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First Impressions of Earth

First Impressions of Earth

4.8 17
by The Strokes

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Having spent the better part of their career thus far playing it cool, New York's favorite hipster sons set out, on their third album, to show that they can also heat things up. And doggone it if they don't prove to have quite a flair for starting up a fire. The new attitude is put forth most forcefully on "Juicebox," which makes judicious use of a punked-up "Peter


Having spent the better part of their career thus far playing it cool, New York's favorite hipster sons set out, on their third album, to show that they can also heat things up. And doggone it if they don't prove to have quite a flair for starting up a fire. The new attitude is put forth most forcefully on "Juicebox," which makes judicious use of a punked-up "Peter Gunn" guitar riff but just as significantly places Julian Casablancas' vocals -- sans distortion, no less -- front and center. Casablancas is the focal point on several tunes, from the glammed-up "Red Light" to the purposefully overreaching ballad "Razorblade" (which borrows a trick or two from the Barry Manilow songbook), and his newly unfuzzed vocals contribute significantly to First Impressions' impact. Some credit also has to go to producer David Kahne (Bangles, Paul McCartney), who opens up the quintet's palette to include Blondie-like new wave cool ("You Only Live Once") and crisp guitarscapes that stop just short of neo-prog ("Heart in a Cage"). Yes, the Strokes are still wrapped up in postmodernism to a degree that sometimes prompts eye-rolling -- "15 Minutes," for example, takes its Warholian self-awareness to the level of self-pity. But overall, First Impressions of Earth shows enough progress (and enough teeth) to cast considerable doubt on that song's central hook, in which Casablancas sings, "Today they'll talk about us and tomorrow they won't care." Look for tongues to wag in Strokes-ville for plenty of tomorrows to come.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Heather Phares
A mix of quintessential Strokes songs and daring experimentation, First Impressions of Earth features "You Only Live Once," which is everything a fan could want from a Strokes song: a joyful melody, skipping rhythm, and cheerfully snotty lyrics. "Juicebox," meanwhile, mixes a bassline nicked from the "Peter Gunn Theme" and ragged grunge before landing on a soaring chorus; love it or hate it, the song has unforgettable boldness and creativity. While jaded lyrical territory is nothing new for the Strokes, there's a new depth to the ennui; on the blasé ballad "Ask Me Anything," Casablancas repeats "I've got nothing to say" so often that the listener has no choice but to believe him. However, the band regains its fire on "Ize of the World" and "Razorblade."
New York Times - Jon Pareles
"First Impressions of Earth" is their most openly impassioned album. As they lower their emotional guard, they redouble their musical ingenuity, then crank up their attack.

