For You: The Decca Years

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
The seven years covered on Bear Family's six-disc box set For You: The Decca Years were a transitional time for Rick Nelson. He started as one of the top pop idols in the country then faded, as all old rock & rollers did, during the British Invasion and during that exile, he turned to country, first cutting commercial country-pop then starting to develop his own brand of country-rock. It was a journey, and it's pretty enthralling as documented on this box set. As Nelson's vaults have been pretty heavily mined already, there is almost nothing in the way of unreleased recordings here (there are rarities, but very little that has been unheard), so the primary ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
The seven years covered on Bear Family's six-disc box set For You: The Decca Years were a transitional time for Rick Nelson. He started as one of the top pop idols in the country then faded, as all old rock & rollers did, during the British Invasion and during that exile, he turned to country, first cutting commercial country-pop then starting to develop his own brand of country-rock. It was a journey, and it's pretty enthralling as documented on this box set. As Nelson's vaults have been pretty heavily mined already, there is almost nothing in the way of unreleased recordings here (there are rarities, but very little that has been unheard), so the primary appeal of this Bear Family box is that it documents that journey so accurately that it feels like a journey as it's playing. Of course, Todd Everett's excellent, well-researched accompanying essay in the hardcover book helps illuminate that journey, but Nelson's evolution is so evident that no notes are needed to appreciate his progression. As the set begins, Nelson still regularly appeared on the top of the Billboard charts: "Fools Rush In" hit 12 in 1963 and "It's Up to You" went to six that same year, the following year "For You" went to six, and there were several other smaller singles during this time. Rick didn't drop off the charts until 1965 when "Mean Old World" barely scraped the Top 100 at 96. His downward turn in fortune reflected the uneven nature of his recordings at the time, as his LPs started to get bogged down with treacly pop that wasn't distinctive, no matter how well he sang it. He was beginning to outgrow the teen-oriented material that still popped up on his LPs until 1965, but those same records showed his growing interest in country music, something that grew into a full-blown obsession just around the time that he slipped off the pop charts. Once he was off the radar he started to deeply dig into country music and this set helps illustrate that this was a deep passion, as the progression seems more natural when presented in session order instead of a set of LPs. Similarly, in this context his embrace of Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, and Randy Newman -- along with Paul Simon and Harry Nilsson -- on Another Side of Rick and Perspective LPs seems as much an outgrowth of Nelson's fascination with songwriters and interpretations as it does an attempt to stay current, and they wind up being the necessary bridge to the full flowering of country-rock heard at the end of this set, both in studio sessions and in the glorious live album Rick Nelson in Concert which concludes this set. The music at the end of For You is so assured and natural that it's evident that all the trial and error of the previous seven years were necessary -- he had to go through it to get to it, and by listening to these Decca years in bulk, it's easier to appreciate the hard work and exploration of this continually undervalued rock & roller.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 4/1/2008
