Fitness after Fifty: Bodypart

Fitness after Fifty: Bodypart

by Elaine LaLanne, Elaine Lalanne

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Dynastriding, an aerobic exercise that combines the vigorous swinging of the arms with dynamically striding steps, was developed by fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne soon after he opened his first ``physical culture studio'' in 1936. Here, his wife, now in her 60s, adapts that stretching-walking concept to a series of progressively more vigorous programs for ``older'' exercisers. Better focused than her recent Fitness After 50, this illustrated manual ranges from the simple and routine to the more difficult and imaginatively varied. The One-Day-at-a-Time Starter's Program, for example, is followed by the 90-Day Miracle that prepares intermediates for the advanced Top-of-the-Pyramid regimen. As a bonus, this deft mix of sound health and exercise guidance and motivational cheerleading includes forms to help walkers track their progress. Author tour. (March)
Library Journal - Library Journal
With the greying of America and increased interest in walking as exercise, Dynastride! is a timely publication. Vigorous walking or dynastriding, LaLanne suggests, provides the health, fitness, and psychological benefits of more intense exercise. Part I covers correct shoes, clothing, and walking routes and gives instructions on how to determine fitness and measure vital signs. Part II describes one-month starter, 90-day, one-year, and lifetime plans. The crux of these programs is the working heart rate, the basis for measuring activity and progress. LaLanne gives instruction on how to determine the necessary numbers, but this reviewer found application of the numbers confusing. Otherwise, a worthwhile program also of appeal to the ``under 50s.''Susan M. Unger, Madison P.L., N.J.

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