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"Packed with clever plot twists, entertaining characters, and plenty of red herrings! Fixin' To Die is a rollicking, delightful, down-home mystery." - Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Deadwood Mystery Series

"Southern and side-splitting funny! Fixin' To Die has captivating characters, nosy neighbors, and is served up



"Packed with clever plot twists, entertaining characters, and plenty of red herrings! Fixin' To Die is a rollicking, delightful, down-home mystery." - Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Deadwood Mystery Series

"Southern and side-splitting funny! Fixin' To Die has captivating characters, nosy neighbors, and is served up with a ghost and a side of murder." - Duffy Brown, Author of the Consignment Shop Mysteries

"A Southern-fried mystery with a twist that'll leave you positively breathless." - Susan M. Boyer, USA Today Bestselling Author of Lowcountry Book Club

"This first book in a new series promises to be fun for both cozy mystery buffs and ghost aficionados." - For The Love of Books

Kenni Lowry likes to think the zero crime rate in Cottonwood, Kentucky is due to her being sheriff, but she quickly discovers the ghost of her grandfather, the town's previous sheriff, has been scaring off any would-be criminals since she was elected. When the town's most beloved doctor is found murdered on the very same day as a jewelry store robbery, and a mysterious symbol ties the crime scenes together, Kenni must satisfy her hankerin' for justice by nabbing the culprits.

With the help of her poppa, a lone deputy, and an annoyingly cute, too-big-for-his-britches State Reserve officer, Kenni must solve both cases and prove to the whole town, and herself, that she's worth her salt before time runs out.

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Books in the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series:

• FIXIN' TO DIE (#1)

Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you'll probably like them all...

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Tonya Kappes has written over 20 novels and 4 novellas, all of which have graced numerous bestseller lists including USA Today. Best known for stories charged with emotion and humor, and filled with flawed characters, her novels have garnered reader praise and glowing critical reviews. She lives with her husband, three teenage boys, two very spoiled schnauzers, and one ex-stray cat in Kentucky.

