First King of Rock and Roll, Vol. 2

First King of Rock and Roll, Vol. 2

by Fats Domino

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Release Date:
Csp Records (Sel658)


  1. Heartbreak Hill
  2. (I Met) The Girl I'm Gonna Marry
  3. Why Don't You Do Right
  4. Ballin' the Jack
  5. Lazy Lady
  6. Goodnight Sweetheart
  7. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  8. That Certain Someone
  9. Nobody Needs You Like Me
  10. Who Cares
  11. Something You Got Baby
  12. If You Don't Know What Love Is
  13. Packin' Up
  14. (All of My Life) For You
  15. Sally Was a Good Old Girl
  16. A Whole Lot of Trouble
  17. If I Get Rich
  18. My Old Time Used to Be
  19. Any Old Time
  20. Shame on You
  21. Sleeping on the Job
  22. The Girl I Love
  23. After Hours/I Almost Lost My Mind
  24. Just Can't Get New Orleans (Off My Mind)
  25. Move with the Groove
  26. Love Me
  27. Something About You Baby

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