Fireworks 3 Bible

Fireworks 3 Bible

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by Joseph Lowery

If Fireworks 3 can do it, you can do it too… From vector drawing to bit map editing to animations, Fireworks 3 puts all the Web graphics tools you need into a single, cohesive package. Packed with timesaving tips and real-world examples — including 16 pages of color illustrations — this comprehensive guide shows you how to make the most of Fireworks,… See more details below


If Fireworks 3 can do it, you can do it too… From vector drawing to bit map editing to animations, Fireworks 3 puts all the Web graphics tools you need into a single, cohesive package. Packed with timesaving tips and real-world examples — including 16 pages of color illustrations — this comprehensive guide shows you how to make the most of Fireworks, whether you're looking for an in-depth tutorial on program fundamentals or savvy advice on the new workflow management tools and enhanced Dreamweaver integration. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Fireworks 3

  • Master the basics, from object creation to full-blown photo manipulation
  • Enhance your images with sophisticated fills, filters, Xtras, layers, and Live Effects
  • Automate repetitive tasks with the new Library, Commands, and History panel
  • Build in interactivity using hotspots, slices, and JavaScript Behaviors — no coding required
  • Get up to speed fast on GIF animation and create state-of-the-art banner ads
  • Boost productivity by customizing Fireworks — or using it in tandem with Dreamweaver
Bonus CD-ROM
  • Trial versions of Fireworks 3, Dreamweaver 3, Freehand 9, and Flash 4
  • Samples of eHandsOn Training for Fireworks and Dreamweaver
  • Demos of Xenofex, Xaos Filters, and ColorWeb Pro
  • Fireworks Commands, templates, textures, gradients, strokes, and images
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Bible Series, #156
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7.43(w) x 9.22(h) x 2.20(d)

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Meet the Author

About the Authors Joseph W. Lowery has been writing about computers since 1981. Besides writing for such magazines as Wired and the Seybold Report on Internet Publishing, he has written several books, including Fireworks 2 Bible, Buying Online for Dummies, and the upcoming Dreamweaver UltraDev Bible and Dreamweaver 3 Bible, Gold Edition (IDG Books Worldwide). He has garnered the attention and respect of many at Macromedia, and he has been featured as a presenter at Macromedia User Conferences and as a speaker for Macromedia Web World. Joe also teaches at Seybold Conferences. His latest forum is teaching Dreamweaver courses at eHandsOn, an online training center offered by eHandsOn Corp. that teaches Web site design and production using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks. A professional Web developer, Joe lives in New York City with his wife, Debra Warmer, and his daughter, Margot. Simon White is a writer, artist, and musician who serves as Creative Director for Mediafear, a full-service Web design shop specializing in multimedia-rich sites. He has contributed to a number of books focusing on Web design and graphics, and he is a Macromedia evangelist. Simon lives in San Francisco — near the beach — with his wife, Kelly, and a couple of Macs. He can be reached at

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Chapter 1:Welcome to Fireworks

Every Fourth of July, I sit with my friends and family on a neighbor's rooftop to watch the fireworks explode over Manhattan. Almost every apartment building roof around us holds a similar gathering. Everyone oohs and ahhs to their own view of the spectacular light show, some of the patterns and images familiar, while others have never been seen before.

The World Wide Web has become a global light show, running around the clock. The graphics that fill Web pages explode with brilliance, intensity, and meaning, and are viewed by millions, each from their own perspective. The Web is a new medium uniquely capable of both enlightening and entertaining; it's also an extremely voracious medium, as thousands upon thousands of new and updated Web sites emerge daily. In addition to content, the Web needs graphics: all manner of images, illustrations, logos, symbols, and icons. Some of the imagery is static, others animated, and still others are interactive. Design has definitely encountered a whole new frontier.

To contribute the most to this new medium, new tools are necessary. The Web is screen-, not print-based, and it has its own set of rules and guidelines. Though some print-oriented graphic tools have begun to extend themselves with the Internet in mind, a completely new tool was needed -a tool that did everything Web designers needed and did it efficiently but with flair. A tool capable of creating graphics light enough to soar, yet powerful enough to brighten the night.Enter Fireworks.

Fireworks -the Next-Generation Graphics PackageFireworks is the premier Web graphics program from Macromedia. As a nextgeneration graphics package,Fireworks has definitely benefited from all of the great computer graphics programs that came before it. But whereas much of Fireworks functions in a manner similar to other graphics tools-which significantly shortens the learning curve-the program is purely focused on the Web and offers many innovative Web-only features.

Fireworks was built from the ground up with the Web in mind. Before creating Fireworks, Macromedia examined the way graphic designers were working and found that most designers used a wide variety of tools to achieve their goals. An initial design was usually laid out in a vector drawing program like FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator. But vectors aren't native to the Web, so the illustration was then ported to an image-editing program, such as Photoshop or Corel Photo-Paint. In these pixel-based programs, special effects, such as beveled edges, were laboriously added and text was merged with the bitmap before it was exported to an optimizing program. An optimizer, such as Debabelizer, was necessary to ensure that Web-safe colors were used and that the file size was the smallest possible for the bandwidth-limited Internet. Next came integration into the Web: linking URLs, image maps, rollovers, slices, and more. A slew of small specialty programs filled these needs. Moreover, many designers were forced to learn HTML and JavaScript; because no program did everything that was needed, many tasks had to be done manually. Adding to the intense difficulty of mastering all of the various programs was the problem of modifying an image. If a client wanted a change-and clients always want changes-the whole graphic had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Combining the best features

Fireworks offers a revolutionary new way to create Web graphics. It combines the best features of all the various programs:

  • Vector drawing tools for easy layout
  • Sophisticated, pixel-based image-editing tools for working with existing graphics and scanned images
  • Live effects for straightforward but spectacular special effects
  • An export engine for file optimization to Web standards, with onscreen comparison views so that a Web designer can select the best image at the smallest size
  • HTML and JavaScript output tied to the graphics themselves...

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