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by Eugene C. Kennedy

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Kennedy ( Himself: The Life and Times of Mayor Richard Daley ) brings a considerable knowledge of dirty politics--secular and otherwise--to this rather plodding novel of murder and maneuvering at the Vatican. Jimbo Tracy, a dissolute Time magazine correspondent in Rome, is bowled over when his younger brother Michael, a priest on the rise in the Catholic hierarchy, says he intends to turn in his collar and marry an ex-nun. Before Mike can do so, the Pope dies mysteriously and bombs begin exploding all over Rome--mainly, it seems, to break up the constant bickering between the Tracy brothers. During the ensuing investigation, a host of Catholic cardinals angle for the seat of power, the CIA casts its own vote, and a would-be saint with burning eyes slips around mysteriously. Himself a former priest, Kennedy's account of power-brokering at the Vatican is eye-opening, but the novel's pacing is slow and muddled and Jimbo is a tiresome, maudlin misogynist. (Apr.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Pope Jean I is dead under mysterious circumstances. As the Church prelates and world leaders assemble in Rome, the Tracy brothers, reporter Jimbo and Monsignor Michael, become enmeshed in a life and death race to find out what or who is behind the terrorist activities concentrated around the Vatican. Human failings and secret sins of the Church fathers are the backdrop of Kennedy's story. Told with compassion and understanding, Fixes delves into the harshness of self-imposed celibacy, the making of saints, and the greed for power.-- Jo Ann Vicarel, Cleveland Heights-University Heights P.L., Ohio

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