Flavour of the Month

Flavour of the Month

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by Olivia Goldsmith

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Tell-all patter from a fictional gossip columnist spikes this deliciously juicy novel about Hollywood celebrities and secrets. In the beginning is Mary Jane Moran, a talented New York actress whose lumpish face and figure corral her in the small-time. Then she spends $67,000 on plastic surgery, becomes drop-dead beautiful and moves to L.A. where, reborn as Jahne Moore, she's instantly cast in a sizzling TV series. Co-starring are Lila Kyle, towering bitch-goddess daughter of an aging screen star, and corn-fed Texan Sharleen Smith, who's been on the lam since she and her half-brother Dean left their abusive father for dead. Goldsmith ( The First Wives Club ) spins out a dizzying whirl of subplots--Lila's crazy mother cooking up a comeback; Jahne's second chance at love with the director who broke her heart back when she was Mary Jane; an embittered comic who starts stalking Lila--and she enlivens each with a twist. While Goldsmith has little truck with realism, she perfectly conjures up the envy and insecurity, the toadying and backstabbing associated with the celebrity circuit. Raucous energy speeds the tale to a climax in which hitherto buried secrets (including one final lollapalooza) bring the stars crashing down. 100,000 first printing; BOMC main selection. (May)
Ray Olson
Mary Jane Moran's a whiz of an actress, but--34, plain, and tubby--she's been out of work even though her last role was in a hit; what is she to do? Sharleen Smith is poor and ignorant, snuggling too closely with her brother, abused by her drunken father; how can she get out of Lamson, Texas? Lila Kyle's mean old mother, has-been star Theresa O'Donnell, has planned Lila's life for her, and it doesn't include Lila being a star herself; what's the would-be starlet to do? In Goldsmith's coincidence-and-sensation-laden chronicle, supposedly related by Hollywood biographer Laura Ritchie ("the Bitchy"), who pops in a personal note every so often, it's all very . . . not simple, but convenient, anyway. Mary Jane gets made over by a reconstructive surgeon, so she looks a stunning 24. Sharleen's brother brains Dad with a baseball bat after Daddy kills her boyfriend, and the two run away to California. Lila just leaves home and starts scheming like Mommy. All three wind up in the hottest new TV show of the season. And then the truth about their pasts starts coming out. Goldsmith's lurid, cliche-ridden, real-stars'-name-dropping tale would be more enjoyable if it seemed to be a parody. But it doesn't. Think of it as second-rate Harold Robbins.

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Flavour of the Month 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Flavor of the Month was too long, unbelievably crude, and downright vicious. The storyline was excellent, but it seemed as if Goldsmith was determined to just keep writing and writing and writing and never end the story. There were also some insinuations in the book that were offensive. The parts that were intended to be funny simply weren't. If not for the ending, which was phenomenal, I would have given it two stars. For a great story from Olivia Goldsmith that will keep you laughing and feeling lighthearted, I recommend Switcheroo.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Flavor of the Month was not what I expected from a Olivia Goldsmith novel; especially after reading The First Wives Club. It was too lengthy to be interesting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Olivia Goldsmith has out done herself. I wasn't able to put it down! This is the kind of book that you can stay in bed all day and read and not feel guilty because it's worth it. Some parts can't help but make you smile, laugh, cry, and some very juicy moments that send chills up your spine. This is definitely a must read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this when it first came out & still today the story sticks me. I look forward to each book Olivia writes & this book reminded me why. If you have not read it is a must read!