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Five Little Questions That Reveal the Life God Designed for You Guided Meditation Journal

Five Little Questions That Reveal the Life God Designed for You Guided Meditation Journal

by Dannah Gresh

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Five little questions. That's all. If you could unlock the secrets of your true heart and head down a path to God's plan for you, would you? In Five Little Questions that Reveal the Life God Designed for You Study Journal, Dannah Gresh invites women into a conversation of discovery to find the deepest longings of their hearts, to overcome the secret fears of


Five little questions. That's all. If you could unlock the secrets of your true heart and head down a path to God's plan for you, would you? In Five Little Questions that Reveal the Life God Designed for You Study Journal, Dannah Gresh invites women into a conversation of discovery to find the deepest longings of their hearts, to overcome the secret fears of their souls, and to experience the freeing grace and passionate purpose of a loving Father. In His care, these five little questions rekindle a passion and purpose toward a life with eternal significance:

1. Do I Need a Fresh Infusion of Grace?

2. Am I Using My Spiritual Gifts?

3. Am I Working in Agreement with My Created Personality?

4. Am I Enjoying God?

5. Am I Glorifying God?

The journal also includes exercises to help identify spiritual gifts, and it encourages readers with real-life anecdotes and personal testimonies made by those who discovered their purpose.

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Five Little Questions That Reveal the Life God Designed for You

Guided Meditation Journal

By Dannah Gresh

Thomas Nelson

Copyright © 2007 Dannah Gresh
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4185-2834-8


GUIDED MEDITATION SESSION 1 Read Along in Five Little Questions: Chapters 1 & 2


I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance. —Ephesians 1:18

I am so delighted that you have chosen to roll up your sleeves to do the serious work of discovering the life God designed for you. I'm here to work right beside you. What we are about to do is life altering. There's no turning back. Once you see a glimpse of the life God designed for you, you'll never be satisfied with anything less.

I have one word of caution. Don't do this halfway. Satan knows how much damage one woman living in a God-designed life can inflict upon his dominion. He'll stop at nothing to discourage and dissuade you. If you're only in halfway, you'll never survive. Commit to doing this all the way!

§ What are three expectations you have as you embark on this journey with me?

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________

Write a prayer of dedication as you begin this journey to find the life God designed for you.




Incidentally, the footprints of God have been followed. Evidence of this is found in a reference to the Israelites as they journeyed from Egypt, their place of bondage, to freedom.

• Read Psalm 77:19 and paraphrase it below. What is specifically noted about God's footprints?




They didn't see them. The Israelites did not see the footprints of our Almighty God. Ah, but they followed them. And so must we, but how do we follow them if they are not visible to human eyes? That's one of our greatest challenges. How do we get out of this mediocre existence by following God's footprints? Certainly we can learn something from the Israelites who also wanted out of bondage to slavery—a very mediocre life.

• Read Exodus 13:17, 18. Again, God is leading the Israelites. This is when they are just beginning this journey, as are you and I. Describe the route God chose for the Israelites to take out of mediocrity.

Why did he select this route?




This passage of Scripture chronicles the Israelites' first steps to a life of purpose and freedom. The path they were asked to follow was rocky and difficult. Why? Because we so quickly build beautiful pictures of our places of bondage and God doesn't want to make it easy to go back. Take warning, this journey may not take you on the easiest path, but I promise some "milk and honey" at the end. Rest assured, God will take you on a path that disables you from turning back.

About one year after the Lord had called me to write my first book, we were feeling the financial tension. I was no longer working with my husband in our marketing firm, and it would be another year or two until my book was released. During this season the Lord was calling me to be a wife and a mom in a new way, and He was asking me to slow down and be undistracted so I could hear Him. I knew I wasn't supposed to go back to marketing, but my favorite client begged. She offered me twice the going hourly rate for market consultation. It was too much temptation. I took the work. I missed the adrenaline rush of a job well done, and I thought we needed the money. It is so easy to go back! Within just a few months, this relationship, which had been so precious to me for nearly ten years, ended very badly through a misunderstanding.

Why is the path sometimes difficult? So you can't do what I did and what the Israelites considered so very often. God doesn't want you to go back once you've begun this journey. Remember that and know that He's going to be working hard on your behalf.