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FIXIN' TO DIE 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
[I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley. I thank them for their generousity. In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising] "Stop loafing. You have a job to do." Sheriff Kendrick (Kenni) Lowry, grandaughter of the late sheriff Elmer Sims, was trying to balance her life as the head of the Cottonwood Police force now that her deputy had retired. She was enough since there had been virtually no crime since she was elected, so the town council hadn't bothered hiring a new deputy. And then, someone is murdered and no one can figure out why. It forces the issue as Finn Vincent with the Kentucky State Reserve, is called in to help. Along with a break in at the local jewelry store, Kenni has asked Wyatt, the jailer, to also be part of the investigation. The stress seems to have gotten to Kenni as she begins hearing things. The things she is hearing turn out to be something no one EVER expected. Tonya Kappes' first book in this new series is a laugh-out-loud look at small town America mixed in with a dash of "the prophet is not welcome in their own hometown". Just because she is Sheriff Sims' grandaughter doesn't mean she has the respect from her neighbors, or even her mother who acts as if a SINGLE daughter with a job instead of a husband is disgraceful. It will take more than Kenni to figure this out, and we get to come along on this "Oh no, she didn't...." crazy ferris wheel of a story. Hooray for Kenni Lowry and hooray for Tonya Kapps. Well worth the read!
KelliJo 4 months ago
Crime has been basically non-existent in Cottonwood since Kenni Lowry took over as Sheriff - and she's pretty proud of that. Then, out of the blue, the town doctor is murdered and there's a break in and theft and the jewelry store - all in one day! And if that isn't enough, she can suddenly see the ghost of her grandfather who used to be Sheriff!! She's sent help in the form of a sexy State Reserve officer and they go a fun romp through small town Southern USA to find the culprit. This one will have you coming back for more!!
TessT 5 months ago
A brand new series by Ms Kappes is sure to be a winner. Fixin' To Die is the 1st book in the Kenni Lowry mysteries. Kenni is the sheriff in Cottonwood KY., a smart sassy lady who can use her mouth or her fire arm to keep the peace. Who killed Doc Walton was the question that needed to be answered. Ms. Kappes shows her love for small towns in almost every book. She was raised in a small town and stated that her memories help her write about fictitious Cottonwood. I am a big fan of Ms Kappes, I love the emotion and humor that she puts into each book. FTC Full Disclosure - A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Judy-Ree 6 months ago
I have been a fan of Tonya Kappes and her offbeat paranormal mysteries for a while now, so I was excited to see a new series coming out. This is an author who does a wonderful job with slightly offbeat, yet incredibly down to earth characters. Plus she totally has the unique southern small town vibe nailed down. Even though there is some form of paranormal going on, she makes them seem almost believable. It's one of the reason I keep going back to her work. Which is why it pains me so, that I had a hard time getting into the beginning of this book. It just wasn't flowing for me. It wasn't until well into chapter 6 (about 25%) that I really became engrossed and fully committed to the book. I'm hoping it was the fact that we spent most of that time going around the town and getting to know it's inhabitants, and basically laying most of the groundwork. I just wasn't sure if I was going to like Kenni or not. It took a bit for me to really warm up to her. In the end, I was elated to see that I had figured out who the bad guy was. I didn't have the motive, but that was a tricksy surprise that Kenni didn't figure out either, until the big reveal. Overall, I did enjoy this book and happily look forward to the next Kenni Lowry book. I gave this book 3 stars. Netgalley and Henery Press provided me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
Joey442 6 months ago
Kendrick Lowry was the sheriff in Cottonwood. She was actually head of the Cottonwood Police force which consisted of just her after her deputy retired. Since there was virtually no crime for the first two years she was sheriff it was fine that she was the only one. Things changed quickly when there was a murder and jewelry store robbery in the same day. She quickly found out that investigating in real situations was way different that learning about it in the police academy. She was glad when Finn Vincent with the Kentucky State Reserve, was called in to help. Along with him and her dead Poppa's ghost she felt like she could handle the investigation. I really enjoyed this story set in a small town in Kentucky. It's well written and easy to follow the plot. I was surprised when I found out who the killer was. I love books where I can't figure it out too early. I don't usually read paranormal books but I liked the ghost in this book. It was fun to learn that Poppa (the sheriff before he died) was now scaring off criminals so Kenni wouldn't be put in dangerous situations. The characters were great. Kenni is a strong woman who sometimes feels she's taken on more that she can handle which I can relate to. Finn was a very competent, handsome man. He was good at his job and helped Kenni without thinking about it. The secondary characters added a lot of interest to the story. I especially liked Poppa. Kenni's mother was a typical southern mother who want her to get a "real" job like go to beauty school and be a hairdresser. If you like cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, you'll like this book. Please note I received a copy of Fixin' To Die from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
girlfromwvaKY 6 months ago
