Food Safety and Farming

Food Safety and Farming

by Andrea Claire Harte Smith

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Children's Literature
Kids who have been told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away may have second thoughts after reading this book. As family farms give way to global production, is our food safe? That is the question this book poses. Sections on animal production, organic farming, food-borne diseases and the controversy over genetically modified foods are covered from both scientific and social perspectives. The bias leans toward an environmentalist sympathy, rather than a commercial or industrial one, but the issues are fairly presented. It is hard to imagine children showing a spontaneous interest in food safety, but once they pick through this book for facts to complete their school reports, they may end up more informed and interested than they anticipated. This book is one in the "In the News" series, which explores the issues behind current events and trends. As with the other volumes, "What do you think?" boxes of questions encourage children to debate the problems themselves. A splashy, tabloid-style layout uses bold text reminiscent of headlines, "ripped-page" graphics and decidedly unsettling base colors like lime green and bright orange that are attention-grabbing if not altogether pleasing—much like the news itself often is. Each book includes a basic glossary, index and "Further Information" section. Other titles in the series are Globalization, Immigration and Asylum, and Terrorism. 2004 (orig. 2002), Smart Apple Media, Ages 9 to 12.
— Diane Frook

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In the News Series
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