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The Forbidden Game: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill

The Forbidden Game: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill

4.4 366
by L. J. Smith

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It began with a board game. What was supposed to be an evening of celebration with friends, fun, and games becomes a night of danger, drama, and obsessive love. Because when Jenny, her boyfriend, Tom, and their friends begin to play the Game, it comes to life. Suddenly they are in a dark world where Julian, the gorgeous guy who sold Jenny the Game, rules as Prince of


It began with a board game. What was supposed to be an evening of celebration with friends, fun, and games becomes a night of danger, drama, and obsessive love. Because when Jenny, her boyfriend, Tom, and their friends begin to play the Game, it comes to life. Suddenly they are in a dark world where Julian, the gorgeous guy who sold Jenny the Game, rules as Prince of the Shadows. Julian makes their darkest nightmares realities—and he will do anything to claim the beautiful Jenny as his prize. The Game is real, and the only way to win is to face your most secret fears. You cannot quit—to lose the Game is to lose your life. And that is just the beginning….

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Simon Pulse
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Forbidden Game Series
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12 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

L.J. Smith is the New York Times bestselling author of the Night World and Vampire Diaries series. She has written over twenty-five books and lives in California.

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Forbidden Game 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 360 reviews.
Smiley_me More than 1 year ago
Ok, well, this is my first review, so be easy on me. I haven't read any of L.J. Smith's earlier novels. Not interested in vampires much anymore, so, yeah. But anyways, back to the review. I never expected so much about a game that is forbidden and takes you into the game, but in this trilogy, you not only are in the game, but in a whole other dimension, world. I read all three books in about, maybe, two days and a half. It was so fascinating, alluring, couldn't keep me to stay still. I loved all the characters (except I just couldn't get myself to like Tom), and of course I just loved Julian, the Shadow Man. I am 13, and couldn't go to sleep until 4am when the sun was peeking into my window, because I was scared of the dark. Of darkness. I hysterically laughed at myself, by the way. So, I just want to say that this book was, haunting, creative, and amazing. Ok, well, thanks for reading my first review... have a nice day(:
Janae More than 1 year ago
This was the first time I have read an L.J. Smith novel. I loved it! Full of suspense and romance. The characters felt real and I just loved Julian--he made a wonderful teen bad boy. The story was fast paced and hard to put down. I read it in about a day. I hope to find more books like it. Now I will have to pick up her other books!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this series when it was first published in the 90s and I am glad they decided to reprint it since it never gained much recognition. I think it is superior to vampire diaries and the secret circle. Julian is the best and most complex character LJ Smith has ever written and you can't help wishing Jenny would just choose him over Tom even though he is suppose to be the villain. Its such a different concept than most other fantasy/paranormal series yet reminds me of the 80s movie Labyrinth with David Bowie.
Intrigued_by_Romance More than 1 year ago
I have read the series by L.J. Smith and I must say she is an awesome writer. This book kept me on my seat....it was full of adventure, thrilling. It is scary and tantilizing. I was hooked on this book from the beginning to the end. I devoured the book in two days. I could not put the book down. Jenny and her friends are on quite an adventure, but for some reason I really liked Julian. Even though he was a bad guy, and he put everyone through so much, you could tell that he truely loves Jenny. Jenny loves Tom, and Julian loves Jenny. Which guy is right for her? Who will she finally be with? I definately wasn't expecting the ending to end the way it did. The charcters are well written, and definately are relatable. If you want to curl up with a book that is full of romance, mystery and just thrilling things with unpredictable twists, read this book! You won't be sorry!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i must admit, the title didn'd really get me, i had it on my shelf for a year, until oneday i was so bored and decided to read it. and BANG!! i couldnt put it down. Its the best trilogy i've ever read. i would get told off by my parents because i was always reading it. The way L. J smith writes is amazing..i totally fell in love with julian, the way L. J Smith would describe him. Once i had finish reading the first book, i went straight to the library and borrowed the next two. i was hooked! My favorite one was the last series..it was sad but a really good ending. I was sad when i realised i've finished all three already..but it didnt stop me from reading it again. You just cant get sick of it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Julian is what makes this a really good book. He loves Jenny so much. She kind of gets on my nerves how she doesnt want to give into Julian, and I hate how shes so stuck on Tom. I like the other characters except Dee, her character is a bit exaggerated. I really like all the stuff about the shadowmen and the other worlds and the runes. The most exciting parts were whenever Julian and Jenny were together. The ending is not one that I would have chosen!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! I accidently bought this on my mom's nook, and now i dont regret it. Detail after detail, my imganition shows me what it looks like!!! One more chapter (i tell my self) mabey another. I cant close this book! * book ends* WOW! What a great book! * i lay in bed looking at the celling. Then i close my eyes and let my imganition take over. Now im 'watching' the book all over again.......
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is for mystery lovers. Jenny, Tom, and the rest of their friends go on an epic journey... in another dimension! No one knows how to escape or what to do... except Jenny. She has the only thing the Prince of Shadows wants... her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay, so this book put me through an emotional rollercoater and right now I'm just sitting here wondering what to do with my life. This book is so so sooooo good, words cant describe it. I love Julians character and its so obvious how much he loves Ginny. THE SEQUEL NEEDS TO COME OUT SOON!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Will there be another?