• Read Exodus 14:19. Who had been traveling in front of Israel?


Where did he go and why?




The angel of the Lord had been traveling in front of them. I believe this pattern is supported through Scripture. God leads. We follow. My sense is that He tore up the route from one side of the Red Sea to the others, opening wide the waters with His glory. Then, the way prepared, He turned back. In this rare instance, He withdraws from leading in order to jealously fight the enemy to protect His beloved Israel. Take comfort! If you can't sense Him in front of you, He may be behind you fighting off the enemy.

• Read Exodus 14:26–31. This is the passage that chronicles the exact moments, referred to in Psalm 77:19, which reads, "Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen." What is going on in the physical realm when the Israelites were stepping over those footprints of God?




Moses lifts his hands as God instructs and the sea opens up. Would you have been the first to walk between the walls of water? I certainly would not have. (My adventuresome husband might well have given it a thought, but even he may have cowered at the awesomeness of what was about to take place.) How their hearts must have pounded as they walked across that sea-bed! I can just imagine Moses standing there, his arms held high in the air as over two million families of clumsy Israelites craned their necks to see if their man was still standing.

Ephesians 1:18 reads "I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance." This path we're looking for in your life—it's something human eyes cannot see. You've got to look with the eyes of your heart. Eyes only God can supernaturally open. While there may be amazing things happening in the physical realm, keep looking with your heart.

Unfortunately, we live with such a powerful paradigm of the physical world that we can have a hard time shifting from our physical eyes to our spiritual hearts. We need God to open the eyes of our hearts. This seems to work best when we look right into the face of our fear that "there's no hope for me."

In what area of your life have you lost hope? Finances? Your ability to become a mother? The hopelessness of always being a bridesmaid, but never the bride? Where does your fear that hope is gone bed down in your life? Write about it here.




Now, look at it square in the eyes and ... are you ready for this ... let go! Tell God He can have it. Dare to stop grasping so tightly to the hopelessness of the physical world so you can begin to see what He is up to in the spiritual world.


I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance. —Ephesians 1:18

Your meditation assignment for this study session is Ephesians 1:18. Remember, simply read it. Then, ponder it thoroughly as you pray. Savor this. Do it slowly and don't miss anything God might have to say to you. Finally, write a response to God or record what he's revealed to you right here in this book.

If at anytime you feel insecure in how to proceed with meditation, turn back to the introduction to this section on Page 1. Review my guidelines and ideas for meditation.

Whatever you do, don't skip this vital part of our journey together. It is the main tool that God will use to reveal the life He designed for you.





GUIDED MEDITATION SESSION 2 Read Along in Five Little Questions: Chapter 3


The Lord says, "All who are thirsty, come and drink ... Why work for something that doesn't really satisfy you? Listen closely to me, and you will eat what is good; your soul will enjoy the rich food that lasts. —Isaiah 55:1–2 NCV

Too many Christian women are living lives that just happen to them. They aren't impassioned by or satisfied with their life. It lacks meaning and purpose. God didn't ever intend for you or I to live like that.

Are you satisfied with your life as it is? Do you feel passion for this day that you're living in right now? Or do you dread the work ahead?

On a scale of 1-10, rate your satisfaction level for your life?

Not Satisfied 1—2—3—4—5—6—7—8—9—10 Very Satisfied

There is an underlying purpose to it all.

And when you find it, you'll drink deeply of refreshment for your soul that is good. Even some of the things that you now find mundane, you will be able to approach with an enthusiasm you didn't have before.

Is there something—or perhaps many things—in your life right now that you approach with dread rather than a sense of knowing you'll be satisfied?




The root of our struggle for satisfaction is extremely deep. It's rarely about being stuck with doing the laundry, having to take an upcoming test, or even surviving a struggling marriage. These are the surface issues we have to dive beneath to get to the heart of the issue. That's where more meditation comes into play.

One of my personal rules for powerful meditation is to be fueled with the wisdom of great Bible scholars. Otherwise, I end up just interpreting Scripture based on how I feel and, perhaps, what I want it to say. When I first realized that I was never satisfied by anything in my chaotic life, I took on the task of some research. I knew that I needed to stop making changes based on how I felt. Those changes were never permanent. I'd soon start to feel bad about something new. I wanted the changes to stick!