  • Label: Bear Family
  • UPC: 790051651220
  • Catalog Number: 16512


Disc 1
  1. 1 You Don't Love Me Anymore (2:01)
  2. 2 I Got a Woman (2:23)
  3. 3 What Comes Next? (2:05)
  4. 4 Everytime I See You Smiling (1:56)
  5. 5 Everytime I Think About You (2:41)
  6. 6 For Your Sweet Love (2:13)
  7. 7 Gypsy Woman (2:31)
  8. 8 I Will Follow You (2:24)
  9. 9 Let's Talk the Whole Thing Over (1:59)
  10. 10 One Boy Too Late (2:05)
  11. 11 Pick Up the Pieces (2:08)
  12. 12 String Along (2:21)
  13. 13 You're Free to Go (1:59)
  14. 14 Hello Mister Happiness (2:09)
  15. 15 That Same Old Feeling (2:07)
  16. 16 Down Home (2:42)
  17. 17 I Rise, I Fall (2:16)
  18. 18 (I'd Be) A Legend in My Time (2:33)
  19. 19 Fools Rush In (2:33)
  20. 20 Just Take a Moment (2:08)
  21. 21 That's All She Wrote (2:11)
  22. 22 For You (2:16)
  23. 23 Hey There, Little Miss Tease (2:16)
  24. 24 The Nearness of You (2:07)
  25. 25 My Old Flame (2:08)
  26. 26 Love Is the Swetest Thing (2:13)
  27. 27 I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong to Me) (2:27)
  28. 28 Be My Love (2:17)
  29. 29 The Very Thought of You (1:56)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Dinah (3:54)
  2. 2 I'll Get You Yet (2:57)
  3. 3 I Don't Wanna Love You (2:07)
  4. 4 Just a Little Bit Sweet (2:11)
  5. 5 I Love You More Than You Know (2:47)
  6. 6 The Loneliest Sound (2:37)
  7. 7 You'll Never Fall in Love Again (3:02)
  8. 8 Lonely Corner (2:03)
  9. 9 Just Relax (2:01)
  10. 10 There's Nothing I Can Say (2:03)
  11. 11 I've Been Lookin' (2:04)
  12. 12 That's Why I Love You Like I Do (2:36)
  13. 13 A Happy Guy (2:14)
  14. 14 In My Dreams (2:24)
  15. 15 Don't Breathe a Word (2:05)
  16. 16 I'm Talking About You (2:03)
  17. 17 Yesterday's Love (2:09)
  18. 18 Live and Learn (2:19)
  19. 19 Liz (2:26)
  20. 20 I Tried (2:41)
  21. 21 I'm a Fool (1:56)
  22. 22 Stop, Look, And Listen (2:09)
  23. 23 From a Distance (2:59)
  24. 24 When the Chips Are Down (2:01)
  25. 25 Ladies Choice (2:18)
  26. 26 Only the Young (2:23)
  27. 27 Mean Old World (2:19)
  28. 28 Since I Don't Have You (2:34)
  29. 29 Say You Love Me (2:24)
  30. 30 Love and Kisses (1:48)
  31. 31 Love and Kisses (0:56)
  32. 32 Love and Kisses (0:58)
  33. 33 Love and Kisses (0:30)
  34. 34 Love and Kisses (0:33)
  35. 35 Love and Kisses (0:20)
  36. 36 Love and Kisses (0:19)
Disc 3
  1. 1 I'm Not Ready for You Yet (2:04)
  2. 2 It's Beginning to Hurt (1:59)
  3. 3 My Blue Heaven (2:18)
  4. 4 How Does It Go? (3:02)
  5. 5 You Don't Know Me (2:23)
  6. 6 Come out Dancin' (2:05)
  7. 7 I Know a Place (2:48)
  8. 8 Love Is Where You Find It (2:18)
  9. 9 I Should Have Loved You More (2:41)
  10. 10 I Paid for Loving You (2:07)
  11. 11 Raincoat in the River (2:22)
  12. 12 I Catch Myself Crying (1:59)
  13. 13 Our Own Funny Way (2:02)
  14. 14 I Need You (2:45)
  15. 15 Try to Remember (2:20)
  16. 16 More (1:58)
  17. 17 Stop the World (And Let Me Off) (1:54)
