For New Orleans: Benefit for the Musicians Village New Orleans Habitat

For New Orleans: Benefit for the Musicians Village New Orleans Habitat


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Cc Ent / Copycats


Disc 1

  1. I Love to Wake Up in New Orleans
  2. Gasoline Baby
  3. Drain the Sea  -  Hopefuls
  4. I Can't Hold You  - Dan Wilson
  5. Beautiful City
  6. In Your Sight
  7. Luna
  8. Hold On
  9. The Popeye Hole (1967)
  10. Caught with a Smile on My Face  -  Jayhawks
  11. My Favorite Pain  -  Kevin Bowe & The Okemah Prophets
  12. Old Money  -  Paul Westerberg & The Honky Heartattax
  13. Pink Room
  14. Blind from Birth Girl  -  Neverwas
  15. I Shall Be Released

Disc 2

  1. Istanbul
  2. Summertime
  3. Give Up the Ghost
  4. Wheels of the World
  5. Sacred Ground  - Timothy Hill
  6. Weeping Pilgrim
  7. Twelve Gates to the City  - Brandon Ross
  8. My Lord What a Mornin'  -  Cantus
  9. Bush and the Tree Song, Pt. 1
  10. Nocturne in F Minor
  11. Travel  - Gary Rue
  12. Closer to Fine
  13. Directions
  14. After Dusk  -  Ethel
  15. Riescam
  16. Blue Bayou  -  Sandy Hinding

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alison Brown   Banjo
Prudence Johnson   Vocals
David Sancious   Keyboards
Larry John McNally   Guitar,Vocals
Barry Reynolds   Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Jeff Buckley   Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Marc Anderson   Percussion
Tommy Barbarella   Keyboards
Michael Bland   Drums
Joe Bonadio   Drums
Paul Bryan   Bass
George Cartwright   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Chris Cochrane   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Cunningham   Fiddle
John Ely   Pedal Steel Guitar
Geoffrey Gordon   Percussion,Vocal Harmony
Diana Grasselli   Vocals
Nicholas Hill   Vocal Harmony
Judy Hyman   Fiddle
Gary Louris   Guitar,Vocals
Graham Maby   Bass
Dennis McDermott   Drums
Susan McKeown   Vocals
Natalie Merchant   Vocals
Tim O'Reagan   Drums
Marc Perlman   Bass
Brandon Ross   Guitar,Vocals
Gary Rue   Guitar
Ann Rupel   Bass,Vocals
Lincoln Schleifer   Bass
Jim Spake   Saxophone
Frank Tedesso   Guitar,Vocals
Uptown Horns   Track Performer
Greg Wells   Multi Instruments
Dan Wilson   Piano
Doug Wray   Bass
Michelle Kinney   Accordion,Cello,Vocal Harmony
Dorothy Lawson   Cello
Danny Louis   Hammond Organ,Wurlitzer
Joe Trump   Percussion,Drums
Catherine Bent   Cello
Lindsey Horner   Acoustic Bass
Sloan Wainwright   Vocals
Richie Stearns   Banjo
Kevin Bowe   Vocals,12-string Guitar,Guitar (Baritone)
Erik Della Penna   Guitar,Lap Steel Guitar
Davey Williams   Guitar
Steve Murphy   Guitar
Eric Fawcett   Drums
Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan   Cello
Dirk Freymuth   Guitar
Brian Roessler   Bass
John Hermanson   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Keytar
Timothy Hill   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Sam Bennett   Percussion,Drums
Cornelius Dufallo   Violin
Ralph Farris   Viola
Irene Trudel   Vocal Harmony
Chris Cunningham   Guitar,Vocals
Gabriel Gordon   Guitar
Jason Crigler   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Dan Reiser   Drums
Jeffrey Bailey   Bass
Elizabeth Steen   Organ,Piano,Accordion
Darren Jackson   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Vircks   Saxophone
Brian Arreola   Tenor (Vocal)
Kelvin Chan   Baritone (Vocal)
Michael Hanawalt   Tenor (Vocal)
Lawrence Wiliford   Tenor (Vocal)
Albert Jordan   Tenor (Vocal)
Erick Lichte   Bass (Vocal)
Timothy C. Takach   Bass (Vocal)
Alicia Wiley   Piano,Vocals
Bradley Cramer Erbes   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin C. Washington   Drums
Heath Henjum   Bass
Mary L. Rowell   Violin
Justine Sasanfar   Piano
Sandy Hinding   Vocals
Neverwas "Christopher Cunningham"   Vocals,Multi Instruments,Guitar (Baritone)
Peter Znanovec   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael Roehm   Percussion
Adam Reinwald   Baritone (Vocal)
Greg Schutte   Percussion,Drums
Tom McNichols   Bass (Vocal)
Jeff Allen   Electric Bass

Technical Credits

Prudence Johnson   Author
Marshall Crenshaw   Composer,Engineer,Author
Bob Dylan   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Larry John McNally   Composer,Producer,Author
Ed Ackerson   Engineer
John Atkinson   Engineer,Digital Editing
Tommy Barbarella   Composer
George Cartwright   Author
Mary Ellen Childs   Composer
Frédéric Chopin   Composer
George Cowan   Engineer
Diana Grasselli   Composer,Author
Nicholas Hill   Producer,Author
Gary Louris   Composer,Author
Susan McKeown   Composer,Author
Natalie Merchant   Composer,Producer,Author
Gene Paul   Mastering
Amy Ray   Author
Brandon Ross   Arranger,Author,Adaptation
Gary Rue   Composer,Author
Emily Saliers   Composer,Author
Lincoln Schleifer   Producer,Engineer
Frank Tedesso   Composer,Author
Greg Wells   Engineer
Dan Wilson   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Michelle Kinney   Producer,Executive Producer
Joel Bluestein   Producer
Sloan Wainwright   Composer,Author
Kevin Bowe   Composer,Author
Steve Murphy   Composer
Alex Oana   Producer
Tony Axtell   Remastering
Greg Duffin   Engineer
Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan   Composer
Todd Vos   Engineer
John Hermanson   Composer
Timothy Hill   Composer,Author
Joe Melson   Composer
Joe Johnson   Mastering
Irene Trudel   Engineer
Matt Zimmerman   Engineer
Dave Cook   Engineer
Brad Kern   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
Jason Crigler   Composer,Author
Jeffrey Bailey   Producer
Brian Speiser   Engineer
Darren Jackson   Composer
Tom Hambleton   Engineer,Sound Design
Alicia Wiley   Composer,Author
Hopefuls   Composer
Kevin C. Washington   Author
Desdamona   Composer
Justine Sasanfar   Author
Sandy Hinding   Author
Genhi Givings Bailey   Management
Michael Ferrier   Author,Cover Photo
Chris Hinding   Executive Producer
Neverwas "Christopher Cunningham"   Producer,Author
Sam Keenan   Engineer
Ethel   Author

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