Fly!: A Brief History of Flight Illustrated

Fly!: A Brief History of Flight Illustrated

by Barry Moser

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Stephanie Zvirin
This nicely designed book melds Moser's lifelong interest in planes with his love of art. In a series of 16 attractive double-page spreads, which begins with a depiction of the Montgolfiers' balloon and its crew of animal aeronauts, Moser uses words and watercolors to capture milestones in aviation history. The impressive paintings are evocative rather than intricately detailed, but they show the beauty and variety of the aircraft--from George Cayley's three-winged glider to "Sputnik I" and the space shuttle "Atlantis". A time-line, concluding with 1992, puts the achievements described into historical context. Moser's text, though brief, contains enough to pique curiosity, and his pictures are certain to attract browsers. His notes, written for an older reader than his main text, are a lively elaboration of the history presented in each spread. Kids as old as junior-high age will find this section of interest, and the bibliography, containing a number of adult books, provides follow-up material for a variety of readers.

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Willa Perlman Bks.
Edition description:
1st ed
Age Range:
6 Years

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