  18. 18 Your Kind of Lovin' (2:41)
  19. 19 Freedom and Liberty (2:18)
  20. 20 Fire Breathin' Dragon (2:33)
  21. 21 Louisiana Man (3:06)
  22. 22 Congratulations (3:00)
  23. 23 Truck Drivin' Man (2:04)
  24. 24 No Vacancy (2:20)
  25. 25 Hello Walls (2:21)
  26. 26 Night Train to Memphis (2:15)
  27. 27 I'm a Fool to Care (2:28)
  28. 28 You Just Can't Quit (2:20)
  29. 29 Here I Am (2:24)
  30. 30 Bright Lights and Country Music (2:27)
  31. 31 Kentucky Means Paradise (2:11)
  32. 32 Welcome to My World (2:11)
Disc 4
  1. 1 Alone (2:35)
  2. 2 Big Chief Buffalo Nickel (The Desert Blues) (2:11)
  3. 3 Peddler Man (3:26)
  4. 4 Blue Moon of Kentucky (2:01)
  5. 5 Mystery Train (2:24)
  6. 6 You Win Again (2:46)
  7. 7 (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle Blow (2:36)
  8. 8 The Bridge Washed Out (1:44)
  9. 9 Take These Chains from My Heart (2:33)
  10. 10 Things You Gave Me (1:50)
  11. 11 (Standing) On the Outside Lookin' In (2:26)
  12. 12 Helpless (1:52)
  13. 13 Funny How Time Slips Away (2:52)
  14. 14 Take a City Bride (1:55)
  15. 15 Salty Dog (2:34)
  16. 16 Walkin' Down the Line (2:20)
  17. 17 It Doesn't Matter Anymore (2:16)
  18. 18 They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday's Heroes) (2:03)
  19. 19 Take a Broken Heart (2:39)
  20. 20 Try to See It My Way (2:27)
  21. 21 Freedom and Liberty (2:21)
  22. 22 I'm Called Lonely (2:17)
  23. 23 Suzanne on a Sunday Morning (1:55)
  24. 24 Moonshine (2:12)
  25. 25 Helpless (1:58)
Disc 5
  1. 1 Reason to Believe (3:43)
  2. 2 Marshmallow Skies (2:15)
  3. 3 I Wonder If Louise Is Home (2:17)
  4. 4 Georgia on My Mind (2:39)
  5. 5 Barefoot Boy (2:33)
  6. 6 Dream Weaver (2:49)
  7. 7 Baby Close Its Eyes (1:38)
  8. 8 Don't Make Promises (2:48)
  9. 9 Daydream (2:38)
  10. 10 Don't Blame It on Your Wife (2:35)
  11. 11 Promenade in Green (2:05)
  12. 12 Three Day Eternity (2:19)
  13. 13 The Lady Stayed with Me (2:12)
  14. 14 I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (3:19)
  15. 15 When the Sun Shined Its Face on Me (2:19)
  16. 16 So Long Dad/Love Story (Reprise) (3:59)
  17. 17 Wait Till Next Year (2:16)
  18. 18 For Emily Wherever I Find Her (2:44)
  19. 19 Without Her (2:31)
  20. 20 Stop by My Window (2:50)
  21. 21 Hello to the Wind - Kris Nelson (3:03)
  22. 22 Love Story (3:00)
  23. 23 Lady Came from Baltimore (2:14)
  24. 24 I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (3:04)
  25. 25 She Belongs to Me (3:02)
  26. 26 Promises (2:35)
  27. 27 Easy to Be Free (3:12)
  28. 28 If You Gotta Go, Go Now (2:29)
  29. 29 Promises (2:38)
Disc 6
  1. 1 Believe What You Say (3:04)
  2. 2 Bye-Bye Love (2:09)
  3. 3 Come on In (2:47)
  4. 4 Easty to Be Free (3:17)
  5. 5 Hello Mary Lou (2:35)
  6. 6 If You Gotta Go, Go Now (2:48)
  7. 7 I'm Walkin' (2:01)
  8. 8 I Shall Be Released (3:35)
  9. 9 It's Late (2:14)
  10. 10 I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (3:16)
  11. 11 Lady Came from Baltimore (2:24)
  12. 12 Louisiana Man (3:00)
  13. 13 Bucket's Got a Hole in It (1:52)
  14. 14 Poor Little Fool (2:17)
  15. 15 Red Balloon (3:17)
  16. 16 She Belongs to Me (2:57)
  17. 17 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You (2:46)
  18. 18 Travelin' Man (2:30)
  19. 19 Violets of Dawn (4:19)
  20. 20 Who Cares About Tomorrow/Promises (6:11)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Rick Nelson Primary Artist, Guitar, Leader, Vocals
Buddy Emmons Steel Guitar
Clarence White Guitar, Mandolin
Ray Kelley Cello
The Jordanaires Choir, Chorus
Randy Meisner Electric Bass
Leon Russell Organ, Piano
Conte Candoli Trumpet
Larry Coryell Guitar
Victor Feldman Percussion
Plas Johnson Flute
Bill Perkins Reeds
Don Randi Piano, Leader
Don Bagley Bass
Pete Jolly Piano
Jerry Cole Guitar, Electric Bass
Lyle Ritz Bass, Electric Bass
Skip Battin Electric Bass
Terence Boylan Guitar
James Burton Dobro, Guitar
Jeffrey Comanor Guitar
Sonny Curtis Guitar
Mike Deasy Sr. Guitar
Don Everly Vocals, Guest Appearance
Peter Matz Conductor
Jack Nitzsche Conductor
Red Rhodes Steel Guitar
Joanie Sommers Vocals
Billy Strange Guitar
Jim Gordon Drums
Fred Miller Trumpet
Sneaky Pete Kleinow Steel Guitar, Leader
Dale Anderson Percussion
John Audino Trumpet
Israel Baker Violin
Earl Poole Ball Piano
Don Beck Dobro
Louise Blackburn Trombone
Harry Bluestone Violin
Samuel Boghossian Viola
Norman Botnick Viola
John Boylan Guitar, Conductor, Leader, Ukulele
Tom Brumley Steel Guitar
Dennis Budimir Guitar
Roger Bush Bass
Roy Caton Trumpet
John Clauder Percussion
David Cohen Guitar
Gary Coleman Percussion
Morty Corb Bass
Glen D. Hardin Piano
Frank DeVito Drums
Harold Dicterow Violin
Harold Diner Trombone
Bonnie Douglas Violin
Jesse Ehrlich Cello
Henry Ferber Violin
Irving Goodman Trumpet
Bill Green Flute, Reeds
Jimmie Haskell Accordion, Conductor, Leader, cowbell
Freddie Hill Trumpet
Milt Holland Percussion
Harry Hyams Viola
Jules Jacob Flute, Reeds, Oboe
Allen Kemp Guitar
Lou Klass Violin
Larry Knechtel Piano
Billy Ray Latham Banjo
Charles Loper Trombone
Jacqueline Lustgarten Cello
Leonard Malarsky Violin
Lew McCreary Trombone
Mike Melvoin Piano
Harvey Newmark Bass
Earl Palmer Drums
Donald Peake Leader
Ray Pohlman Electric Bass
Morris Repass Trombone
Billy Lee Riley Harmonica
John Rotella Reeds
Michel Rubini Harpsichord
Myron Sandler Violin
Leonard Selic Viola
Kenny Shroyer Trombone
Jack Shulman Violin
Paul Shure Violin
Ray Siegel Bass
Marshall Sosson Violin
Darrel Terwilliger Viola
Dave Wells Trombone
Tibor Zelig Violin
Jimmy Bond Bass
Joseph DiFiore Viola
Dick Hyde Trombone
Joseph Saxon Cello
Charles Berghoffer Bass
Joseph Ditullio Cello
Jim Foley Organ
Dick Leith Trombone
Gerry McGee Guitar
William Weiss Violin
Thomas J. Tedesco Guitar
Joe Quadri Violin
Joe Stepansky Violin
Red Wootten Bass
Pat Shannahan Drums
Sidney Sharp Violin
Jules Chaikin Flugelhorn
Glenn Ross Campbell Guitar, Leader
Joe Osborn Electric Bass
David Burke Violin
Jim Helms Guitar
Jerome A. Kasper Flute, Reeds
Norman L. Benno Reeds
Harold Ayres Violin
Hersh Hamel Sitar
Ronald James "Jim" Horn Reeds
Oliver E. "Ollie" Mitchell Trumpet
Bob West Electric Bass
Albert "Al Bruno" Bruneau Guitar
John Bert Dodson Bass
Carroll "Cappy" Lewis Trumpet
Kris Nelson Recitation, Guest Appearance
William Kurasch Violin
Glen D. Hutch Piano
Richard Rosmini Guitar
Ralph Schaefer Violin
Technical Credits
Doug Kershaw Composer
Eddy Arnold Composer
Jimmie Davis Composer
Don Gibson Composer
Willie Nelson Composer
Charlie Rich Composer
Merle Travis Composer
Tim Hardin Composer
Richie Havens Composer
Chuck Berry Composer
Hoagy Carmichael Composer
Bob Dylan Composer
Randy Newman Composer
Harry Nilsson Composer
Gene Pitney Composer
Paul Simon Composer
Kenny Rankin Composer
Ray Noble Composer
Ellie Greenwich Composer
Burt Bacharach Composer
