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by Anthony Lee

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Rich with the language and flavor of the New York City underground, The Fix explores a young gangster's anguished journey toward salvation and self-respect. Arrested for the double homicide of his best friend and an old enemy, Martin Quinn must decide whether to turn state's evidence and gain protection or keep his mouth shut and face the wrath of the


Rich with the language and flavor of the New York City underground, The Fix explores a young gangster's anguished journey toward salvation and self-respect. Arrested for the double homicide of his best friend and an old enemy, Martin Quinn must decide whether to turn state's evidence and gain protection or keep his mouth shut and face the wrath of the Russian mob - headed by his dead best friend's father.

The decision should be easy after the Russians try to rub him out. But Quinn figures differently, making a choice that earns him the respect of the Italian gangsters who helped raise him, but one that may cost him what he treasures most: the woman he loves, a fortune in drug money he's stashed away, and even his own life.

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The Fix

By Anthony Lee

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2005 Anthony Lee
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0060595345

Chapter One

He thought, again, You're not going to kill him. It was an awakening, the idea. It was like emerging from the woods into a dusk-lit clearing in your head. It was peace coming down.

Felix caught him smiling, did a double take. "What are you grinning at? You're like 'Kool-Aid' Quinn over there with that grin."

Martin smiled harder, kept his eyes in the grass. Not going to kill him anymore and him never even knowing the end had been coming. Felix Pasko's enchanted life continues.

They crossed toward the shed.

He was innocent, Felix. Loyal. Brutal and naive, He hadn't changed at all, in thirteen years.

Fee switching hands now with the rifle, patting his pockets for keys. Martin Quinn slowed, hung back, beside him. Don't ever underestimate him again, told himself.

Fee said, "What about dinner?"

"What's in the house?"

"I meant eat on the road -- "found the keys "or wait till the city. There's nothing inside."

"In town, then."

"You have an appetite."

"I could eat."

"Yeah, me, too" -- walking slower, Fee. Flipping the keys for the one to the padlock. Stopped, then. Turned. Stared him in the face. Martin stopped, stared him back. Thought their shoes were making a racket, like the grass got louder as the night came. Fee said, "You know what I'm thinking, right?" -- his face like something hurt him. Pained somewhere, but just a bit. The whitewashed shed glowing softly behind him, the sky, beyond that, going purple with the sun gone. Martin took it all in, a moment. Looked back at him. Saw his reflection in Fee's lenses. "Do you know what I'm thinking, Q, or no?"

"We won't hang out enough anymore, after the deal is done. You been saying it for weeks."

Fee turned his face away. Went quiet. Intensifying. Like an angry cartoon.

"Speak, Felix. Your glasses'll steam up."

"My fucking worry is that the deal's going to ramify. Some bizarre circumstance that we didn't foresee, then our lives are different from anything we ever expected. Unforeseen circumstances, I'm talking about. Unimagined."

"Like us not hanging out."

He looked down fast, Fee-keeping composed. Worked through the keys. "It's not-getting beside himself. "I'm not really kidding here, you fucker." "I am?"

But, when Fee looked at him, he looked away.

Because the idea suddenly got to him, too.

He saw the strangeness in that-things so moment-to-moment sometimes they were nearly impossible to figure. A few minutes ago, he'd been picking the instant to sneak a pistol behind Fee's ear, for Christ's sake; now that madness was past. Life was back, and normal. Business as fucking usual.

"What assholes we are," he said. Half to himself, half to the dusk.

"What'd you say?"

He didn't turn. "I said, 'No, I'm not kidding.' But you do know what I'm thinking."

"Yeah, and I don't give a shit. He's a dangerous fucking man, my father; I can sweat him all I want. You should finally learn to start."

"Big gangster you are. Made your bones but still sweating your old man ... " waited.

But got no response. Turned.

And saw that Fee just wasn't up to it.

The old man too close in his thoughts, scaring the fight out of him. Even with all he'd been up to lately, Felix. All he'd done. "Fee, he isn't going to care."

"He might."

"Man, what the fuck did we come up here for, Felix?" I did to kill you, he thought. So long ago. Minutes like weeks, now, falling away. "We're supposed to be relaxing. It's your country house. We're in the fucking Catskills, for Christ's sake. We take a break for a day. Your fucking idea. How much more shit you going to lay on me? I'm all tensed up again."

"Do I care?"

"Do I care?' Do I duh-duh-duh? Even if he cuts you off without a fucking kopeck, man, you won't need a thing from your father when the deal is over. Ever. You can't get your head around that? You truck with him on your own terms from then on. You're equals."

Fee glassy-eyed.

But paying attention.

Would come around, eventually-would cool out.

So ease off him, Martin thought. Go lightly here. We been through enough shit already today. "You just got to get past this, Fee-"

Fee saying "It's not that simple" though-waving it off. "Didn't you ever betray your father? Not once while he was alive?"

"Betray him how? I was nine when he died."

"I'm saying you feel it on some primitive, elementary level. Way back in the mind. It makes your nuts seize up and hide. Does that make sense to you?"

"Yeah, but it's for shit -- it's irrelevant. You're not betraying the man, technically. And second-"

"Technically. What the fuck does-"

"It means you took a little initiative. Decided he didn't need to know every fucking step you take as you fast approach your fucking thirties, boyass ...


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Fix 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In the Catskills at his father¿s country home, Felix ¿Fee¿ Pasko and his best friend small time hood Martin Quinn discuss betraying fathers when their mutual enemy Terry Hughes arrives to kill them both. Terry murders Fee, but Martin kills the hitman. The New York police arrest Martin for the double homicides; however, the DA offers him a deal he shouldn¿t refuse. He can start over in the witness protection program if he turns state¿s evidence against his ¿family¿ the Italians who raised him or he can take his chance in court on double first degree murder charges......................... When Felix¿s father, the head of the Russian Mafia, sends his goons to kill the murderer of his son, Martin realizes he so far has been fortunate to stay alive. He needs to move out fast if he rejects the Feds¿ offer and somehow retrieve his share of the heroin money. Wherever he goes, law enforcement and the Russian Mob follow him for he rejects negotiating with either to keep his respect, but the cost could be more than his life, he could lose his beloved Penelope.................. This is an exciting thriller starring a law breaking antihero who decides to risk his life not just for the loot, but more for his self respect. The story line is action-packed though some of the significant secondary players like the Feds and the mobsters are caricatures rather than full blooded (though they bleed). Still Quinn carries the tale with his chutzpah gauntlet run................ Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Terry Hughes is sent to kill Felix Pasko and Martin Hughes. But things go awry. Martin is the sole survivor of the encounter. The police arrive on the scene almost immediately. The cops had been building a narcotics case on Martin, but still had nothing. They took this opportunity to go bigger and begin pushing for a double homicide conviction. They could care less that Martin isn't the one who killed Felix or that Martin killed Terry in self defense. The feds are after a bigger target. Martin must decide whether to turn state's evidence or keep his mouth shut. ................................... ** The plot is good, but weak. The story has A LOT of flashbacks and they soon begin to detract from the story. The tale is well written, just not organized well enough for me. Every time a flashback began I found myself getting irritated. I kept having to switch gears to another time and place. Then, pages later, return to the present and try to recall just what had been going on before the most recent flashback. I gave up trying about half way through. **