My research led me to a document about the Bible called The Westminster Confession of Faith. (Stick with me here for a quick historic detour. It's important.) In the mid-1600s, the battled and bruised Church of England desired to make right the zealous and often murderous misrepresentations of Christianity. (Translated: They were way off course just like you and I can be.) The Westminster Assembly was established to study and thoroughly interpret the Bible so that Christians could live according to God's Word, not the whims of the culture. The biblical scholars appointed by Parliament began the task of writing the Westminster Confession of Faith in 1643. It took five years to write it. Forty-two years later, it was critically analyzed by the Church of Scotland and adopted. Eighty-one years after it was originally completed, it was again scrutinized by the Philadelphia Synod of the American Presbyterian Churches. Though a few minor paragraphs were deleted, it stood out once again as a solid statement of beliefs for the Christian. My point is that it's been scrutinized carefully. It is best known for its widely supported statement of the purpose of man. Perhaps you've heard these words.

See if you can fill in the blanks to this famous statement from the Westminster Confession. (Yes, this is a test. And, just so you know going into it, I failed the first time I took it.)

"The chief end of a man is to___________ and to _________________"

I was able to recite that "the chief end of man is to glorify God," but I came up short with the rest. Little did I know that this was a revelation concerning how very much in bondage I was. I'd embraced a half-truth about who I was in relation to God. Half-truth is not truth at all, and it was enslaving me to a half-hearted duty to God. Everything I did—from parenting to publishing our community paper—was done out of a sense of duty.

The full statement from the Westminster Confession reads, "The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever." When I read that, something in my spirit cried out. This fast-paced life of duty wasn't my chief end after all. Some of the wisest students of the Bible just told my spirit that it was supposed to be finding joy in life.

I wasn't.

I was more certain than ever that this was not how it was meant to be. And that my fear that I could never be satisfied was simply not true.

It's not true for you either.

• Read Ecclesiastes 3:13 and write a summary of it here.




God's end result of provision in your life—food and clothes and shelter—is satisfaction. Are you experiencing that? One of my early fears in seeking satisfaction for myself—and one that many women face—is that others would suffer. My husband. My children. My coworkers. My team of volunteers at church. I wanted them to be happy.

• Read Exodus 18:23. Then, hold that verse in your head while I give you some context for it.

Exodus 18:23 takes us back to Israel. Moses has long since been used as a tool to part the Red Sea. He's now going about everyday life and a big part of his job is to judge between any disputing parties. His father-in-law, Jethro, comes to visit and sees the terrible chaos of one person being the end-all solution to over two million families' problems. (Don't judge. It's easy to see when the numbers are that high. But is it possible you do this on a smaller scale?)

Jethro offers him a better idea. Appoint capable men who fear God to sit as judges. Only the truly difficult cases will be passed on to Moses.

What does Exodus 18:23 say the end result is when we find the God-designed way of doing things?




Jethro's promise rings true for you and I. He says, "... you will be able to stand the strain, and all these people will go home satisfied!"

Building holy boundaries in your life so you can enjoy it does not rip apart everyone around you. They may have a challenge in making the change with you, but ultimately they are satisfied, too!

List the ten most important people in your life.




Do you have any fear that they'll suffer if you pursue the life God designed for you? ____Yes ____ No

If you answered "yes," I need you to know that this is an unholy and untruthful fear. First of all, "God does not give us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7, NKJV). If you are sensing any fear, it is not from God. Second, if you live the life God designed for you, everyone around you will be satisfied. Scripture promises it and so do I. I'm not saying the adjustment won't be a challenge, but the end result will be something everyone loves.

Just as Jethro was able to see the situation more clearly than Moses, so God sees your situation more clearly than you do. Talk to Him. Ask Him how to find satisfaction.


Excerpted from Five Little Questions That Reveal the Life God Designed for You by Dannah Gresh. Copyright © 2007 Dannah Gresh. Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Dannah Gresh lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband, Bob, their children, Robby and Lexi, and their Labradoodle, Stormie. The Greshes founded Pure Freedom, a ministry that has provided biblical retreats and teaching resources for more than 500,000 people all over the world. Dannah has appeared as a guest on programs such asFamilyLife Today, The 700 Club, and Focus on the Family.

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