Fire your Shrink!: Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Changing Your Life and Everyone In It

Fire your Shrink!: Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Changing Your Life and Everyone In It

by Michele Weiner-Davis

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Putting the ``self back in self-help'' is the stated goal of this exuberant explication of a different therapy approach-solution-oriented brief therapy (SBT), ``enabling most people to resolve their problems in three to six sessions.'' Therapist Weiner-Davis (Divorce Busting) eschews the whys of problems and instead identifies possible solutions that allow some people to feel better about their lives without undergoing extended therapy, and often without the intervention of a therapist. Unorthodox in its approach, SBT uncovers creative solutions shown to work in the vignettes of counseling sessions presented here. Replete with practical problem-solving ideas, this presentation demonstrates an empowering technique that is the polar opposite of the ``inner-child'' scenario. Illustrations. First serial to Cosmopolitan and Ladies' Home Journal; author tour. (Jan.)
Denise Perry Donavin
Weiner-Davis explains her title, "When I say `fire your shrink,' what I am really urging you to do is to fire antiquated, ineffectual ways of thinking about problems and how to solve them." She contends that getting to the root of why you have problems does not solve them. The author, a professional therapist, is spitting in the face of contemporary practices and calling for SBT, Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy, which focuses on positive self-affirmation and the pursuit of resolutions. Through anecdotal case studies, she demonstrates how to look for solutions to marital problems, family conflicts, and other personal and relationship crises.

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