Fixing Cupid

Fixing Cupid

3.6 13
by Cristian YoungMiller

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When Ben Bonner 'breaks' Cupid (Jack) it is up to Ben and his would-be love to fix Cupid so that the world can fall in love again.

Ben Bonner is an uptight, conservative lawyer who has everything except for love. After one heartbreak too many, his best friend Carey arranges for him to move in with a magical character named Jack. Urban legend has it that


When Ben Bonner 'breaks' Cupid (Jack) it is up to Ben and his would-be love to fix Cupid so that the world can fall in love again.

Ben Bonner is an uptight, conservative lawyer who has everything except for love. After one heartbreak too many, his best friend Carey arranges for him to move in with a magical character named Jack. Urban legend has it that whoever lives with Jack will immediately find their soul mate and live happily ever after. However this match comes with a catch because Jack is also a middle-aged party animal. And although he finds his roommates love, Jack also ruins every other aspects of their life.

Desperate to find his special one, Ben moves in and immediately meets Anna Henderson, a smart, beautiful woman who takes Ben’s breath away. Anna, though, isn’t the type to sit around waiting for a man. She’s witty, spirited and she has a few secrets of her own. In fact, she isn’t even sure how much she likes Ben… which makes it too bad that in his frustration, Ben breaks Jack’s Cupid-like powers. With his powers gone, not only is Jack unable to get Anna to fall in love, but no one else in the world will be able to fall in love either.

So now with his life crumbling around him and the love of his life fading away, it becomes essential for Ben to get Anna’s help so that together they can; fix Jack, help the world to love again, and just maybe, live happily ever after.

A 40,000 word novel.

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*After you've read the book you can discuss the book with the author on Facebook at: Cristian YoungMiller - The Author

*This ebook includes excerpts from:
- 'Happiness May Vary' by Cristian YoungMiller
- 'First Day After Life' by Cristian YoungMiller
- 'Run From The Reaper' by Cristian YoungMiller

