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More than books, better than games, DK Action Packs take an original and exciting new approach to learning. Each pack is a hands-on guide to a popular topic.


More than books, better than games, DK Action Packs take an original and exciting new approach to learning. Each pack is a hands-on guide to a popular topic.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Knopf's Eyewitness series is being flattered to a fare-thee-well these days. These four titles in the new Eye-Openers series, developed by Eyewitness creators Dorling Kindersley, possess similar characteristics--radiant color photography, abundant white space, striking graphics. Each spread contains a predominant photo of the creature (or truck), a color drawing of the subject in its environment, a short horizontal border showing it ``in action'' and from four to 10 lines of simple, descriptive text. A nice touch is the inclusion of small-sized drawings that highlight particular features--a cement mixer's trough and ladder, a sow's snout and tail. The text, however, seems to swing from overly specific to somewhat general, as if uncertain of the audience. ``Every once in a while a snake will shed its outer layer of skin'' is a bit vague; and, although one of the drawings is a close-up of scales, the text does not mention that those are, in fact, the creature's ``skin.'' Still, these are enticing entries into a rapidly expanding field. Ages 2-5. (Apr.)
Library Journal
This 10 x 12 volume is an excellent introduction to the world of military uniforms and gear. The graphics are excellent, each page featuring labeled, full-color illustrations of uniforms from military museums in England and the United States. Uniforms and gear from the Roman Empire through Desert Storm are profiled (Roman, Knights, Samurai, American Revolution, Civil War, World War I and II, Vietnam War, and Desert Storm). Approximately 20 parts of each uniform are labeled--great for Scrabble addicts and Dragon & Dungeon Players. Though containing a few minor errors (ALICE gear was not adopted till after the Vietnam War) and intended primarily for juvenile readers, this dictionary's scope, fair price, and high-quality illustrations recommend it to most school and public libraries.--Richard Nowicki, Emerson Vocational H.S., Buffalo, N.Y.
School Library Journal
Gr 6 Up-- ``Visual'' is the operative word. Lush illustrations are organized under categories to explain types, structures, and functions of spe cies within the plant world. Full-color displays cover topics such as fungi and lichens, gymno sperms, roots, leaves, fertilization, dryland plants, etc. Each section begins with a general overview; extending and complementing that basic description are carefully labelled illustra tions and photographs. The specialized botani cal vocabulary is not watered down, and the photographs effectively illustrate each term. This is not a dictionary for novices, since the explanations are not extensive enough to in form fully the uninitiated and there is no glos sary. Still, the striking illustrations could easily stand alone for browsers. --Steve Matthews, Foxcroft School, Middleburg, VA

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Action Packs Ser.
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