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Floppy Teddy Bear

Floppy Teddy Bear

by Patricia Lillie, Karen Lee Baker (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Karen White
Floppy Teddy Bear was written with an oldest sibling in mind. It is the story of two sisters who love and cherish the same bear. The bear actually belongs to the older sister. She describes him as a floppy teddy bear with curly brown fur and two black eyes, a squishy-squashy belly and a red bow tie. Little sister takes floppy teddy bear on many adventures. She feeds him, shares him with the dog, she even gives the bear a bath. The patient, older sister continues to love her soggy, peanut butter covered bear with a squishy-squashy belly and jelly on his tie. By the end of the story, the older sister learns that she must protect her floppy bear from baby sister. The text grows larger as the older sister proclaims, "She canNOT, CANNOT HAVE MY FLOPPY TEDDY BEAR! Finally, Mom steps in to help the girls solve the teddy bear conflict.
Hazel Rochman
Singing, onomatopoeic words, and expressive watercolors tell a common family story with warmth and immediacy. A girl loves the teddy bear that Mama buys her for her birthday: "Me, I love my floppy teddy bear / Curly brown fur and two black eyes / A squishy squashy belly and a red bow tie." But her little sister wants that teddy bear and keeps taking him. Sister feeds him lunch, and he gets peanut butter in his fur and jelly on his tie. Sister takes him outside to play with the dog, and he gets two torn ears and a hole in his nose. Sister makes him soggy in the sink. The solution, of course, is to buy Sister her own bear to love. The little one's envy and mischief are sympathetically shown; so is the older sibling's growing anger. Kids will recognize their own dramas, and they'll enjoy chanting the cumulative lines about the floppy teddy bear and his misfortunes.

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
9.27(w) x 9.29(h) x 0.35(d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

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