Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

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by Karen Robards

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A headstrong young beauty and her aristocratic guardian are torn between passion and propriety in this beloved romance from bestselling author Karen Robards.

With one sweet, seductive kiss, Megan Kinkead is no longer the impudent child Justin Brant remembers. She was a girl when she left Maam’s Cross Court for school, but she has returned a woman, body…  See more details below


A headstrong young beauty and her aristocratic guardian are torn between passion and propriety in this beloved romance from bestselling author Karen Robards.

With one sweet, seductive kiss, Megan Kinkead is no longer the impudent child Justin Brant remembers. She was a girl when she left Maam’s Cross Court for school, but she has returned a woman, body and soul. Once Megan’s guardian, Justin, the sixth Earl of Weston, is soon her heart’s obsession. Desire smolders between them, and then he tells her he is married...

Set against the lush green hills of Ireland, Karen Robards’s classic tale will captivate your imagination and set your soul ablaze as a stubborn young beauty and her aristocratic paramour are caught between loyalty and Forbidden Love.

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"I've decided not to send you back to school, so you see, you really have no reason to get rid of me."  

Justin grinned broadly as he watched her eyes widen with incredulous delight.

"Oh, Justin!"  she cried.  Before Justin could ponder the wisdom of permitting this familiar form of address, she effectively distracted his attention by flinging herself at him in an excess of joy.  Her skirts brushed the splinted leg, which was thrust out stiffly before him, and then her arms closed about his neck in an impassioned embrace.

"Careful," he warned, still laughing as his hands came up to her waist.  And the laughter died in his throat and he felt her soft lips brush his cheek.  With a stunning rush of desire, he realized that he would only have to move his head a fraction to touch her lips with his.

Justin's jaw felt bristly against her lips; although he had shaved that morning, his beard grew fast, and it was now late afternoon.  Megan tasted the rough saltiness of his skin with lips that were slightly parted.  The now familiar smell of him--a combination of good cigars, soap, and sweat--enveloped her as she kissed his cheek with impulsive fervor.  Her arms were wrapped around the strong column of his throat, squeezing tightly in an effort to communicate her joy; her fingers touched the thick hair at the nape of his neck, vaguely registering the alien texture.  Her kiss was as innocent as a young child's, and when her lips brushed his, she did not even consider drawing away.

Megan felt his hands go hard on her waist, digging into her flesh with a force that should have hurt but didn't.  Then he kissed her mouth, very gently; a soft, butterfly kiss.  At first Megan was a little surprised at his action; she was not used to being touched, much less kissed, having never been around anyone who cared enough about her to physically demonstrate their affection.  Her eyes opened instinctively, and she found him looking at her with a strange hot gleam in his golden eyes that she had never seen there before.  Hesitantly, she smiled at him, deciding that she liked his kiss very much.  The gleam intensified so that it seemed as if it would burn her, and he made a sound that was midway between a laugh and a groan.  Then he was pulling her down so that she was sitting on his good leg, nestled against his shoulder; his arms slid all the way around her waist.  Her head was tilted back across the hard muscles of his upper arm; against her ear she could hear the heavy thud of his heart.  Her smile quivered and died as she stared up at him, mesmerized by that unreadable something in his dark face.

"Am I frightening you?"  he asked with a husky note in his voice that made it sound as if he was having trouble speaking at all.  Megan's eyes widened as she looked at him, then she slowly shook her head.  Whatever this feeling that he was arousing in her was, it certainly wasn't fear.

"I won't hurt you," he promised as he bent over her.  Megan believed him.  Her fingers curled trustingly against the soft brocade covering his chest as he kissed her lightly.  He dropped soft little kisses on her cheeks, temples, forehead, nose, and chin.  She lay quietly in his arms, perfectly still except for her hands, which curled and uncurled against his chest, feeling a delicate warm glow start in the pit of her stomach and then pulse outward along her veins.  His hands moved to stroke the loosened tendrils of her hair.  She looked at him gravely, her eyes deep purple pools in the pale oval of her face.  Justin smiled the ghost of a smile as he looked down at her; his golden eyes still held that hot, excited glow, but the curve of his long mouth was tender.

"Close your eyes, darling," he instructed softly, touching her eyelids with a gentle forefinger.  Megan obeyed without question, feeling a tremulous excitement begin to spiral inside her as he laid his mouth against hers again.

His mouth was hard and warm as he brushed it back and forth across hers; he stroked her lips with his in a whisper-like caress, careful not to hurt or alarm her.  When he felt her mouth quiver beneath his, he touched her lower lip with the tip of his tongue, tracing the outline of her lips before sliding between them to probe the smooth surface of her teeth.  At the intimate touch, Megan felt an odd melting sensation.

"Justin," she whispered shakily, her hands moving with blind sureness to clutch the back of his neck.  As she murmured his name, Justin took advantage of her parted lips to slide his tongue between her teeth.  The bold invasion made Megan gasp, and she stiffened instinctively as his tongue began to explore the hot, sweet recesses of her mouth.  Justin felt her uncertainty and slowly withdrew his tongue.  He kissed her lips again, briefly, gently.  With a sense of wonderment, Megan felt the tremors that racked the long muscles of his arms as they enclosed her.  His body heat seemed to be drugging her; she could feel it wrapping about her like a warm, protective cocoon.

She was very conscious of the hardness of his chest against her breasts.  Beneath her she could feel the steely muscles of his thigh as she half-lay across it.

For the first time in her life, Megan was made intensely aware of the differences between a man and a woman.  He was so hard, she so soft; he was strong, she was weak; he needed, and it was her lot to give. His kisses intoxicated her, enchanted her, made her quake with delight.  From the answering shudders that rippled his arms as he held her, from the dark rush of blood to his high cheekbones, from the piercing heat of his eyes as they moved over her, she knew that he was as enthralled by the touch of her mouth as she was by his.  All question of right and wrong fled from her consciousness as she looked dazedly into his lean, handsome face.  Her body had come awake at last, and it yearned for him fiercely, with an instinctive knowledge that transcended the innocence of her mind.  He was as entrapped by passion as she was herself, and yet she knew that she had only to utter the slightest sound of protest to secure her instant release.  The knowledge only increased her longing to be sheltered in his arms forever.

"Justin," she said.  He gave a long, moaning sigh, and then his mouth was on hers, hot and shaking, kissing her with a hard passion that would have terrified her had anyone else been doing it; but from him, it excited her almost past bearing.


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Karen Robards is the author of more than forty novels and one novella. A regular on the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, among others. She is the mother of three boys and lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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