Flower of Scotland

Flower of Scotland

by City of Glasgow Philharmonic Orchestra

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  1. O Flower of Scotland
  2. Amazing Grace Anthem
  3. Edinburgh Castle Concert March
  4. Elizabeth of Glamis (H M the Queen Mother)
  5. Abbey Craig (Scots Wha Hae)
  6. Kishmul's Galley
  7. Dunvegan Castle
  8. The Black Bear Salute
  9. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet/Cock O' The North
  10. Sutherland's Law (Land of the Mountain and Flood)
  11. Reel O' Tulloch
  12. Here's Tae The Gordon/Cambeltown Loch/I Belong To Glasgow/I
  13. Medley: Campbeltown Loch (Stewart) / I Belong to Glasgow (Fyffe)
  14. I Love A Lassie / Stop Yer Ticklin' Jock
  15. The Laddies Who Fought and Won

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

City of Glasgow Philharmonic Orchestra   Primary Artist,Performing Ensemble
Gordon Smith   Drums
Jim Taylor   Alto (Vocal)
Colin Wilson   Pipe
Sue Evans   Soprano (Vocal)
Barry Cooper   Drums
Alan Gill   Drums
Ron Gray   Alto (Vocal)
Kenneth Mackenzie   Pipe
David Murdoch   Tenor (Vocal)
Derek O'Brien   Tenor (Vocal)
David Price   Horn
Kevin Price   Trumpet
Gillian Reid   Soprano (Vocal)
Kirk Richardson   Percussion
Alan Robertson   Tenor (Vocal)
Angela Turner   Cello
David Weatherspoon   Pipe
Lorna Wilson   Soprano (Vocal)
Rhona MacKay   Harp
Carol Smith   Alto (Vocal)
Terry Johns   Horn
Christine Nelson   Violin
Clive Thomas   Violin,Leader
Martin Willis   Percussion
Margaret Wilson   Alto (Vocal)
Andrew Wilson   Violin
Graham Robb   Bass Guitar,Double Bass
City of Glasgow Pipes and Drums   Track Performer
Robert Baxter   Trumpet
Maurette Brown Clark   Alto (Vocal)
Anne McDonald   Violin
Helen Taylor   Soprano (Vocal)
Loretta Wallace   Soprano (Vocal)
Anna Christie   Alto (Vocal)
Alison Davidson   Horn
Helen Wylie   Soprano (Vocal)
Julie Reynolds   Violin
Andrew Pollock   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert Cairns   Violin
Lawrence Gill   Clarinet
Robert Colquhoun   Tenor (Vocal)
Jill Russell   Alto (Vocal)
Catherine Alexander   Soprano (Vocal)
Douglas Wotherspoon   Pipe
Andrew "Tiny" Wood   Pipe
Mary Gordon Murray   Soprano (Vocal)
Derek Bishop   Bass Trombone
Lindsay Allan   Bass (Vocal)
Kathleen Simans   Violin
Robert Simans   Violin
Morag Patterson   Bassoon
Alice Paton   Alto (Vocal)
Donald Ballance   Tenor (Vocal)
Graeme Barclay   Percussion
Michael Beeston   Viola
Roxanne Benezra   Soprano (Vocal)
Darren Beynon   Trumpet
Jane Boddice   Violin
Marian Boyd   Cello
Hugh Bradley   Violin
Andrea Brogan   Violin
Elaine Brook   Cello
Florence Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Stewart Cairns   Tenor (Vocal)
Lorna Cameron   Alto (Vocal)
Louise Carey   Alto (Vocal)
Julie Carpenter   Violin
Cathie Cheape   Soprano (Vocal)
Julie Webber   Violin
Mairi Therese Cleary   Soprano (Vocal)
Hazel Cochrane   Alto (Vocal)
Mary Warbrick   Soprano (Vocal)
Kristine Walsh   Alto (Vocal)
George Walls   Drums
Evelyn Vernea   Soprano (Vocal)
Philip Venters   Double Bass
Elsie Couttie   Alto (Vocal)
Tony Crossan   Tenor (Vocal)