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First Impressions of Earth 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
So what if the Strokes released a furious debut album with more hooks than a tackle box? So what if they played it safe with their follow up avoiding the dreaded sophmore slump? The NYC kings of cool know how important it is to stay nonchalant and that's exactly what they did on "First Impressions of Earth", their third and arguably best record. The electric animal growl of "Last Nite" and "Take it or Leave It" have been replaced with smarter, more dense offerings like "Heart in a Cage" and their beast of a first single "Juicebox". Casablancas and Co. have channeled a new cool this time around. It's the type of cool that allows the band to wander, yet never stray from what we know and love from this gang of weary hipsters. Whether you find the record immediately accessible or if it takes a couple of spins there are a few certainties that can't be denied. Lyrically, Casablancas has penned some of his most interesting, yet still bratty verses to date. Guitarists Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond's deliberate trading of lead and rhythm jabs have never sounded more urgent. While Fab Moretti and Nikolai Fraiture's rhythm section is as ferocious as ever. Take it or leave it? It's for the fans to decide. Yet as the band prepares for their upcoming US tour it's painfully clear. Either with or without the support of magazine critics and internet drones they'll stand alone, together.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nothing compares to the elation when Julian Casablancas' smooth lyrics and singularly amazing voice fills your ears. If you've ever yearned for a glimpse of grimy, glamourous city living, or love in its many confused states, you have no choice but to check out this instant classic rock CD, The Strokes' third release, and arguably, their best. The songs take a mroe adventurous approach to rock conventions, especially with my personal favorite song, Ask Me Anything, in which Julian's voice stunningly takes the center stage, accompanied only by a beautifully mellow and melodic orchestra-like instrument. Aside from the well-aimed departure into foreign territory, The STrokes stick to their rock roots, and fans of the previous CDs will not be disappointed. This is probably the best investment I've made musically. Every track on the CD is so unique and the instrumentals so amazing that i can't stop playing the cd. First IMpressions is one of the year's greatest debuts. Definitely don't miss out on being part of this revolution. Also, check out their other releases, Is This It, and Room on Fire. They all transcend the typical definition of good that i can't simply pick one as my favorite.
Guest More than 1 year ago
its sort of tied between their first. in both albums, every song is great. &quot is this it&quot was more classic rock, everything sounded similar, but i loved the experimentation in &quot first impressions of earth&quot . they're so anti governement, they're so bleak and raw and real and i love julians vocals. the songs are so great, you wont be able to choose a favorite. some songs, you'll have to listen to a second time, because you wont be used to it the first. when you listen to the amazing lyrics, and amazing guitar, and amazing BASS, Jesus Christ, you'll love it. or at least, i did. i give it two thumbs up, in a heartbeat.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Strokes have turned out what is very likely their best Album yet. The All Music Guide review above should not be taken seriously, although they are intitled to their decisions. You can not compare this with its previous albums because you will not like every song. This was the only thing that disappointed me. I love ever song on both of the others. But despite that First Impressions of Earth turns out to be the better album. Here's a list of the songs u should memorize because their guitar and lyrics all rock: 1.You Only Live once-This great song is probably the Strokes Best song ever its great intro and fun lyrics kill all songs. 2.Juicebox-is the most radically different song, but I'll tell you when you go to a Strokes concert it is the most fun song to sing while their. This is one of my favorite riffs of all time. 3.Heart in a cage-Its guitar kicks butt and its lyrics kick butt so prettty much listen to it. 4.Razorblade-"Oh the razorblade thats what I call love" the intro of this song almost sounds like a terrible punk song, but you'll soon find its just to make his voice sound all the better when it bursts through. This song was my favorite for the longest time because of the way the guitar and vocals seem to sing together 5.On the Other Side-Takes time to get used to but its fun to sing. good little song. I like it. 6.Vision of Division-I used to like this song a lot and then when the strokes came back onto stage and played ti I loved it. The first Time anyone plays this song it should be at the highest their volume can go. The face melting guitar solo kills all while the lyrics are so much fun to scream out. 7.Ask me Anything-I don't care who says what about this song. Listen to it a couple times and actaully listen to lyrics and you'll find that youi love this song. Who cares if its the slowest song on the CD. I would listen to it any day over the best punk song. 8.The next four songs are decent. I believe they were just fun little fillers. I love them but I'm not sure yo will. Listen to them a couple of times and you'll like some 9.Ize of the World-From Concert Expierence I have found this to be one of the best. Especially since it was the first song they played, but also because its intro kicks butt which actaully is only icing on the cake for when the vocals come in. From then on the lyrics flow so well with the music. Also the guitar solo is awesome. This osng just take getting used to but in no time it will be among your favorites. 11.Red Light- This reminds me of something in between this album and Room On Fire, both spell greatness. Red Light is the perfect song to end an album with. Why? Cause its awesome. Red light's drum intro will remind fans of Room on Fire's Between love & Hate. Also he says can't "kuaint" on the second verse which is such a briliant piece of lyrical creationizm. For people new to The Strokes GO TO A CONCERT. I will blow your mind. I've been to great concert Allman BROS being one of them. But I have learned that a good concert isn't jus the band playing their songs its everything the way they look and the lights. I would recomend getting on youtube.com and search live strokes and watch the live juicebox performance/ The lights are the single greatest thing I have ever thing. It made their concert twice as good. It helped get your blood going and they flowed seemelessly with the music. So look them up this band has the most good songs of any band. Especailly now in the age of terrible punk and other junk.
bookluvinlizard More than 1 year ago
i absolutely love the strokes! i could listen to this cd over and over again all day.(not to mention look at pics of julian) i have all of their cds, but i think this is the best by far. i have all of the songs memorized and my favorite is heart in a cage. someday i will be able to play those guitar solos!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't know how these guys do it, every album they've put out to date hooks you. This album grabs you and you just don't want to stop listening to it. I bought another new album along with this one and I havn't even listened to it because this CD hansn't left the player, both car and house. Great music!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is awesome, its got quite a different feel to it also. Opposed to the other albums, its a bit heavier in some spots and a bit darker in some spots. i love it. better then the 2nd album. and still decided if its better then the 1st. Listen to it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
As I peruse the fancy flip book of lyrics and listen to the new album “First Impressions of the Earth,” I am amazed. To capture The Strokes’ music or to describe my feelings about the music is impossible. The whole experience is a positive, magical escape from the doldrums of everyday existence. The perfect convergence of crazy lyrics and stylish guitar in ‘You Only Live Once’ to the pounding rhythm of the bass in ‘Juicebox’ to the exhilarating, thrusting scale in ‘Ize of the World’ combine to make an excellent album worthy of purchase and many listens. Even if you are deaf, the album has a masterpiece of a flip book that is a trip by itself with an enticing ‘Explicit Content’ warning on the cover. The warning should excite you even more about the album. While The Strokes have produced two previous albums, this third album shows maturity with a balance of creativity and ingenuity. What I want to say is ‘buy all their albums and singles and EPs now’, but if you have a lack of funds, buy them all anyway. “For a while it was nice but it’s time to say goodbye”
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Strokes leave you wanting more and more. Julian Casablanca is a brilliant song writer/composer who is seriously underated. Its hard to single out one favorite song(s) because every song hits a homerun in my field.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just when we thought that nothing could top “Is This It” in 2001, The Strokes showed us otherwise. The New York innate band released “Room on Fire” in 2004 and brought us surpassing hits such as “12:51”, “Reptilia”, and “The End Has No End”. In order to maintain the success and status of a prodigious band that they achieved due to “Room on Fire”, the men created “First Impressions of Earth” less than two years after the previous album. “There was a certain amount of pressure, a sense that we had to get another album out before people forgot about us,” front-man Julian Casablancas tells New York Magazine. The 5-member band certainly hasn’t failed to impress. “Juicebox” was he first single to be released by the band. Upon hitting the radio, the catchy song was instantaneously a hit to not only the band’s loyal fans, but to new fans as well. The new album is “new” in many facets, not only that it is the most recent creation. First Impressions of Earth has a longer running time compared to the other two albums. The longer time is imperative in order to fully assimilate the new sound that the band has achieved. On the new CD, solemn and shy Nikolai Fraiture breaks through and conveys a bolder, more audacious baseline throughout the 14 songs. Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr. are also to be credited with their astonishing guitar skills. Exceptional drummer, Fab Moretti, keeps the band together by keeping a steady, substantial beat. Let’s not forget Julian Casablancas, who has broadened his vocal range and is displaying that he knows what is best for the band through the lyrics and music that he writes with his band mates. Thanks to The Strokes, indie music is expeditiously becoming popular among society, and they are making it worth listening to. This new album is a big stride for the band, and it is unambiguous to me that they will only continue to eminence as musicians. I think that it is safe to say that The Strokes are here to stay.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago