Follow The Money

Follow The Money

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by Ross Cavins

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From one of America's most unknown authors comes a book so humorous, so vile, so inane ... it could only be a cry for help.

If you're searching for a refreshing style that's a tad demented, with characters that burrow deep into your mind and never leave, you've found the right book.

"Follow the Money" is a collection of ten interconnected short stories that will


From one of America's most unknown authors comes a book so humorous, so vile, so inane ... it could only be a cry for help.

If you're searching for a refreshing style that's a tad demented, with characters that burrow deep into your mind and never leave, you've found the right book.

"Follow the Money" is a collection of ten interconnected short stories that will grab you, wrestle you to the ground and squeeze you until your funny bone snaps in two.

A botched kidnapping, a money scam, a not-so-average convenience store holdup ... each story flows (with the money) through a series of interesting, and sometimes bizarre, plots. Layered and interweaved with seamless complexity, recurring characters and everyday motifs bind the ten stories into a single universal plot.

Ingenious in its conception, flawless in its execution, "Follow the Money" is a hilarious, detailed study on the many facets of the human condition. Greed, Pride, Lust ... the seven deadly sins have never been so entertaining.

Prepare yourself for a raunchy, gritty ride you'll never want to end.

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Follow the Money 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I first picked up Follow the Money I was unsure what to expect; ten short stories packed into 235 pages almost seemed an impossible feat. What I found was a pleasant surprise: artful language, hard to forget characters, and dark moments that leave you breathless. While his characters may be uneducated Ross Cavins most certainly is not, and he pulls off the dialect impeccably. The collection of stories flow one into the next each with a clever twist and always keeping you guessing about where the money is and what extremes the next character will take to get it. The book forces you to ask yourself, what would I do for 3 million dollars? Steal? Sell yourself for one night? Leave three people dead on the side of the road? Where is the line? Is there one? These are the questions Cavins forces you to address, and makes you realize just how far money can push someone to go.  There was, however, a homophobic vibe that distracted from the story. I had a hard time getting past this and into the stories. All of the characters use the word “fag” in their common language making comments like how “fags” always wear tight jeans.  In the end I attributed this to the uneducated vibe of the characters, and tried to move past it instead of making judgments about Cavins himself.  Cavins manages simultaneously to make you think deeply about how money corrupts and to give you a good laugh. So whether you to look at the deeper meaning or just get a good laugh I advise giving Follow the Money a shot. 
Jennmarie68 More than 1 year ago
A review e-book copy was provided for review by the author. This book was hilarious, right from the dedication through to the end. I still hate to admit that I have a sick and dark sense of humor, but the fact that I laughed through most of this book I think just sets that even more in stone... The stories were so weird. They all seemed to revolve around, what most people would consider, "trash". Sadly though there were a few characters that when I started reading them I thought to myself "This is just like ..." It was both a frightening and liberating, it meant I could laugh at it because I was part of it. For being short stories the characters are very well developed. The fact that some of them carry through one or two of the stories helps build them even more. I think the ability to create such developed characters within the limitations of a short story is a sign of a great author. The stories are well written. Sometimes it took me a minute to find the "connection" to the previous stories, but once I figured it out it all really started to make sense. Again I have to mention the humor that was so well-placed in the stories. I don't want to give anything away but my favorite bit of humor is the toe/thumb... (That's got you thinking doesn't it???) Like I said, it's kind of dark twisted humor. While I didn't get lost in the story, and the characters were all fairly despicable I do have to say that I really enjoyed myself while reading this book. I really hope Cavins writes something else because I think I'm going to have to read this a few times. Not only to pick up some of the things I may have missed but also because I enjoyed it so much.
pixiesand More than 1 year ago
I love it! So funny! Before I talk about the actual stories, I have to say that I think this book is a "men's romance". hehe This is what I mean... Usually in romances the woman is a regular gal, with flaws and everything, who could be just like me. She meets a sexy, hard-bodied, perfect man to have sex with and live happily ever after. So, alternately, a men's romance would be about an average dude who finds a young, tiny, tight-bodied woman with big, bouncy boobs. To look at and have sex with. If I learned anything from this book, wait.. I don't read to learn, I read for entertainment. Well, I think I understand men a little better now. Oh, and now I know every slang word for penis. haha This book is exactly the kind of movie that I love to watch (Crash, Valentine's Day) where the characters stories are separate from each other, but they cross paths. It was so much fun to "follow the money" that I didn't want it to end. At least not until the money landed in my lap. I really liked Sammy and wished that there was more of him in the stories. My favorite story was Have Fun Tonight. It was so outrageous and I loved how the EMTs responded to Richard's condition. But, my very favorite character would have to be Wally. Every time he said anything, I laughed out loud!
angelalovesbooks More than 1 year ago
Ross Cavins has written one of the most creative books of short stories that i have ever read. All the stories are imaginative, resourceful, witty and creative . each story is connected by..................,you guessed it, money. After the 1st story, I was in deep like, after the 2nd story, i couldn't put the book down. Ross should quit his day job and become a full time writer. I can't wait for his next book.
crazypsychobookloverLC More than 1 year ago
Follow The Money: A Collection of Interconnected Short Stories Author: Ross Cavins Publisher: RCG Publishing ISBN: 978-1438253961 I knew I had discovered a Kindred Spirit in author Ross Cavins when he started this collection of short stories with an all time favorite quote of mine from Moliere: "Writing is like prostitution. First You do it for love, then for a few close friends and then for money." This book is among the funniest I have ever read. What I especially love is that the humor sort of sneaks up on you, and leaves you laughing out loud and gasping for breath. Thankfully, I was not reading in a crowded room. Laughing and okay, actually snorting my way through these stories, I marvelled at the bigger than life characters, and for many of them, they rang true as the personalities of some family members and friends, all of whom shall remain nameless. From a couple of inept "good ole boy" kidnappers to a slimey but smart " investment" con man to a fast talking (and even faster thinking) young redneck fellow in a rush to get on with what he hopes will be a romantic evening with his girl, these are really great characters, each memorable and a little bit nuts. There are ten stories in this book, and it left me wanting lots more. All ten are excellently done, with great characters and innovative plot lines. I'm glad I don't have to pick one favorite, cause that would be tough. Each are unique and charming. The characters grow on you, and all of them could be the subject of a book by themselves. I really look forward to reading more by this funny, funny author. Read it all at once, or savor each story slowly, either way, you'll be glad to have followed the money.......what a ride!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago