Fire in the Forest

Fire in the Forest

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by Peter A. Thomas, Robert S. McAlpine

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An accessible account of how forest fires work, the ecological effects they have, and why and how we fight fires.See more details below


An accessible account of how forest fires work, the ecological effects they have, and why and how we fight fires.

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"In a book of this size it is of course impossible to describe experiences in the whole planet, but there is extensive cover of the fire triangle (oxygen, heat and fuel) and the fire behavior triangle (fuels, topography and weather) in Australia as well as in North America and Europe of which the authors have personal experience."
John Packham, Bulletin of the British Ecological Society

"... a valuable source of factual information. The book has excellent illustrations, is easy to comprehend, and includes well-chosen examples of fire regimes from Canada, the US, and Australia. Highly recommended."
M.J. Zwolinski, Choice Magazine

"It is presented from a nontechnical, but well-referenced, point of view by the two primary authors, who are well positioned to provide such insight on this topic. This book does an excellent job of attaining its stated objectve of providing the reader with a nontechnical introduction to the mechanics of fire and the role that fire has played an will continue to play in various forest ecosystems throughout the world. This reviewer fround the international perspective especially informative, and the authors do an excellent job of making the reader aware that management of fires throughout the world's forests is an will remain an important management challenge for the forseeable future."
Roger D. Meicenheimer, Miami University for Plant Science Bulletin

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Meet the Author

Peter A. Thomas is senior lecturer in environmental science at Keele University, UK and has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada and a Bullard Fellow at Harvard University, USA. He has a PhD in forest fire ecology from the University of New Brunswick, Canada and has been involved in a number of fire research projects since in Canada and the USA. His teaching encompasses a wide range of tree and woodland related topics including fire behaviour and fire ecology, and he recently received an Excellence in Teaching Award from Keele University. He has travelled extensively around the world investigating burnt forests; the information and perspective gained informs his teaching, writing and research. His research interests focus on tree ecology and forest fires. He is the author of Trees: Their Natural History and Ecology of Woodlands and Forests both published by Cambridge University Press.
Robert S. (Rob) McAlpine works with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aviation and Forest Fire Management Branch, where he leads the Science and Technology group. He is actively involved in the fire management programme and continues to develop tools and concepts to improve the practice of fire management. Rob also worked with the Canadian Forest Service for more than 10 years where he was a research scientist studying fire behaviour. Rob's current research interests and activities span fire behaviour, fire economics, equipment development, and organizational effectiveness. He has worked in fire management and research for almost 30 years from a front line fire fighter to a fire scientist.

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