For All Time

For All Time

by Dave Brubeck

This five-CD box set collects all five of the Dave Brubeck Quartet's Time series recordings: Time Out, Time Further Out, Countdown: Time in Outer Space, Time Changes, and Time In, with bonus material attached to three of the discs. Of this quintet of recordings, the latter three have never been available on CD in the UnitedSee more details below


This five-CD box set collects all five of the Dave Brubeck Quartet's Time series recordings: Time Out, Time Further Out, Countdown: Time in Outer Space, Time Changes, and Time In, with bonus material attached to three of the discs. Of this quintet of recordings, the latter three have never been available on CD in the United States. Recorded between 1959 and 1965, each of these titles has a distinct relationship to "time travel" in the context of jazz. Brubeck, Paul Desmond, and company were consciously trying to extend the time-space continuum in jazz, and erase the boundaries of imposed four/four signatures in the idiom. Time Out was the first jazz album on which every tune was in a different tempo, and it charted all over the world. Time Further Out netted another hit single with "Unsquare Dance" and its B-side, "It's A Raggy Waltz," a live version of which has been added to the original edition of the album. But these sides have been continually available in one form or another since the dawn of LPs, and were among the first to get the grand remastering treatment in Legacy's ambitious program. From the appearance of Countdown: Time in Outer Space, from 1962 (paying tribute to the new exploration of the last frontier by trying to open up jazz from the inside rather than out); it features the amazing "Eleven Four," by Desmond, in which he creates a rhythmic series of groupings around five/three/three and of course, the widely recognized "Why Phyllis," by Rayburn Wright, which is a blues waltz in three-quarter time. Perhaps the most provocative piece on the disc is the reworking of "Someday My Prince Will Come," which could not have been further from Miles Davis' read of it (and predates it). On "Castillean Blues," a standard blues is shaped into five/four and given the Latin percussion treatment. The album also features a bonus cut and new liner notes by Teo Macero. Time Changes, from 1964, features the beautifully wrought 17-minute epic "Elementals," on which the Brubeck Quartet was accompanied by a full-on symphony orchestra. Macero also recorded a single version of the cut, which was never released until now as the bonus cut. Finally, Time In from 1965, the Brubeck Quartet's 15th anniversary album, is also included. Here, in addition to all of the platitudes from jazz writers and musicians -- as well as a breathy essay by Macero -- the new, expanded edition includes three bonus cuts, all of them long jam-session pieces: "Rude Old Man," "Who Said That" and "Watusi Drums." The sound is pristine yet warm, the expanded liner notes make for excellent reading, and most of all, when grouped this way, these five recordings offer a story: a progression and a synthesis of how time and jazz were synonymous to stretch one another to the breaking point and then become something else, apart and together, in the larger context of modern music. Brubeck's studies with Darius Milhaud and Desmond's revisioning of the blues are intertwined on these discs, making for a portrait at once very strange, yet lush and haunting, and almost nostalgic -- like these stretches were meant to be all along. This is easily the high point of the Brubeck reissue series.

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Disc 1

  1. It's a Raggy Waltz  - Dave Brubeck
  2. Bluette  - Dave Brubeck
  3. Charles Matthew Hallelujah  - Dave Brubeck
  4. Far More Blue  - Dave Brubeck
  5. Far More Drums  - Dave Brubeck
  6. Maori Blues  - Dave Brubeck
  7. Unsquare Dance  - Dave Brubeck
  8. Bru's Boogie Woogie  - Dave Brubeck
  9. Blue Shadows in the Street  - Dave Brubeck
  10. Slow and Easy (A.K. A Lawless Mike)  - Dave Brubeck
  11. It's a Raggy Waltz  - Dave Brubeck

Disc 2

  1. Blue Rondo a la Turk  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  2. Strange Meadow Lark  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  3. Take Five  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  4. Three to Get Ready  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  5. Kathy's Waltz  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  6. Everybody's Jumpin'  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  7. Pick Up Sticks  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet

Disc 3

  1. Iberia  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  2. Unisphere  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  3. Shim Wha  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  4. World's Fair  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  5. Cable Car  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  6. Theme from Elementals  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet
  7. Elementals  -  Dave Brubeck Quartet

Disc 4

  1. Lost Waltz  - Dave Brubeck
  2. Softly, William, Softly  - Dave Brubeck
  3. Time in  - Dave Brubeck
  4. Forty Days  - Dave Brubeck
  5. Travellin' Blues  - Dave Brubeck
  6. He Done Her Wrong  - Dave Brubeck
  7. Lonesome  - Dave Brubeck
  8. Cassandra  - Dave Brubeck
  9. Rude Old Man  - Dave Brubeck
  10. Who Said That?  - Dave Brubeck
  11. Watusi Drums  - Dave Brubeck

Disc 5

  1. Countdown  - Dave Brubeck
  2. Eleven Four  - Dave Brubeck
  3. Why Phillis Waltz  - Dave Brubeck
  4. Someday My Prince Will Come  - Dave Brubeck
  5. Castilian Blues  - Dave Brubeck
  6. Castilian Drums  - Dave Brubeck
  7. Fast Life  - Dave Brubeck
  8. Waltz Limp  - Dave Brubeck
  9. Three's a Crowd  - Dave Brubeck
  10. Danse Duet  - Dave Brubeck
  11. Back to Earth  - Dave Brubeck
  12. Fatha  - Dave Brubeck

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dave Brubeck   Primary Artist,Piano
Paul Desmond   Alto Saxophone
Joe Morello   Drums
Eugene Wright   Bass
Ray Wright   Conductor
Rayburn Wright   Conductor

Technical Credits

Dave Brubeck   Composer,Liner Notes
Paul Desmond   Composer
Leonard Feather   Liner Notes
Jimmy Lyons   Liner Notes
George Wein   Liner Notes
Eugene Wright   Composer
Didier C. Deutsch   Reissue Producer
Russell Gloyd   Reissue Producer
Goddard Lieberson   Liner Notes
Teo Macero   Producer,Liner Notes
Cliff Morris   Engineer
Fred Plaut   Engineer
John Wilson   Liner Notes
Barry Ulanov   Liner Notes
Ralph J. Gleason   Liner Notes
George T. Simon   Liner Notes
Robert Waller   Engineer
Tony Sellari   Art Direction
Hope Chasin   Packaging Manager
Randall Martin   Reissue Design
Larry Morey   Composer
Iola Brubeck   Composer
Samuel Trevor Francis   Cover Painting
Stacey Boyle   Tape Research
Mark Unterberger   Packaging Manager
Rayburn Wright   Liner Notes
Steve Race   Liner Notes
Jennifer Ebert   Packaging Manager

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