: Eventide): Finnish version: Oi Herra, luoksein jää

    1. Finnish version: Oi Herra, luoksein jää
  20. Now the world is in bloom
  21. Siunaa ja varjele meitä (Bless and keep us, Lord), hymn

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