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First Edition Music: World Premier Collection

First Edition Music: World Premier Collection


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First Edition


  1. Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 3 for orchestra, HC 660: Part One
  2. Suite for Symphonic Strings, for string orchestra: In Honor of Apollo
  3. Symphony No.15 ("Silver Pilgrimage"), Op. 199: 1. Mt. Ravanna
  4. Variazioni for orchestra: 1. Quasi lento, misterioso
  5. Serenata for orchestra: 2. Con sentimento
  6. Concerto for violin & orchestra: Section Four
  7. Danças africanas, for orchestra ("Danses des indiens métis du Brésil"), A. 107: 3rd Movement
  8. Sinfonia Elegiaca (Symphony No. 2): 3. Molto andante
  9. Pieces for prepared piano & strings: 2. Interlude
  10. Echoes of Time and the River (Echoes II), for orchestra: 1. Frozen Time
  11. Piano Concerto No.3 in Six Movements: 3. Whispers
  12. Gazebo Dances, arrangement for orchestra: 4. Tarantella
  13. Trojan Women, ballet,: 5. Scene 4
  14. Phantasmata, for orchestra with augmented percussion: The Infernal Machine
  15. Silver Ladders for orchestra: Section 3
  16. Symphony No. 2 for soprano & orchestra ("Aussöhnung"): 1st Movement
  17. Ulysses' Bow, ballet: Scene 5. Reunion

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