This is the first book in a new series by Tonya Kappes called (the) Kenni Lowry Mystery (series). It is a cozy paranormal mystery. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Kenni Lowry is the sheriff of the little town of Cottonwood, Kentucky. She has thought that the zero crime rate is because she is the sheriff. She soon finds out that the town's previous sheriff, her late grandfather, is the reason behind her success. He has been scaring any would-be criminals off since she was elected by appearing to them as a ghost. When the town's beloved doctor is found murdered on the same day as the jewelry store is robbed, there is the same unexplained symbol at each of the crime scenes. Kenni must fulfill justice in her little town by catching the perpetrators behind the crimes. Does the symbol that is found at each place tie the crimes together? Can she solve both cases and prove to the whole town that she is worthy of being sheriff before time runs out?
Anonymous 7 months ago
This was a solid start to what could prove to be a funny and well-written series. The main characters are appealing. Secondary characters were introduced with enough information to keep the story moving along and to garner interest in their potential development and in possible future plotlines. Lookin forward to #2.
KrisAnderson_TAR 7 months ago
Fixin’ to Die by Tonya Kappes is the first book in A Kenni Lowry Mystery series. Kendrick “Kenni” Lowry is the sheriff in Cottonwood, Kentucky. Kenni was elected two years ago after the passing of her Poppa, Elmer Sims who was the previous sheriff. Kenni has been lucky that there has been no crime in Cottonwood since she took office (none at all which is extremely odd). But Kenni’s luck has run out. She is called out early to Dr. Ronald Walton’s house (where he also had his office). Dr. Walton was found dead in his home by his receptionist, Toots Buford (only in the South would you find someone with the name of Toots). There is a strange symbol on the doctor’s wrist. Later that day White’s Jewelry store is robbed and the same symbol is on the wall. The two crimes seem to be connected. Kenni goes the grave of her Poppa (her grandfather) and asks for his help (the townspeople are in an uproar). After that Kenni starts hearing her Poppa’s voice (she thinks it is in her head). Then she actually sees him. At first Kenni believes she is losing her mind, but Poppa soon convinces her that he is real. Poppa is there to help her. Kenni also gets help from the Kentucky State Reserve in the form of Finn Vincent. He is originally from Chicago (so he does not understand the ways of the South-yet). Finn is assigned to help her solve the two crimes. This is especially helpful since Kenni’s deputy just retired, and her only other help is the county jailer, Wyatt Granger. Kenni, Finn, and Poppa set out to find the culprit behind the robbery and murder. Will they be able to find the person responsible for he/she commits another crime? Fixin’ to Die is easy to read (and can be finished in a couple of hours), but was a little too silly for my taste. I had a hard time liking Kenni Lowry (the way she acts). Kenni goes around town doing her investigation and accusing the wrong people (angering the citizens and losing their cooperation). Kenni does not read the reports provided to her, question witnesses, or follow-up on forensic evidence (to make sure it actually got where it was supposed to to). Kenni does not actually solve the crimes as stumble upon the killer accidentally. I did like the character, Poppa. He was funny and entertaining (best part of the book). There is the requisite romance/attraction (of course) between Kenni and Finn. We also have various town characters like the philandering town mayor and the spoiled, pampered daughter of well-to-do parents. Kenni seemed to busy socializing, jogging, taking care of dog, playing cards, and ogling the new deputy. The mystery was good, but I found it easy to solve (the killer is pretty obvious and it can be solved before you reach page 100—if it takes you that long). I give Fixin’ to Die 3 out of 5 stars. I did love the ghost element (it really enhanced the story). I think with some tweaking this could be a good book and series. Will I read the next book in the series? I probably will give the series another opportunity and the reevaluate. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest evaluation. The opinions and comments expressed are strictly my own.
Delphimo 7 months ago
Fixin' to Die falls under the cozy mystery genre, and the book follows that genre with the normal, everyday characters in a small community. The explicit description of blood and gore hides behind the complacency of everyday life. This is not an Inspector Lynley mystery delving into the psychological implications of murder, nor is the book an emotional journey into Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. Tonya Kappes gives a book that imitates the writing of Carolyn Hart with the Ruth Bailey series. The friendly ghost returns to aid a friend or relative in solving a murder investigation. After finishing Fixin' to Die, I remember very little of the various characters because none evoked any feeling. I had thought of learning more about Kentucky, but the setting seemed obscure. The book has redeeming qualities, but not enough to push me to read another book in the Kenni Lowry series.
Debb23 7 months ago
I enjoyed this start to a new series very much. Kenni is the sheriff of town and has had no crime until the murder of the doctor and then a jewelry store theft happen and seem to tie together. Kenni has her hands full and a detective from the state is sent in to help. As an added bonus her grandfather steps in to help, however since he is dead this is a bit of a surprise. The characters are likable Kenni is strong and intelligent with insecurities that she battles. The mystery was excellent it kept me guessing. I will definitely continue on with this series.
InspirationalAngel531 8 months ago
