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Food and Farming

Food and Farming

by John Baines

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Hazel Buys
Feeding the world's peoples, now exceeding six billion, is a global effort still supported primarily by farming—the single largest occupation, world-wide, in providing food and food products. Getting food from field to global market is complex, big business and not everyone profits. The concerns that the biggest businesses are making it difficult or impossible for small, family-farm based agrarian societies to survive are explored in straightforward, detailed text accompanied by graphs and side bars labeled "Focus On�" and "Eyewitness." Other sidebars labeled "Have Your Say" encourage debate and the examination of multiple aspects of related issues. Color photographs illustrate and add interest to the text. The examination of these questions and concerns are especially relevant today in our culture of instant news and rapid-fire dissemination of opinion. The issues that arise from big business domination of the food chain and the threat of increased impoverishment of farm-based cultures are presented in global and historical context that promotes understanding and insight. This book is part of "The Global Village" series written to explain how globalization has an effect on world-wide cultural, developmental, and economic issues. It concludes with a list of advantages and disadvantages called "The Great Debate," a list of "Facts and Figures," suggestions for "Further Information" including books, websites and teaching resources, a glossary, and an index. It would be a good addition to classes on social and current events, economics, debate classes and as a resource for AP classes. Reviewer: Hazel Buys

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Black Rabbit Books
Publication date:
The Global Village Series
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7.60(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
10 - 13 Years

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