Folate in Health and Disease / Edition 1

Folate in Health and Disease / Edition 1

by Lynn B. Bailey

ISBN-10: 0824792807

ISBN-13: 9780824792800

Pub. Date: 01/01/1995

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Clinical Nutrition in Health and Disease Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
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6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Folate Chemistry and Metabolism, Barry Shane Biochemical Role of Folate in Cellular Metabolism, Conrad Wagner Clinical Spectrum and Diagnosis of Folate Deficiency, John Lindenbaum and Robert H. Allen Clinical Implications of Hyperhomocysteinemia, Ralph Green and Donald W. Jacobsen Folate Requirements and Dietary Recommendations, Lynn B. Bailey Folate Nutrition in Lactation, Mary Frances Picciano Folate Status of U.S. Population Groups, Howerde E. Sauberlich The Bioavailability of Folate, Jesse F. Gregory III Folate-Cobalamin Interactions, David G. Savage and John Lindenbaum Nutrient Interaction of Folate and Zinc, Tsunenobu Tamura Alcohol and Folate Interactions: Clinical Implications, Charles H. Halsted Folate and Neural Tube Defects, John M. Scott, Donald G. Weir, and Peadar N. Kirke Folate Status: Effects on Carcinogenesis, Joel B. Mason Folates and Folate Antagonists in Cancer Chemotherapy, David G. Priest and Marlene A. Bunni Folate Antagonists in Nonneoplastic Disease: Proposed Mechanisms of Efficacy and Toxicity, Sarah L. Morgan and Joseph E. Baggott Folate and Neuropsychiatry, Teodoro Bottiglieri, Richard F. Crellin, and Edward H. Reynolds

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