by Cari Meister

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Every year, floods kill thousands of people all over the world. They destroy homes and crops, and have even been known to wipe out entire villages. This book provides information about why floodwaters are so dangerous and how they are formed in the first place. The author discusses the nature of floods, the destruction they can cause, the important role of hydrologists, the water cycle, famous floods in history, and the ways humans can control floodwaters by using dams, dikes and reservoirs. In addition, this resource also offers helpful tips for staying safe during floods and presents strategies for cleaning up after the floodwaters have receded. The author presents fascinating facts, historical information, updated statistics, colorful photographs, illustrations, maps, a list of related Internet sites, and a glossary. This book offers an informative introduction to floods and the damage they can leave behind. Series "Nature's Fury." 1999, Abdo Publishing Company, Ages 8 to 12, $19.93. Reviewer: Debra Briatico

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ABDO Publishing Company
Publication date:
Nature's Fury Set 1 Series
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8.08(w) x 10.07(h) x 0.40(d)
750L (what's this?)
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9 - 12 Years

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