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Footprints of a Dancer

Footprints of a Dancer

3.7 7
by Bob Avey
Most of us come into this world with an inborn need for religion, a higher power to believe in. However, when fear and misunderstanding are the driving forces behind that desire, the result is rarely a good thing.

Eight years ago, Laura Bradford mysteriously disappeared off campus, causing quite a disturbance in the lives of Kenny Elliot and Gerald Reynolds, a


Most of us come into this world with an inborn need for religion, a higher power to believe in. However, when fear and misunderstanding are the driving forces behind that desire, the result is rarely a good thing.

Eight years ago, Laura Bradford mysteriously disappeared off campus, causing quite a disturbance in the lives of Kenny Elliot and Gerald Reynolds, a journalism student with a fascination for Mesoamerican artifacts. When Gerald calls unexpectedly to tell Elliot he's recently seen Laura then sets up a meeting only to be a no-show, Elliot tracks him down to get some answers. Instead he finds his old friend murdered in a ritualistic fashion.

Elliot takes a leave of absence from his job as a Tulsa police detective and launches an unofficial investigation, which leads him into the world of an Aztec deity with an appetite for blood.

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Footprints of a Dancer 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
This story, being the third in a series, jumps right into things. Elliot, a homicide detective, thinks he spots Laura, a woman who went missing quite some time ago. Later he hears from Gerard, Laura's old boyfriend, who has recently seen Laura as well. Elliot and Gerard make plans to meet, but Gerard never shows and the people closest to him don't know where he is. People go missing and some even turn up dead, prompting Elliot to start sticking his nose into all kinds of events going on around town. He meets old friends, and stumbles onto a plot involving an ancient Aztec knife. This is the first book of the series that I've read, so I think it does a fairly good job at fleshing out Elliot. The writing was okay. The dialogue can sound pretty samey (as in, there are not many distinct voices for the characters), but it sounds realistic enough that I don't really mind this. There are a plethora of characters, and it can be hard to keep them straight. Action scenes are a bit more interesting to read, and I wanted to know the conclusion to the various mysteries that cropped up. There is a fair amount of relationship drama, as Elliot wants to stay in the life of his ex and son, but his temperament sometimes complicates that. There is also a touch of the paranormal blended in with the mystery and romance. Editing and formatting was competently done. Footprints of a Dancer is a nice detective novel with enough going on for it to entertain most readers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Keeps you wondering untill the end. Enjoyed it very much
tbower86 More than 1 year ago
Footprints of a Dancer by Bob Avey is actually fourth in a series of Detective Elliot mysteries. Yet, the reader who has not read the first three novels will have no problem comprehending Elliot’s life and actions. Indeed, after reading this installment, the reader will be inclined to acquire the previous ones. Throughout the entire book, Avery spins a mystery so elaborate that it is almost impossible to gauge how the tale will end. The story begins with Elliot taking an evening jog. Thinking he will be alone on the trails, he is surprised to find that a woman is running towards him, even more so because she is an old friend by the name of Laura who went missing years ago. To make matters even more bizarre, another old friend calls to tell Elliot that he has seen Laura as well, directly after she disappears on the trails. Elliot agrees to meet with Gerald, as there is something strange occurring, but when Elliot shows at the meeting place Gerald is gone, and no one knows where he went. Suddenly, Elliot is on the trail of two missing friends that he believes have been murdered. By who, he has no clue. To make matters more complicated, there seems to be a supernatural aspect to the case. Something to do with an obsidian knife of unknown origins. Moreover, Elliot begins having visions, as well as experiencing fluctuations in time. Is Elliot going insane from the stress of being a cop and looking for old friends or is there something sinister at work? The reader must follow Elliot to the very end to find out the answer, along the multiple twists and turns and inexplicable events. Avery spins an intricate mystery that the reader will enjoy, especially one who attempts to crack the case as it is happening. Every step of the way, the evidence is so detailed that it feels as if the reader is standing right beside Elliot. This is not one of those mysteries where the outcome is foreseeable; there are so many suspects along the way that the reader is thrown off the trail up until the very end. There are even times when the reader feels they have escaped the confines of time along with Elliot himself. As a detective novel, Footprints of a Dancer does not disappoint.
sewolf0310 More than 1 year ago
Detective Kenny Elliot got a call from an old friend from an old school that he had not seen in years.  They arranged for a meeting that never took place. Laura Bradford had been someone they knew who disappeared years ago.  Why did Kenny think he saw her?  There more he tried to find his old friend, the more strange things began to happen.  Kenny does find his school friend, unfortunately, dead.  The more he tries to discover what happened, the more unusual things emerge.  The discovery of his body in some sort of ritual, only to disappear moments later.  People from the past who seem to disappear and homeless people with a great fear.  The more Kenny digs, the more he uncovers. Loaded with suspense, a true detective thriller, with a touch of the paranormal and religion and a force from the dark side.  Twists and turns along the way with a bit of romance added in.  Plenty of characters to keep you interested.  A definite page turner to the end.
Seattle-Slew More than 1 year ago
Elliot is a homicide detective for the Tulsa police department. Right after he thinks he sees a girl, Laura, that disappeared 8 years earlier, an old college friend, Gerald, and former boyfriend of Laura, calls him claiming to have seen her as well. They arrange to meet and talk, but Gerald never shows and Elliot gets the feeling that he's in trouble. He starts his own investigation, and when he gets more involved he gets time off of work so he can dedicate himself to finding his missing friend. Everything he finds leads him back to old friends from his college days, places he would never have though of visiting, and mostly a strange Aztec knife. But more and more people keep disappearing and dying. He continues delving further, ignoring the urges and warnings he receives to drop the case trying to piece together the past with the present.  The story is really well written and keeps you reading, wanting to figure out the mystery. It's also nicely paced, so you're not being thrust with tons of information at once. The story also delves into more personal aspects of Elliot's life, like dealing with the 10 yr old son he just found out he has, and helps provide more depth to his character and gives the reader a bit of respite from the investigation/mystery. It's definitely not your normal detective/cop/mystery. I found it much more interesting and liked how it delved into the supernatural. It had a satisfying ending, that also felt like it could lead into another book - which I would definitely be interested in reading. If you like this genre I don't see how you couldn't enjoy this book.
dcl55 More than 1 year ago
Footprints of A Dancer is a blend of mystery, romance, with the twist of paranormal which all mixes together for a wonderful read. Detective Kenny Elliot is a warm and believable character. The mystery is well written and held my interest. I would have liked a little more background on Kenny Elliot’s past if this is a stand alone book. If it is part of a series, then I would suggest reading them in time order. Detective Kenny Elliot sees a missing girl from his past college days while jogging. Within a few minutes he receives a phone call requesting a meeting from another friend from his college days. Detective Elliot feels there is a reason for concern when his friend, Gerald Reynolds, fails to meet him at the restaurant as planned. This is the beginning of the mystery and suspense which connects the events from the past with the current happenings in Elliot’s life. As the story progresses and he delves deeper in the secrets from the past, Elliot experiences the altered states of past memories, false memories, and graphic intuition. The themes of archeology, Native American culture and legends are very interesting! Also the current relationship of Kenny, Carmen, and Wayne brings a very warm storyline. A very good mystery. I enjoyed the story and plan to read the other books by author, Bob Avey. (I read the digital edition)