TheInfernalDevices More than 1 year ago
I love this story , but the reason why i'm mad is that Julian died. Yes, i know he was supposed to be the bad guy, i just can't help but like him and his passion for Jenny is just amazing. i was hoping Jenny would pick him and that he wouldn't have to die. also cuz l.j.smith said she was gonna write a squel i hope Julian comes back and Jenny goes with HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book... I can't even tell you hownin love i am with all of i. JULIAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was truely amazing! I defintely recommend it to anyone. It's a highley addictive read to keep you on the edge of your seat. It's packed with suspense and has a very creepy twist. The characters are fantastic and the love story is incredible! There's nothing bad to say about this book :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cant beleve some ppl dont like it just becouse thay hvint made a moovie out of it yet. I thought it was very creative and mind bogeling. I cant stand it that ppl wont even give it a chance just becouse thay think the idea is stoopid. Naw i understand if you dont like that type of fantasticl books or if you thuoght the book to be boring but all i ask is that you give it a chance and dont dis the GAME.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Omgi love this book is so addictve!
92410 More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was a little dry at times, but over all, I thought it was a very exciting story(: Sometimes I thought it wouldn't be possible for them to carry on the story, but I found it interesting how they kept adding new ideas. The twists and turns they put on reality from fantasy was incredible! This book brought so many new ideas to my head and made it so I had to think outside the box in order to understand what they were talking about. The authors language was unique... I couldn't see a teenage girl in this setting talking the way she did. It wasn't crude or offending, just a little old for her age. It made her sound intelligent, but it seemed a little odd to me so I got a little sick of the book. Most of the things in the book aren't really life changing skills, like how to capture spirits in a closet, but there were a few here and there that made me wonder.... Like when Julian says that the only real difference between fantasy and reality is the way that you look at them. That was a brain teaser for a minute, but when I actually sat down and thought about it, it made sense and actually kinda freaked me out for a little bit. I would recommend this book to anyone. It's got a lot of love scenes in it, but that's the whole reason for this book. A forbidden love that is just barely out of reach... By only a couple realms:P A lot of this book is about using your head and finding loop holes out of difficult situations even when you think there are none. And knowing the difference between reality and fantasy. This book gave me a totally new outlook on life!
marigold_tangleblossom More than 1 year ago
This book was pretty good. i enjoyed it mostly up until the end. it was a little scary, not like saw 23 er anything but creepy. thats because it was a game that plays on your worst nightmares. i guess there is a lesson there somewhere like u can conquer anything with teamwork which is incredibly cheesy but still good. i thot l.j. smith did a good job. the only thing i wish i could change is the love triangle. Jenny is obviously meant for Julian but isists on being with tom. the part that really aggrivated me was when tom went all "im gonna lose her anyway so ill just ignore jenny and try to protect her" i wanted to slap him. if i were the writer i would have flpped the storyline and had tom go crazy and like try to attack jenny then have julian save her but like he dies or so she thinks but then one day she looks up and he's there with the new ring that says "i am my own master" like in the book. i hate that Julian dies but overall im glad i read that book it was a good read.
bookfreak16 More than 1 year ago
This book was written by a true author. L.J. Smith's books are so good down to the last page! This book kept me going, i really felt like i was in the book! It also kept me on edge with all the action from Julian. This book was real to me, because it was sort of like my own nightmare coming to life. I recomend this book to everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best books I've read in a while, it was suspenseful, dramatic, and just plain different. I LOVED this book, I definatly recommend it. :)
sweetbabyA More than 1 year ago
Though I have not read this series in years, it still remains one of my favorites. I read all of her books when I was younger and could not wait for the next one to come out. I have not read any of her recents books because I am a bit too old now but her eary books are worth picking up. I still will not give up my copies from way back when.
Caradulce More than 1 year ago
These books and many of L. J. Smith's other works were written when I was yonger and I am glad that they are re-printing them. This story is creepy, well written (most of L.J. Smith's are) and very hard to put down. If you are in the mood for romance, mystery and unpredictable twists I highly recomend reading this and other books writen by L.J. Smith. The best of her seires are: Night World, Secret Circle, Dark Visions, and Forbidden Game.
PunkyBookWorm More than 1 year ago
I cannot wait for these books to come out. i have only read the first book and i loved it. it was so different than the other books i have recently read and i am so glad that is not about vampires,(don't get me wrong i love vampire books but its good to read other stuff too). i was annoyed that i could only find the first book but now that all three are coming out together i am so excited. i love L.J Smith's books :)
silvermeg More than 1 year ago
i'm happy to see that the forbidden game trilogy is being reprinted. i read this book when it was first published and i loved it! i own the collector's edition that came out in 1997 with amazing cover art. this story will draw you in and become apart of the story. with a very clever and appealing villain that you have torn feelings whether they win or lose. this is my favorite series that l.j.smith has written followed by the nightworld series. i really hope that people will check this book out. i would love to see a movie done of the series to see the characters come to life on screen.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read these books when I was a kid in the 90's, but I still enjoy them today. Mystery, fantasy, dark romance....what is not to like? Julian is smokin' hot, and I wish there was an ..ahem...ADULT version. It is not going to satisfy anyone's desire for high literature--although I would venture to say Julian and Wuthering Height's Heathcliff have more than a few similarities. It is a perfect guilty, albeit PG13, pleasure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book since I first read it 10 years ago!!