Fire Night

Fire Night

by Monica Driscoll Beatty, Christie Allan-Piper, Christine Allan-Piper

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Midwest Book Review
Author Monica Beatty has included basic safety tips that should be learned by children and adults in her engaging story of what happens to a family home when it catches fire. Nicely illustrated throughout by the artwork of Christie Allan-Piper, Fire Night is a must for all school and public library collections with its message of fire safety behavior for kids.

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8 - 12 Years

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Roy A. Davis

Fires are scary. The appearance of firefighters can be scary, too. In Fire Night! twelve-year-old Katy Wong demonstrates that fire education pays off. Katy applies what she has learned to overcome her fears and make the right decisions.

Not long ago, a newspaper advertisement made me aware of just how terrifying a firefighter in full protective gear can be to a small child. Until then, I had never realized how scary I looked and sounded. I thought that if I were a child, frightened by smoke and fire, the last person I would trust would be a faceless monster, breathing like a nightmare creature. But I know that hiding from this "monster" will ultimately endanger the lives of children and the lives of the firefighters working to save them.

Approximately 1,200 children die in fires in their homes each year. I sincerely hope that reading Fire Night! will help to educate your children and reduce this staggering number.

Education is the key. By sharing this book with your children, you will motivate them to listen carefully when fire safety is addressed at school. They may even ask to visit me at the fire house, where they are always welcome.
— (Roy A. Davis, World Record Holder, Combat Challenge, Tacoma Fire Department, Tacoma, Washington)

J. Kevin Nugent
This beautifully written and illustrated book captures the full range of emotions children might experience during a house fire. Rather than frighten, the story will inform and reassure children, by teaching them how to respond to such an emergency. In the main character, Katy, the reader is presented with a positive and competent model of a child who can look after herself and her siblings, even her pet, during a crisis. This is a much needed book about a neglected safety topic, and one that every parent and child should read together.
— (Dr. J Kevin Nugent, Founder and Director, The Brazelton Institute, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA)
Larry Ferazani
A great story line which brings the young reader into the reality of a fire situation. The author takes you on a fascinating journey with great characters and intriguing illustrations and in a most delicate manner, educated the reader on how to survive a fire. A welcome addition to the lessons we as firefighters try to teach in the classroom.
— (Captain Larry Ferazani, Public Education Officer, Cambridge Fire Department)

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