*Book 1 of 'Everybody vs The Ferret', a humor novelette by Cristian YoungMiller

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Fixing Cupid 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
wazi More than 1 year ago
Fixing Cupid by Cristian YoungMiller This review was originally posted on Big Al's Books and Pals review blog on 07/03/2012. This is a short humorous story that had a lot of promise. Ben’s biggest problem is he has no passion; he just goes through the motions of living his life but doesn’t fully engage himself in anything but his career. The plot of the story flowed well. The problem for me was the author told us the story, instead of engaging us in the story. The characters were described well. Chip, Ben’s ex-fiancés boyfriend, was handled best of all. If the author had done as well with the rest of the characters as he did Chip, I think I would have engaged with the story more. There was something the author got right with the way Chip interacted with Ben that was missing with the rest of the characters. There were a few wrong word usages that occasionally threw me out of the story. One plot point that bothered me was Jack could bring people together without them having to live with him; all they had to do was be in physically close proximity to Jack. Bottom line, it is a clever story, that didn’t reach its full potential. **Originally written for Books and Pals book blog. May have received a free review copy. **
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Attorney Ben Bonner has just been kicked out of his condo by his girlfriend of a year who has just told him she has fallen in love at first sight with a man from her gym. Dazed and finding his stuff already packed he turns to his best friend ex-fiance Carey. When Carey's fiance, Chip, finds out that all the stories he was told about the ex-fiance was Ben, Carey decides to take quick action and find Ben another place to stay. But when Ben moves in and meets his child-like roommate his very world spins out of control. This story was laugh out loud funny and a great way to spend an afternoon in the sun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book read like a movie. It was upbeat and quirky! I really enjoyed it even though I usually only read Christian Fiction. I would not reccomend any of the books that are excerpts from this book.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
-Kai- More than 1 year ago
Do you like to watch people who drink and make fun of themselves by getting into stupid situations with large wild animals and duct tape? And do you like to read about relationships going horribly wrong only to leave the main character in the mind-set to find the right person? While being entertained by the whitty-ness (yes, I'm aware that this isn't a word) of the author? If so this book is for you. READ IT. That is all :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
story does leave you with a smile on your face
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
This book is a unique take on the myth of "Cupid." The main character, Ben, moves in with Jack who is supposed to be a modern day cupid in the hopes of finally finding his special someone. Jack has a way about him that allows others to find their soul mates, but life with him isn't easy in the process. The reader will laugh at some of the more comical parts to the novel. Ben finally discovers Anna during his stint with Jack. Anna is everything he is looking for in a soul mate. However, Anna isn't easily convinced that Ben is her soul mate. She's a tough cookie to crack. The story really takes off from here. Anna is a great character. She's amusing, smart, and shrewd. Ben is more lovesick, fumbling, but kind. Jack? Jack's a piece of work, but he provides much of the comedic relief in the novel. The characters are fun to read about. This book was fairly fast-paced, the plot was interesting, and the twist on Cupid adds to the appeal. This book is recommended to adults. 4 Stars
Ladybug07999 More than 1 year ago
Laugh Out Loud Funny! What does one do when they break cupid?!?! Ben thought things were finally looking up. He was even thinking of maybe, popping the question. Then his life is moved to the core when he looks inside a small closet to see everything he owns packed inside. Asked to leave the place he has called home, he goes to the one place he knows he is accepted. His BFF's. Carey his best friend and her man Chip offer him a place to crash, that is until tension is created when Chip finds out that Ben is an ex-boyfriend of Carey. Promising to give this place a try, Ben moves in with Jack. The story goes that anyone who lives with Jack falls in love and moves out within six months. Shortly after moving in Ben isn't sure this is for him, it seems like a lot of trouble. After finally having enough of Jack and his child like behavior he confronts Jack and tells him to grow. (Ben needs to remember it's this child like behavior that has him meeting Anna) Now it's fight to bring Jack back his child like self and save Cupid. Asking Anna to help, can Ben fix Jack? Not only for himself, but for all of human kind. This book had me laughing out loud many times. I would like to suggest grabbing a glass of wine or something cool to drink and settle down for a night of fun reading, but it's highly unlikely one will be able to keep their drink in their mouth.
Lilac_Wolf More than 1 year ago
The cover is simple and colorful, that with the title does catch your attention. It's not a very long story, just over 120 pages. The story itself was great. The pace was pretty fast, so you were never bored. I laughed my a** off when Ben was watching the lioness get the crap kicked out of her and the line was something like "The first rule of Gazelle fight club, is there is no Gazelle fight club." Making the idea that the animals are all bored and the Gazelles and Zebras all chase down the lionesses for fun. Ben's very waspish girlfriend dumps him for a massive black man, and when his best friend's husband finds out he was the previous fiance that relationship gets strained. But not severed, I'll give Carey credit for that. Ben and Chip even become...well closer...I still think friends would be stretching the truth. lol Yes Ben falls in love, but the point of the story is that Ben breaks cupid. Cupid has be be carefree, childish, happy. Ben snaps him out of it, and Cupid gets caught up in saving the environment - no one will ever fall in love again. Great job, Ben! So Ben and his love, Anna work together to fix Cupid. So I did enjoy the story. Now I have to get mean here for just a minute. The spelling mistakes are plenty, there are also tons of misused words. In the beginning of the story he mixes up Sherry (the ex) and Carey, and toward the end he uses the "defense" when it obviously calls for "prosecution." I don't want to get really mean, but I would recommend the author give his book out to some friends with red pens and ask them to go to town on it. I had to knock a star off for was just too much. Should you buy this story? Well it's $2.99, so it's not real expensive. It's a quick read, and it is funny and entertaining. Cristian does have a way with words, and is a talented storyteller. Even with the downside of grammar, I couldn't wait to start his other story I have. Look for that review soon, too!
Ravenswood_Reviews More than 1 year ago
CRISTIAN YOUNGMILLER'S "FIXING CUPID" (REVIEW) When Ben Bonner 'breaks' Cupid (Jack) it is up to him and his would-be love to fix him unless they want the world to go on forever without love. This story was cute and romantic with a touch of fantasy. I enjoyed it. -Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club
LovelyLuck82 More than 1 year ago
The first rule of gazelle fight club; there is no gazelle fight club! This line and many others made reading Cristian YoungMiller's story, Fixing Cupid, extremely fun. Ben, a lawyer in search of love, finds himself living with a real life Cupid. The only problem is that Cupid (aka Jack) is broken and Ben still can't seem to find the love of his life. Through many escapades with Jack, Ben finds love and discovers a different side of himself. This was a wonderful love story! I enjoyed it immensely. I was captured at the beginning and could hardly put it down. Several times I had to explain to my husband why I was laughing so much. A quick read for a day at the beach or a rainy Saturday morning, Fixing Cupid is sure to touch your heart and leave you happy! If you are the type who enjoys humor from movies with Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) or Kevin Smith (Dogma)then you will most likely enjoy this book. The humor is a little on the crude side. There are a few typos that sometimes distract from the reading but overall an enjoyable read. This was a member giveaway from LibraryThing.
abcarroll More than 1 year ago
Ben is a lawyer who is down on his luck and at the present time homeless. When his best friend hooks him up with an apartment that comes with a roommate, Jack, rumored to help people find the love of their life. Jack and Ben couldn't be more different but somehow their relationship gets them both into a lot of trouble and also helps them learn about themselves. I found this book really fun and a quick read. Definitely a good beach read for the summer!