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The Flightless Falcon

The Flightless Falcon

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by Mickey Zucker Reichert

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Tamison had been a miner until the cave-in that killed his brother and father left him with a paralyzing fear of venturing underground. With the passing years and the growth of his own new family, Tamison was willing to turn his hand to any trade that would feed his wife and children. But in a realm where guilds ruled—and where his own guild could no longer


Tamison had been a miner until the cave-in that killed his brother and father left him with a paralyzing fear of venturing underground. With the passing years and the growth of his own new family, Tamison was willing to turn his hand to any trade that would feed his wife and children. But in a realm where guilds ruled—and where his own guild could no longer support him—Tamison became more and more desperate Eventually he was forced to steal food or see his family starve. Caught in the act, Tamison was sentenced to a chain gang. And when he was finally released, he discovered that his family had been kidnapped. Now he's determined to rescue them—but he can't do it alone. To break into a seemingly impenetrable city, he needs the help of three unlikely allies: a guard, a thief, and a fortune-teller...

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Popular heroic-fantasy author Reichert (The Renshai Chronicles) steps into a brand-new setting for her latest novel. Mentally scarred by a disastrous mining accident, Tamison finds it impossible to obtain decent work in the guild-run city of Lathary. Desperate to feed his growing family, he tries to steal food and ends up spending two years in prison for the crime. When his sentence is over, he returns home to find his wife and children gone without a trace. A city guardsman named Dallan tells him that nearly two years ago they were taken by men of the Brotherhood of rival city Callos to be slaves of evil Lord Mannkorus. Dallan explains that his sister and mother were also taken by the same men; soon he and Tamison team up to free their families. Joining them are Rifkah, a fortune-teller whose talents are not appreciated by the Brotherhood of Lathary, and Con, a mysterious thief who refuses to talk about his past. On the way to Callos, the four find themselves both divided and drawn together by their differences, as danger forces them to depend increasingly on each other. Only when they finally reach their goal do they learn the truth behind the kidnappings and Tamison's imprisonment--a truth that will force Tamison to decide once and for all what to do with his life. Reichert's many fans will enjoy this change of pace (with a hint of a sequel) from the author's generally more lengthy and complicated books, while its intimate scale is sure to draw in new readers as well. (July) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|
Emotionally crippled by a mining accident that killed all of his male relatives, young Tamison becomes the head of his family. Just a boy, he lacks the experience and confidence to pull himself from the mire of horror and self-pity that grips him. As his family slides further into poverty, he is seemingly helpless to change his fate. He marries his childhood sweetheart and they have more children than they can feed. At his most desperate, he breaks into a warehouse to steal food. He is caught and sentenced to have a hand cut off but his punishment is commuted at the last minute to two years hard labor. At the end of his prison term, he is released and seeks his family only to find that they have disappeared, kidnapped in the night by strangers. Flightless Falcon is the story of his attempts to find and rescue his family and also of his growth and maturation into a man who not only has the respect of others but who also respects himself. Not a bad story, and there is an obvious opening for a sequel. KLIATT Codes: SA—Recommended for senior high school students, advanced students, and adults. 2000, DAW, 305p., $6.99. Ages 16 to adult. Reviewer: Susan Cromby; Acquisitions Dept., Mesa P.L., Mesa, AZ , November 2001 (Vol. 35, No. 6)
Library Journal
Released from prison after serving his sentence for theft, Tamsin discovers his family has disappeared without a trace. In the company of a fortune teller, a con man, and a guardsman who searches for a missing sister, Tamsin embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue the ones he loves and redeem his personal failures. The author of the "Renshai" novels brings together a quartet of unlikely heroes whose inner conflicts must resolve themselves before they can learn to trust one another and accomplish a seemingly impossible task. A good choice for most fantasy collections. Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.\
An accident leaves Tamison fearful of the one job he is qualified for - mining - and his attempts to rebuild his life with a new family and position only lead increasingly into poverty. With imprisonment for theft and eventual freedom he embarks on a journey to locate his family and rebuild his life - a journey which will change his world in this intriguing fantasy.
Kirkus Reviews
New fantasy from the author of The Children of Wrath (1998), etc. Down-and-out ex-miner Tamison is forced to steal in order to feed his family. He gets caught and, instead of losing a hand, he's sentenced to two years on the chain gang. After his release he finds that his family vanished right after he was arrested. Lathary city guard Dallan, whose sister has also been kidnapped, befriends Tamison. According to Dallan, the kidnapper was probably Lord Mennkorus, leader of the brotherhood that runs a neighboring city, Callos; those abducted would end up as slaves. Hoping to change his luck, Tamison renames himself Sueldan. He and Dallan join with fortune-teller Rifkah, also persecuted by the Lathary brotherhood, and mysterious drug-addicted warrior Con, whose life Sueldan saved. They attempt to penetrate the Callos brotherhood's HQ, but Sueldan is captured and tortured. Finally, he escapes with a hostage, Lord Hiroise, who insists there's no slavery in Callos. Con agrees and adds that Dallan's sister died years ago. Rifkah's truthsense confirms all this. Sueldan begins to suspect that he's merely a dupe in a vast strategy concocted by Lathary in its incessant war with Callos. A yarn that takes forever to get going. Some ingenious plot convolutions eventually materialize, but mediocre is as good as it gets.

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Mickey Zucker Reichert is a pediatrician, parent, animal lover, and author of twenty-some novels including Renshai, Nightfall, Barakhai, and Bifrost series, one illustrated novella, and fifty-plus short stories. She can be found at

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