Title: Fixin' To Die - Kinni Lowery Mystery 1 Author: Tonya Kappes Published: 6-14-2016 Publisher: Henery Press Pages: 224 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Women Sleuths; Cozy Mystery, Paranormal; Ghost; Supernatural ISBN: 9781635110371 ASIN: B01D2OUR34 Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley Rating: 5 Stars . The time has come for Kenni Lowery to prove she is the right woman for the job of Sheriff of Cottonwood, Kentucky. On the same day beloved Dr. Walton is murdered there is a robbery at White's Jewelry Store and the same symbol is found at both scenes. Oh and now Kenni is hearing things. It seems Kenni is not the reason the town has been crime free since she took office, but rather the ghost of the prior sheriff, her grandfather has been scaring off the criminal element. Now with a murder and a robbery to solve Kinni, Finn Vincent with the State Reserve and Wyatt, the Jailer work together to solve a robbery and a murder Not to mention the help Kinni's Poppa is giving if Kinni will listen. Ghost and humor, a perfect combination. Kenni may be questioning her sanity, but the town is questioning her ability to keep them safe. Now we get to see her true measure as she learns to lead and when to follow. With her interactions with her deceased grandfather and Finn Vincent's interactions with Kenni to keep you laughing you will never find yourself bored or nodding off half way through the book. The pace moves fairly swiftly from scene to scene and Tonya Kappes place enough clues to keep you on target with a few red herrings to keep it interesting. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
ChristineLee 8 months ago
Every Tonya Kappes book I pick up gets better and better. Fixin' To Die is her new Kenni Lowry Series, and it's wonderful! Crazy Grandpa ghost, fun young lady sheriff, and a hot new Reserve Officer all adds up to a great time with new friends. Don't wait another day, you must get this book now; you won't regret it. I can't wait for more of Kenni's story!
lauralovesreviewingLT 8 months ago
Cozy mysteries are one of my favorite genres and I’m always excited to start a new series. Having read Tonya’s Ghostly Southern Mystery series and started on her Laurel London series, I knew I’d be reading more of her books. She has so many different ones too. Check them out. I bet you’ll find some you want to read. Kenni Lowry follows in her grandfather’s footsteps and gets elected as sheriff in the small town of Cottonwood, Kentucky. Crime has been nearly non-existent, until the local doctor is found murdered. With re-election coming up fast, Kenni has got to prove to her voters that she can do her job, and do it quickly and to their satisfaction. And that’s Just one part of this story. Everywhere Kenni goes, it seems someone is urging her to go see her mother. Not something Kenni is looking forward to. They used to have an easy, close relationship. That is, until Kenni took the job of Sherriff. Her mother thinks it’s no fitting job for an eligible single woman and makes her point every chance she gets. Kenni doesn’t want to deal with the aggravation and you can see where that is going. Kenni’s also hearing things. A voice no one else hears. It has a familiar ring to it. And when she’s doubting herself and her capabilities to handle a murder investigation, that voice supports her with simple advice. I kept waiting for Kenni to accept that the voice was her long dead Poppa. That he’d come back from beyond to help her. Once she finally did, the story got even more fun. Kenni is easy to like. She’s funny and outgoing, with just enough tough stuff to make you want to vote for her. I could see her navigating the town in her old jeep, her dog’s head hanging out the window, ears and jowls flapping in the breeze, cruising for trouble and dodging her mother. Kenni has even more reason to avoid her mother now that there’s a possibility of romance. Boyfriend material is slim to none in the small town until help in the investigation arrives in the guise of the handsome, tall, drink of water, Officer Finn Vincent. He’s on loan to Kenni until she gets a new deputy, and I think he’s a perfect fit for her, as does her mother. Lots of fun with that. The scene with the towel full of holes in all the wrong places was too funny. I also loved how genuine the small town felt. Like how Luke shows movies in his basement, using a sheet for a screen. I live in a small town and we sometimes have movies projected onto a large screen in the park. Everyone brings blankets or chairs and settles in. Doesn’t matter what the movie was, though I liked some that Luke was showing. I hope you get a chance to read Fixin’ To Die. You’ll get in on a brand new series from the beginning and probably snort and giggle here and there as you get to know these characters up close personal like.
MeezCarrie 8 months ago
Besides delighting me with her depiction of this small Kentucky town, Tonya Kappes kept me fully entertained with the mystery and the humor and the characters. And, of course, the hint of romance. Sheriff Kenni Lowry is very dimensional – stronger than she feels she is, a little bit awkward, completely engaging and relatable. Finn is her hunky sidekick and I had a "big ole" grin on my face during one of the last scenes of the book. I am looking forward to seeing how the chemistry between them plays out in future books. The secondary characters are fun, too. Full of sass and small-town charm, they leap off the page and into your heart. Some of them you want to jerk a knot into; others you just want to hug. But they’re all entertaining and well-defined. I loved Poppa’s character, the ghost of Kenni’s grandfather (the former sheriff) who has been keeping the town free of crime since Kenni was elected sheriff. Except, you know, for the recent murder and jewelry store robbery. But other than that – zero crime rate, thanks to Poppa. He added a lot of heartwarming moments as well as humor to the story and to Kenni’s character. Fixin to Die is a fantastic start to a new series! It’s cute and endearing, funny and sweet, and the mystery will keep you intrigued from start to finish. Quirky characters with lots of layers give the story a lot of its charm, and Tonya Kappes’ engaging writing style fills in the rest. If you love cozy mysteries and you love small southern towns, then Fixin to Die is fixin’ to be your next fave read. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review.)
CozyUpWithKathy 9 months ago
a rock solid start to a new series FIXIN' TO DIE by Tonya Kappes The First Kenni Lowry Mystery A female sheriff, especially in a small town in the South, has lots of challenges, but Sheriff Kenni Lowry hasn't had too many challenges until the morning Old Doc Walton is found murdered. With her deputy out of town, and the fact that she isn't fully equipped to deal with a murder investigation, she calls on the state reserves for assistance as well as her good ole boy jailer. She may also be getting help from someone that voice she's hearing just her own subconscious, or could it actually be someone else? Between small town Southern gossip, an annoying attraction, and the appearance of her grandfather's ghost, Kenni must solve her first murder as sheriff of Cottonwood, Kentucky. Kenni Lowry is a likable protagonist. She's smart and tough, with feminine charm and a lovable dog named Duke. I love he addition of Poppa, or Poppa's ghost to be more accurate. Who better to support Kenni than her beloved grandfather who was also the previous Sheriff? He's the perfect partner to help solve crimes; he knows the job, can investigate unseen, and is just a fun person with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate the way Kappes introduced the ghost to Kenni, but I'll let you read about that. FIXIN' TO DIE is a rock solid start to a new series. Fresh characters, small town secrets, and an engaging mystery combine to create a satisfying read. Plus there's a ghost! FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a digital ARC in the hopes I would review it.
Grandma_Tami 9 months ago
4.5 I love Tonya's fun quirky characters , Kenni Lowery, sheriff in Cottonwood plus Finn, a handsome Kentucky Reserve Office work to solve 2 crimes well trying to find what they have in common only to find out that Kenni's dead grandpa is trying to help ! This town is full of fun lol people that have you wanting more , great for a fast light summer read! You can always count on Tonya for fun characters to bring a smile to your face and have you caught up in their fun sm towns
Mendy719 9 months ago
I liked it. It was an easy read, good characters, little slow in places but overall good. Can’t see what the next one brings.
ReadYourWrites 9 months ago
Kenni Lowry has been the sheriff of Cottonwood, Kentucky for two years. During this time crime has pretty much been nonexistent. That all changes when one of the local doctors is found murdered in his home/office and the local jewelry store is broken into on the very same day. With Kenni being the only police officer in town, Finn Vincent with the Kentucky State Reserve is called in to help and local jailer, Wyatt Granger is appointed as a temporary deputy. The three set off to investigate the crimes. In this small gossipy town, things are not going to be easy for Kenni as she has to investigate her own and be reminded that a woman shouldn’t be a Sheriff by her own mother nonetheless. But Kenni gets help and encouragement from a very unlikely source, her deceased grandfather and former Sheriff, Elmer Sims. Through the gossip grapevine and good old-fashioned police work, the four slowly but surely start to put the pieces of the two crimes together. I have to admit that it took me awhile to get into the story. However, once I did, I didn’t want to put the book down. Fixin’ to Die is full of over the top characters who will have you laughing and shaking your head. There’s an attraction between Kenni and Finn that the whole town seems to notice. Tonya Kappas has written a well-rounded mystery with enough clues to have you scratching your head, trying to put all the pieces together before the characters do. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Kenni and the rest of Cottonwood next. **Received a copy from Henery Press in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
ArizonaJo 9 months ago
Fixin' To Die by Tonay Kappes is a fun and sassy cozy mystery with a touch of paranormal that kept me turning the pages. All of the characters are fully developed with quirks, strengths and sass that are often found in many small southern towns. Kenni is smart, spunky and independent in spite of being a disappointment to her mother (which is a no-no in southern towns). I liked her and found her to be very relatable throughout the story. I also found Finn to be an intriguing character since he is a Yankee from Chicago which makes me wonder what he is now doing in Kentucky. I loved Kenni's Poppa! He makes a great guardian angel and partner. A fast paced plot with plenty of twists to keep me guessing until I finally put a couple of clues together; but I wasn't sure until the reveal. All in all a very satisfying read; and I hope there will be more books in this series. I received an ARC from Henery Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My opinions in this review are strictly my own.
weluvdopey 9 months ago
This is a great book; this is the first book in the A Kenni Lowry Mystery series by Tonya Kappes. I was so excited to get this book since this author is one of my favorite authors. Kenni Lowry is the sheriff in Cottonwood, Kentucky. The crime rate has been very low since she became sheriff. She soon learns that her grandfather’s ghost has been scaring any would be criminals ever since she was elected. When the town’s doctor is found murdered she gets help solving the crime from her grandfather’s ghost. This book has a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Jarina 9 months ago