George Cuthbertson   Viola
Fergus Davidson   Flute
Jenny Uren   Cor anglais
Gill Turle   Soprano (Vocal)
Pat Tubman   Soprano (Vocal)
Helen Deeny   Alto (Vocal)
Rosalind Devaney   Alto (Vocal)
Marion Thorburn   Alto (Vocal)
Alasdair Tennant   Pipe
Graham Taylor   Choir Master
Lorna Stuart   Alto (Vocal)
Clare Stuart   Soprano (Vocal)
Alexandra Spooner   Alto (Vocal)
Ruth Dorward   Soprano (Vocal)
David Dowall   Tuba
Linda Downes   Soprano (Vocal)
Liz Farmer   Soprano (Vocal)
Elspeth Shepherd   Alto (Vocal)
Aileen Shelley   Pipe
Colin Shaw   Bass (Vocal)
Nigel Forrest   Pipe
Jim Forson   Tenor (Vocal)
Roger Foxwell   Violin
Joyce Gall   Soprano (Vocal)
Brian Geary   Bass (Vocal)
Sheila Gebbie   Soprano (Vocal)
Elsa Rossetter   Alto (Vocal)
Christopher Robson   Bassoon
Alastair Rankin   Percussion
Angus Ramsay   Violin
Alison Ramage   Alto (Vocal)
Samuel Pollock   Bass (Vocal)
Fiona Pollard   Alto (Vocal)
Anne Girdley   Soprano (Vocal)
Daphne Godson   Violin
Olga Gordon   Alto (Vocal)
Norah Gray   Alto (Vocal)
Brian Hale   Violin
Ninian Perry   Double Bass
Jacqui Penfold   Viola
Fred Parry   Cello
Maryon Hardie   Soprano (Vocal)
Edward ONeil   Bass (Vocal)
Penelope Haydock   Piano
Eric Hendry   Timpani
Kenneth Nisbet   Tenor (Vocal)
Gordon Nelson   Pipe
Lio Moscardini   Double Bass
Linda Morton   Alto (Vocal)
Hamish Millar   Bass (Vocal)
Ron Meikle   Tenor (Vocal)
Alison McWee   Alto (Vocal)
Edward McNab   Bass (Vocal)
Raymond McKeown   Clarinet
Doris McIntyre   Alto (Vocal)
Sonja McIlchere   Alto (Vocal)
Sandra McGruther   Soprano (Vocal)
Joyce McGregor   Alto (Vocal)
Marion McFadyen   Soprano (Vocal)
Robert McCreath   Horn
Lorraine Marron   Soprano (Vocal)
Emily Main   Alto (Vocal)
Fiona MacKinnon   Soprano (Vocal)
Kirstie Logan   Oboe
Lindsay Lockhart   Alto (Vocal)
Elizabeth Lochhead   Alto (Vocal)
Sheena Lister   Soprano (Vocal)
Andrea Kuypers   Piccolo
Katherine Johnstone   Alto (Vocal)
Georgina Keir   Soprano (Vocal)
Iain Keir   Bass (Vocal)
Deirdre Kilmurry   Alto (Vocal)
Lesley Anderson   Soprano (Vocal)
Kay Crawford   Alto (Vocal)
Ian Davidson   Bass (Vocal)
Pat Field   Viola
Moira Harris   Soprano (Vocal)
Susan Harris   Viola
Marie Holmes   Cello
Kyle Kennedy   Pipe
Andy Lynn   Trumpet
Marjory Matthews   Soprano (Vocal)
Ann McDougall   Soprano (Vocal)
Jimmy Millar   Bass (Vocal)
Joan Morrison   Horn
Kevin Thompson   Trombone
David Simpson   Drums
City of Glasgow Chorus   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Nick Ross   Bass Clarinet
Iain Sutherland   Conductor
City of Glasgow Pipes & Drums   Ensemble
David Wotherspoon   Pipe
Johann Lotter   Viola
David Stewart   Violin

Technical Credits

Eric Coates   Composer
Stewart   Composer
A. Stewart   Composer
Ernest Tomlinson   Composer
Roy Williamson   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Peter Shipton   Producer,Engineer,Engineering
Robin Rankine   Engineering
Will Fyffe   Composer
Iain Sutherland   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Artistic Director
Ian Whyte   Composer

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