Fluid Dynamics at Interfaces

Fluid Dynamics at Interfaces

by Wei Shyy

In this book experts discuss research and applications in interfacial fluid dynamics.See more details below


In this book experts discuss research and applications in interfacial fluid dynamics.

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List of contributors; Preface; Part I. Benard and Thermo-Capillary Instabilities: 1. Nonlinear dynamics and stability of thin evaporating liquid films subject to internal heat generation; 2. Pattern formation in liquid-air convection - influence of air height in bilayer coupling; 3. The third type of Benard convection induced by evaporation; 4. Waves generated by surface tension gradients and instability; 5. Thermocapillary-Coriolis instabilities; Part II. Shear and Pressure Driven Instabilities: 6. Control of instability in a liquid film flow; 7. Three-dimensional waves in thin liquid films; 8. Modulation wave dynamics of kinematic interfacial waves; 9. Multi-layer film flows down an inclined plane: simulations based on the lubrication approximation, and normal-mode decomposition of linear waves; 10. Spatial evolution of interfacial waves in gas-liquid flows; 11. The shear breakup of an immiscible fluid interface; 12. Two-fluid-layer flow stability; Part III. Waves and Dispersion: 13. On modeling unsteady fully nonlinear dispersive interfacial waves; 14. Instabilities in the coupled equatorial ocean-atmosphere system; 15. Large amplitude solitary wave on a pyenocluine and its instability; 16. Stability and pattern selection in parametrically driven surface waves; 17. Deformation and rupture in confined, thin liquid films driven by thermocapillarity; 18. Linear and nonlinear waves in flowing water; 19. Pinned-edge Faraday waves; 20. Interfacial shapes in the steady flow of a highly viscous dispersed phase; Part IV. Multiphase Systems: 21. Interaction between fluid flow and flexible structures; 22. Numerical treatment of moving interfaces in phase-change processes; 23. Convergence and accuracy of Kernel-based continuum surface tension models; 24. Interaction of convection and solidification at fluid-solid interfaces; 25. Interfacial motion of a molten layer subject to plasma heating; 26. The fluid mechanics of premelted liquid films; 27. Recent advances in Lattice Boltzmann methods; 28. Bubble dynamics in heterogeneous boiling heat transfer; Part V. Complex Flows: 29. Heat, mass and momentum exchanges between outer flow and separation bubble behind a single backward-facing step with gas injection from one duct wall; 30. A moving boundary problem arising from stratigraphic modeling; 31. Convection generated by lateral heating of a solute gradient: review and extension; 32. Heat conduction from a solid particle and the force on it in Stokes flow in a fluid with position dependent physical properties; 33. Radiation affected ignition phenomena with solid-gas interaction; 34. Bio-magnetic fluid dynamics; 35. The man I know: Chia-Shun Yih, July 25, 1988–April 25, 1997; Index.

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