Fixin' to Die, by Tonya Kappes, is set in the fictional small town of Cottonwood, Kentucky. The heroine of the story, Kendrick "Kenni" Lowry, is the sheriff of this hamlet, much to the dismay of her parents. When her grandfather, Elmer Sims died of a heart attack, Kenni did not think twice about throwing her hat in the ring and won the election. For the two years since Kenni took office life has gone very smoothly in Cottonwood. That is until the most unusual early hours of a Monday morning when Dr. Walton is murdered and White's Jewelry store is robbed. All this happening and Kenni is on her own as her deputy has recently retired. Of course there is the jailer, Wyatt Granger, to help, and the Kentucky State Reserve sends assistance in the form of hunky Finn Vincent. With more questions than answers the investigation begins only to lead to more suspects than victims. And then there is the Chinese symbol found at both crime scenes to consider. As the investigation continues, Kenni begins to question her capabilities, especially when she begins seeing and hearing the ghost of her beloved grandfather. As she begins to accept his presence and help, the clues start adding up until finally an unlikely culprit is found. Entertaining with many twists and turns, this book is a fun read for those who love this genre.
McMary 9 months ago
Fixin to Die is the first in hopefully a long series for sheriff Kenni Lowry. Kenni is the granddaughter of the last sheriff and since his passing there has been virtually zero crime. As Kenni soon finds out when Dr. Walton is murdered that the low crime rate is in part to the ghost of her grandfather. This is a very clever cozy with all the quirkiness of small towns. Cottonwood is no exception and everyone knows everyone which can make things hard for the Sheriff. With assistance for the Kentucky reserves officer Finn (and of course potential love interest) they do solve the crime. I liked this was a fast read and kept me engaged. Always hard with new series to establish all the characters and setting for the series. I think the author did a great job. Looking forward to the next installment.
Deb-Krenzer 9 months ago
This was a new series for me and I think a new series for Henery Press. I loved it!! It was quite humorous in parts, which is unexpected in a mystery but par for the course in a cozy. I liked the idea of Kenni's ghostly grandfather helping her out to solve the murder. Although at times, it did make her seem a little crazy. HA!! As I said, this was my first in the series and it won't be the last. I look forward to many more in this series. The writing was good and the characters are believable with the main character being very lovable. As with all the Henery Press books, I highly recommend this book. NO, they don't pay me to say that. Thanks Henery Press and Net Galley for once again providing me with a free e-galley of an enjoyable and entertaining read in exchange for an honest review.
Dollycas 9 months ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts This story remind me a bit of J.J. Cook’s Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mysteries and Sharon Pape’s Portrait of Crime Mysteries. Sheriff Kenni Lowry has been sheriff in Cottonwood, Kentucky since she was elected to fill her grandfather’s seat after he passed away. She learned that since she took over his ghost has been scaring criminals away so there was virtually no crime in the town at all. When the doctor that has taken care of the town forever is murdered, the ghost makes himself known to help her solve the case and grow her confidence. I hear you strict cozy fans saying a sheriff is not an amateur sleuth, but in this case, this is her first homicide and she is a bit out of her depth. Cottonwood is a small town with a super small police force, think, Andy Griffith in Mayberry. She does bring in some experience in Finn Vincent for the Kentucky Reserve. Many in the town and even Kenni’s own mother think she is basically playing a game being sheriff. She needs to prove she is up to the job. Kenni Lowry is smart and fun and knows how things work in her small town, like the gossip mill. She also know how to handle the varied personalities of the residents. I am sure she will be more confident in the next story. Poppa, her grandfather, must have been a wonderful man when he was alive and still is in his ghostly form. They relationship is so strong and loving. I really liked Finn. Together the 3 of them make a great Crime solving team. Kenni and Finn may make a great team in another way too. Tonya Kappes have filled her story with the requisite quirky characters and wonderful Southern charm with plenty of humor. The mystery plot contains many twists and turns. I did have a theory of who was responsible for the recent crime wave and this time I was actually right. This series is off to a wonderful start.
The_Brats 9 months ago
I received an ARC copy of this book from the author, Tonya Kappes in exchange for an honest review. Kendrick "Kenni" Lowry has been the Sheriff of Cottonwood, KY for just over two years and has had a Zero Crime Rate. Now, all of a sudden, there is a murder and a jewelry store break-in on the same day. Kenni's gut instinct tells her that the two crimes are related, but proving it and discovering who committed them is a whole different matter. With the help of Wyatt Gardner, the Jailer, and Finn Vincent, a Reserve Officer with the State Police, Kenni sets out to find the evidence needed to solve the crimes. Kenni soon discovers that she also has another ally that nobody else knows about: the ghost of her grandfather, who was the former Sheriff. One obstacle Kenni must overcome is keeping her personal attraction for Finn separate from her duty as Sheriff in order to focus on the job at hand. With the small-town rumor mill working overtime and pressure from the City Council, as well as the citizens, to solve the crimes quickly, can Kenni prove to the town and to herself that she has what it takes to maintain law and order in Cottonwood?