Florida Move Guide

Florida Move Guide

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by Ron Stack

The FLORIDA MOVE GUIDE. The Unofficial Moving To Florida Warning, Decision and Help Guide. MOST PEOPLE WHO RELOCATE TO FLORIDA WILL MOVE OUT (PROOF BELOW)
This is true even for those who intended the move to be permanent. It happens to young people looking to improve their life by the move as well as seniors looking to retire someplace warm. This is what usually…  See more details below


The FLORIDA MOVE GUIDE. The Unofficial Moving To Florida Warning, Decision and Help Guide. MOST PEOPLE WHO RELOCATE TO FLORIDA WILL MOVE OUT (PROOF BELOW)
This is true even for those who intended the move to be permanent. It happens to young people looking to improve their life by the move as well as seniors looking to retire someplace warm. This is what usually happens.
1) People visit Florida and have a wonderful time, often many times over many years.
2) Based on those memories and sometimes with help from well developed industries that will cash in when you move there (and many again when you move out like real estate agents, movers, etc.) that produce slick brochures and postcards where everyone is always smiling (but never sweating), you move there.
3) After the move everything is great, in the beginning. Then the things that most people never considered before moving to Florida start to affect your quality of life.
4) The longer you're there, the more these things bother you. At some point this combination of factors makes you so miserable, you decide you can't live there anymore and move out no matter how much money you'll lose or how much disruption another long distance move will be to your life.
It happens because for most people, living in Florida is far different that how they pictured it would be. You can't blame them because some of the reasons that force people out of Florida are unique to the state and you don't learn about them until you live there. For nearly 15 years, I sold homes to people who moved in, and again when they moved out. At first, I took a special interest in the reasons why people wanted to move out because I was still thrilled with my move to the state and couldn’t understand why all these people wanted to leave. I helped hundreds of people sell in Florida and know the reasons why a move to paradise turned into a nightmare.
In March of 2010, the University of Florida published an excellent report on Florida in/out migration titled “An Analysis of Annual Migration Flows in Florida, 1980 – 2008”. The study was an important one because it only counted people who moved to or from Florida, from another US state that could be verified through US Census and IRS records. The study listed year by year how many people moved TO Florida from another US state, and how many moved FROM Florida to another US state. When all those numbers are added up, it shows that 13,164,695 moved there, and 9,540,260 moved out. The chances of an intended permanent move working out are pretty low. If you pay your taxes on time and are moving to Florida from another US state, you are exactly like the people in the study.

There is a massive amount of money spent everyday to convince people that living in Florida is always picture perfect like on the postcards or in the glossy brochures. There was nothing out there that tells people what living in Florida is really like, and that so many move out and the reasons why, until this book came out. No Florida move research would be complete without learning what's in this book. Protect yourself and your family from possibly making a costly mistake.

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I saw seniors who fulfilled a long time dream by retiring in Florida only to discover it was a huge mistake, then go through the hassle of another home sale, long distance move and purchase right where they moved from, all at a time when they should be relaxing and enjoying their well deserved retirement. I've seen people move to Florida and pay $200,000 for a home that was only worth half that, a couple of years later when they needed to move back home. I've seen kids pulled out of school in the middle of the year to move back home because the parents couldn’t stay in Florida any longer.
I wrote this book so people can learn what living in Florida is really like, before they move there. I want people to know the truth about life in Florida and the reasons why Florida is such a transient state. I want people to know the reasons why million of others, just like them, have moved to Florida only to move out. When reading the book, some may realize that one or more of the reasons that made the move a mistake for others, will likely happen to them also. The purpose of the book is help prevent the people who would move to Florida only to discover it was a big costly mistake, from making the mistake in the first place and save them the huge financial cost and disruption to the enjoyment of their life.
The other purpose of this book is to help those who will be moving to Florida after reading the book, to increase their chances of a successful long term move. The book has tips from a long term full-time resident and licensed Florida real estate broker on how to minimize the problems that plagued others that moved to the state. Why did a permanent move work out for some? I will share those reasons with you as well. You'll learn what homes to live in and what to avoid. You'll also learn some little known benefits of being a Florida resident. Did you know that Florida's constitution offers its citizens the best asset protection of any US state? RON STACK is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker who lived in Florida for 14 full time years. He operated a real estate company that sold hundreds of homes for sellers wanting to leave the state of Florida, as well as buyers just moving in. Ron sold hundreds of brand new homes in the state of Florida and offers tips on what to buy, and what to stay away from when looking for a home in Florida. He has real estate licenses in multiple states and first became a realtor in 1986.

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Florida Move Guide 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
PegMP More than 1 year ago
There are few if any guides to relocating to Florida. The author takes a realistic look at the pros and cons of moving to the sunshine state. A must for anyone seriously considering the move.
PeanutReads More than 1 year ago
Like America itself, Florida has long been regarded as the melting-pot: a diverse, fascinating blend of people from all over the country and beyond who've made their home in a state known for vacationing, a mild climate, and retirement-ready vistas. But as with any relocation mecca, resident hopefuls will need to navigate through unchartered waters in order to find what works (or doesn't work) for them, and occasionally new residents will find themselves head-over-heels with circumstances they simply didn't anticipate before making the move. And that's where the Florida Move Guide comes in... author and longtime Florida real estate broker Ron Stack knows from experience those tips, tricks, and perceptive insights that have made some people relish their decision to move there and others miserably regret it. He gives us the tools to test the waters beforehand, and provides us with the information that will help us to estimate the financial and emotional costs (and benefits) of a Florida relocation. With analogies that all readers will relate to, Stack sidesteps superfluous advertising of the Sunshine State and tells us the truth instead. He tells us what to really expect from moving here, living here, and staying here. Tackling everything from golf and beachside recreation to humidity and the ever-present mosquitoes, Florida Move Guide provides in-depth answers to questions non-natives wouldn't even know to ask. The books tasks itself with all perspectives in full-color detail, including those of the lobster-red visitors cooling off in his pool after a week of tourist naivete. At turns endearing and downright hilarious, Stack's writing style is powerfully down-to-earth, fluid, and - above all - empathic. He isn't selling us on anything, and his goal of ensuring readers make the right decision for them is readily apparent. He wants readers to be happy, regardless of where they are and where they end up. As a ten-year Florida resident and non-Florida-native, I wish I could have read Stack's book a decade ago; it would have saved me from a lot of headaches and unexpected circumstances. But one fascinating aspect of this guide is its comprehensiveness - it is not only a guide for those who have yet to move here, but also serves up a wealth of information to those longtime residents who are considering relocating to other parts of the state. Readers won't find vague references but actual data and smart, proactive suggestions for each step of the way. With memorable examples and advice you could only expect from a licensed Florida real estate broker, this one is thoughtful, re-readable, and highly recommended!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago