Forced Journey - The Saga of Werner Berlinger

Forced Journey - The Saga of Werner Berlinger

by Rosemary Zibart, George Lawrence

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Children's Literature - Jill Walton
War makes orphans. Sometimes when war is coming, parents send their children away to other countries to save them. Werner Berlinger is one of those children. He is a young boy in Nazi-controlled Germany and comes to America in 1939, before the United States has declared war on Germany. Werner’s father makes him leave his home, walking by himself for three days to reach a seaport where he boards a ship to New York City. This book, the second in the “Far and Away” series about displaced young people, is fiction based on fact. The author uses Werner’s words to describe how he copes in a country where he does not speak the language, faces prejudice, and still deals with injustice. He is cared for by a saint of a woman who has polio and he cares for her. Werner writes steadily to his little sister his father, who had promised that they would join him, and hopes for their reunion. When Werner is a soldier at the end of World War II, he helps the hungry people of a war-torn Europe. Middle readers are sure to absorb the history and the story about hard work and the importance of people caring for people. Reviewer: Jill Walton; Ages 8 to 14.

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