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Five Years of Prayer, With the Answers

Five Years of Prayer, With the Answers

by Samuel Iren us Prime

Publisher: James Nisbet


Publisher: James Nisbet

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CHAPTER IV. BEMAKKABLE CONVERSIONS. In this chapter will be recorded several cases, illustrating alike the power of prayer, and the wonder-working power of God in bringing souls to the cross of Christ, even in circumstances in which their conversion seemed to be the most unlikely event that could occur in their history. The first case recorded is one that occurred in the city of New York within the period embraced in the general contents of this volume. Look into this room. It is small, and has only one occupant . Look around upon the furniture. All is very neat, but very plain. The hand of poverty is here. It is the home of a child of God, alone in her young life, as many are, in this great city. It is the abode of a poor young sewing-woman. She has seen better days ; but alas ! her prospects were soon under the deep, dark cloud of hopeless poverty. Yet she is a child of the covenant and a child of grace. This is her closet for prayer, as well as her place for plying the needle in unceasing toil to support herself by honest industry. Often employment fails, and then she prays that her heavenly Father will send her work, for she cannot afford to be one hour idle, She had been praying one morning for work, for employment had failed her for some days. She had prayed with more than usual earnestness. Suddenly there was a gentle knock at the door, and in stepped a creature full of life and gaiety, with a large bundle. "Can you sew for me?" said the young, dashing-looking girl." I am in haste to have some work done, and I can afford to pay you very liberally." The young sewing-woman met her question with a smile. "This is just what I have been praying for," said she. She took andunfolded it. She saw very rich and gaudy dresses before her. "I am an actress," said the young ...

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