Dave Bartholomew Composer
Terence Boylan Composer
James Burton Composer
Sonny Curtis Composer
Gerry Goffin Composer
Barry Mann Composer
Trade Martin Arranger
Jill Jones Composer
Cliffie Stone Composer
Cindy Walker Composer
Dorsey Burnette Composer
Carl Belew Composer
Buzz Cason Composer
Bobby Doyle Composer
Sandra Smith Composer
Eric Anderson Composer
Rube Bloom Composer
Garry Bonner Composer
John Boylan Composer, Producer
Owen Bradley Composer
Tom Brumley Illustrations
Felice Bryant Composer
Boudleaux Bryant Composer
Dave Burgess Composer
Johnny Burnette Composer
Sammy Cahn Composer
Billy Carl Composer
Joey Cooper Composer
Ritchie Cordell Composer
Dash Crofts Composer
Jerry Crutchfield Composer
Glen D. Hardin Composer
Charles Bud Dant Producer
Hal David Composer
Fats Domino Composer
Walter Donaldson Composer
Sherman Edwards & Donald Meyer Composer
Todd Everett Liner Notes, Biographical Information
Terry Fell Composer
Norman Gimbel Composer
Alan Gordon Composer
Jimmie Haskell Producer
Tony Hatch Composer
Hy Heath Composer
Charles Koppelman Producer
Larry Kusic Composer
Johnny Mercer Composer
Bob Morris Composer
Don Nelson Illustrations
Rick Nelson Composer, Producer
Norman Newell Composer
Riz Ortolani Composer
Junior Parker Composer
Fred Rose Composer
Don Rubin Producer
Sharon Sheeley Composer
Billy Vera Composer
Ned Washington Composer
Cynthia Weil Composer
George Whiting Composer
Clarence Williams Composer
Joel Selvin Illustrations
Ted Daffan Composer
Stuart Gorrell Composer
Marvin Hughes Composer
Jerry Keller Composer
Gerry Robinson Composer
Re Winkler Composer
Nino Oliviero Composer
Harvey Schmidt Composer
Keith Colley Composer
Wally Lester Composer
Carl McGinnis Composer
Jim Seals Composer
Joe VerScharen Composer
Janet Vogel Composer
Trevor Churchill Tape Research
R.A. Andreas Illustrations
Richard Weize Reissue Producer, Tape Research
Arthur Johnston Composer
Jurgen Crasser Mastering, Biographical Editor
Holger Von Bargen Art Direction
Hans Peter Zdrenka Illustrations
W.S. Stevenson Composer
Joe Sutton Producer
Lenny Martin Composer
Sam Coslow Composer
Harry Akst Composer
Arthur Altman Composer
Clint Ballard Jr. Composer
Claude Demetrius Composer
Jimmy Louis Composer
James Best Composer
Nancie Mantz Composer
Angela Riela Composer
Joe Rock Composer
Del Roma Composer
Christian Sorrel Composer
Cissi Wilson Composer
Johnny Bachelor Composer
James Beaumont Composer
Joy Byers Composer
Marcello Ciorciolini Composer
Jimmy Duncan Composer
Annette Tucker Composer
Mark Vicha Reissue Producer, Tape Comparison
Tony Powers Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer Artwork
Packy Smith Illustrations
Jerry Fuller Composer
Joe Osborn Composer
Traditional Composer
Jackie Taylor Composer
Jacques Plante Composer
J.W. Stole Composer
Johnny Hathcock Composer
Baker Knight Composer
Tom Jones Composer
Chuck Kaye Composer
Iain Young Illustrations
Gerald Nelson Composer
Erich H├╝lsenbeck Photo Scanning
James Metropole Illustrations
Andreas Merck Photo Scanning
Sal Trimachi Composer
Beasley Smith Composer
Clyde Pitts Composer
Marc Douglas Composer
Jay Goodis Composer
Willie Munson Composer
Mike McCaffrey Composer
Betty Murdoch Composer
Charles Eugene Composer
Wayne Kent Composer
Keith MacKendrick Composer
Lou Herscher Composer
Harald Hertlein Illustrations
Kent McCombs Memorabilia
Red West Composer
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