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Food and Nutrition/Editorial Advisers, Dayle Hayes, Rachel Laudan

Food and Nutrition/Editorial Advisers, Dayle Hayes, Rachel Laudan

by Dayle Hayes, Rachel Laudan

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Children's Literature - Gwynne Spencer
An eight-volume set of handsome books provides a comprehensive reference resource that high school, college, and larger general libraries may find extremely desirable. Each volume has thirty or so chapters, plus a very well-done index, covering almost every imaginable aspect of food, nutrition, cooking, cuisine, cultural and social aspects of food, food safety, the production and business of food, and health choices related to topics like "Cooking and Cuisine," with a smattering of recipes, "Foods and Nutrients," and "Health and Food Safety." Topics like food supplements, vitamins, and organic foods, are handled with equanimity and yet do not drive the reader to boredom. Each page has about 200 words of text, four or five full color photos, graphs, and charts (there are over 850 in the whole series, making it a veritable feast for the eyes), and each page will entice browsing by readers. Every entry concludes with a section of "Further Reading," which includes books and articles, websites, and cross references to entries in the other volumes. There are sidebars galore that are attractive and informative, and a very well-balanced text. When a "hot" topic is addressed, all aspects are examined. For instance, within the entry for "Genetically Modified Food," there is an even-handed discussion of the issues, as well as a sidebar explaining the origin of the term "Frankenfood." The bibliography includes current titles and reputable web portals. The text is easy to read; the headings are helpful in finding your way through the heavy load of information, and the pictures are fabulous. A reader could spend a couple of hours enjoying just the many color photographs and the informative captions.Volume Eight is comprised of indexes: an alphabetical list of articles, weights and measures, nutritional data, statistics galore, a glossary, resources for further research with nicely divided topical headings, thematic indexes, and a comprehensive index that includes just about everything you could ever ask for in one set. The reading level is at least junior high school, with no accommodation for low readers, but the content is absolutely wonderful, with over 230 articles that will help readers make positive food and health decisions with essential information from these volumes and their 1,280 lavish pages of text. I am not sure there is anything quite like this on the market, but it is highly recommended. Reviewer: Gwynne Spencer
School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up—The 225 entries cover cooking and eating, cuisines, and foods and health, and are accompanied by sidebars, recipes, tables, and well-chosen and -captioned photographs. There are also entries on cultural and social aspects such as diet fads, fashion, and religion and food. Many entries relate to the production and business of what we eat and a number of articles discuss weight and weight-loss topics. An introduction provides an overview of each of these general themes, and the last volume closes with a comprehensive index and appendixes that provide nutritional data and both U.S. and international statistics, and an extensive list of print and Web resources for further research. Students who come to the encyclopedia in search of information for assignments will be drawn in by the accessible format and well-written entries. This well-crafted resource is about so much more than its title implies.—Ann Brownson, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

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