First Aid, Survival, and CPR: Home and Field Pocket Guide / Edition 1

First Aid, Survival, and CPR: Home and Field Pocket Guide / Edition 1

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by Shirley A. Jones

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ISBN-10: 0803621825

ISBN-13: 9780803621824

Pub. Date: 10/05/2011

Publisher: F. A. Davis Company

Awarded a 2012 AJN Book of the Year Award!


Awarded a 2012 AJN Book of the Year Award!

Finalist – 2012 Indie Book Awards

Be prepared for first aid care and survival in any setting—at home, on the road, outdoors, while boating, hiking, or camping.

From performing CPR on an adult, child, or infant to dealing with bleeding and shock, cuts and broken bones, heart attacks, emergency childbirth, poisoning, drowning, scuba diving mishaps, wilderness survival, and natural disasters such as tornadoes, wildfires, floods, and earthquakes…this portable, waterproof guide helps you quickly find the information you need to develop a plan of action for assessing and treating all kinds of first aid and survival emergencies.

A special feature includes pet safety describing how to assemble a pet first aid kit, performing CPR on a dog and cat, and keeping pets safe during natural disasters.

Keep a copy in your home, car, boat, camper, or backpack and be “ready” when emergencies occur.

Here's what Kirkus Reviews had to say about First Aid, Survival, and CPR:

“Clear, succinct information, sensible design, and strongly organized information combine to make this field guide an invaluable aid to travelers and outdoor recreationists.”

“The well-chosen physical design also includes waterproof pages that are easy to write on with markers, which will allow users to make notes and carry the guide into a variety of different environments. Jones arranges the text into easily digestible chunks, using colors, subheads, graphics, photos, and text boxes to organize and enliven it.”

“A copy of Jones’ safety guide should have a place of honor in every vehicle and camping kit.”

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Table of Contents

TAB 1. Basic Safety


TAB 3. Medical Emergencies

TAB 4. Injuries and Wounds

TAB 5. Environmental Emergencies

TAB 6. Poisons, Bites, and Stings

TAB 7. Natural Disasters

TAB 8. Outdoor Survival

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First Aid, Survival, and CPR: Home and Field Pocket Guide 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
mjcm38 More than 1 year ago
and for your home as well. This small and compact book is a treasure chest full of what to do in just about every kind of emergency you could encounter. It can be stowed almost anywhere. It's waterproof as well, and easy to use with tabs at the bottom for quickly finding needed information. Especially nice is that the author included tips for pets. Since I have nine dogs I find the comments invaluable. Every family should have a copy.
TripLeader More than 1 year ago
This is the resource I've been hoping to find. Thank you for carrying it. Every Mom and Dan and every young adult should have it with them on any outing.
Anne-MarieClark More than 1 year ago
No home should be without this excellent resource! It has been very well-written and is easy for the average adult or even older child to understand, especially with the inclusion of many illustrations and photos. The book contains excellent information for a variety of situations, and it is very obvious that the author put a lot of thought and work into creating it. The book is a lot smaller than I imagined, which is actually perfect (and preferred)as it can be tucked into a drawer, glove box or first aid kit. It is waterproof, which is an added bonus, so feel free to take it camping or boating. I appreciate how organized the topics are - info can be very quickly found via the handy tabs at the bottom. This will make an excellent gift for a loved one, and I plan to purchase several of them as gifts.
Tnfilly More than 1 year ago
I just got my book and I LOVE it! It is packed full of information on just about every kind of emergency you could encounter. I especially like the fact that the author included tips for pets as I have 3 pets that are always with us. The illustrations are great and the charts are an added plus. The size is perfect for stowing away in small places and it is waterproof so you can take it on the boat or in wet weather. The tabs on the bottom make it easy to flip to the section you need. This is a great First Aid/Survival book and would make a wonderful gift. I would highly recommend this little book. No family should be without it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
cjpetrin More than 1 year ago
The information provided in this waterproof book is up-to-date, accurate, comprehensive and yet compact and practical. It covers prevention, preparation for emergencies and disasters, and information for just about every emergency you could experience. It is well-organized with tabbed sections covering basic safety, CPR and choking for humans, dogs and cats, and then medical, injuries and wounds, environmental, and poison, bites and stings emergencies for humans and even tips for pets, as well as sections on natural disasters and outdoor survival skills. It is clearly written, easily understandable, concise and to-the-point. The illustrations and tables are excellent. It is perfect for home, school, work, indoor and outdoor activities and travel. It includes safety tips highlighted in yellow and even includes myth busters, dispelling old wives' tales and correcting common misconceptions and beliefs. As a nurse practitioner, I hightly recommend this book to everyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
EmilyJensen More than 1 year ago
After reading this handy reference it taught me how to put together a first aid kit that I now have stocked and ready to use (I have been putting off doing now I feel better prepared). I am working on putting together a disaster kit that the book recommends for my family and pets since we have heavy flooding in my area. There is even a large section on how to prepare and deal with natural disasters; flooding and tornados are frequent in my town. My son loves the section on dog and cat CPR....seems like everything is packed in this little book. My husband likes the survival stuff since we like to camp and hike. I thought the section on emergency childbirth was a plus. I remember reading an article where a husband who could not get his wife to the hospital in time delivered their son watching a YouTube video. I am buying more books since I want my babysitter to have one on hand and I put one in my son's backpack and in my car. This summer we'll put one on our boat. The book is simple to read and I like the illustrations. I just took a CPR course and this book will be a good reference if I ever need to use my CPR skills.