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Forever and Almost Always

Forever and Almost Always

4.2 5
by Amanda Bennett

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What do you do when the one person you have always wanted, you can almost never have?

We found each other by chance and it was perfect, easy and everything I could have asked for. Our love was one for the books. When he moved next door, my entire world flipped upside down and inside out, but it was the best feeling I had ever experienced. Until the time came to


What do you do when the one person you have always wanted, you can almost never have?

We found each other by chance and it was perfect, easy and everything I could have asked for. Our love was one for the books. When he moved next door, my entire world flipped upside down and inside out, but it was the best feeling I had ever experienced. Until the time came to choose between him and my family. I was young and in love, but in the end, I chose my family. I've regretted that decision since the day I made it. Now fate has given me a second chance with the one person I knew I was always supposed to be with. But this time so much more was standing in our way.

Can I choose him over the life I've come to know?

Will he be able to forgive me and give us a second chance?

Is true love really enough to conquer everything standing in our way?

Sometimes the hardest decisions in life, are the most liberating, I just hope that this time I made the right one.

*WARNING MATURE CONTENT Recommended for 18+ due to adult content, language and situations

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Forever and Almost Always 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
I am a sucker for a second chance romance. Something about losing someone when you’re young through your own stupidity or poor choices, regretting it deeply and then have them come back into your life when you are actually mature enough to handle it? Yeah, I’ve not been there. No sir, not me. The story starts with Dad. He’s moving into a new place with his friends when he spots his new next door neighbor Charlee. They have an instant attraction to each other, and before long begin something that is bigger than either has experienced before. But, through circumstances that would test any young relationship, they separate. 10 years later, they reconnect. Will they be able to work it out this time? This book had pluses and minuses for me. The plus is that I liked the general plot. As I said, I’m a sucker for the second chance romance, and I like it when characters are torn apart for reasons that unnecessary and find their way back to one another. I think that idea fulfills a lot of fantasies that people have about certain people that have touched their lives at different points. The minuses, I’m afraid, outweighed the pluses for me. The way the plot flowed I found a bit confusing. I mean things seemed to happen out of nowhere with no prelude or previous mention of important facts that would have lended themselves to understanding the action in the plot. I found myself having to go back and make sure I didn’t miss something that lead up to the particular moment in the book. I guess what I’m saying is that there was serious lack of not only build up, but foreshadowing in this book. I also didn’t feel that the characterization was lacking. I really didn’t understand the characters and their choices. I mean, I understand how they dealt the way they did with each other in the moment for the most part, but not why they reacted the way they did. I mean, for example, the reason they break up seemed very unrealistic to me. Charlee and her mom didn’t have a healthy relationship as far as I could tell, yet she was willing to leave the love of her life for her family? It just didn’t make sense to me with how the book and characters were set up. Overall, this wasn’t a bad book, but I think with a little bit more it could have been better. I’m giving it 3.5 stars. Reviewed by Sara Squared for Crystal's Many Reviewers *ARC provided for honest review*
chucha_13 More than 1 year ago
That was a one long WILD, SEXY, EXCRUCIATING, and REWARDING ride. I came to a point that I have questioned if this book would have a happy ending. The journey was exciting, terrifying, and confusing. I was basically chewing on my nails wondering what will happen to these two characters. They had started out young, found a love that was beyond their imagination, and when things got tough and pride gets the best of them – everything that they have worked for to build their relationship on just crumbled into pieces. It have taken them a decade - both of them have grown up, had already separate lives and had broken for over a decade, would fate be kind enough to give them another chance? The decisions were hard, and some of them weren’t even wise. But what I love most about this novel is the fact that you can feel how the characters evolved. Dax and Charlee had matured through the pages, and I was glad to see them facing most of their problems rather than running away from them. It may have taken a couple of heartaches, walk-outs, and an accident – but in the end, everything was exactly where they should be. Forever and Almost Always is a love story filled with youthful passion, intensity and drama. This story shows of how powerful love can grow over time, how pride can ruin even the strongest of all emotions, and how fate works wonders. This story proves that everybody and everything deserves all the chances that they can get. Indeed, if you were meant to be, no matter how long it may take, no matter what the circumstances are, no matter where you are, fate will always lead you back to him.  ¿ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.¿
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
Book Worms was given this book as an ARC for an honest review.  We gave this book 4 stars.  This book review was left by Lindsay a Book Worms Reviewer.  Thank you Lindsay.  Forever and Almost Always by Amanda Bennett Amanda has created a love story like to other.  One that defies a decade of time apart.  This story had me smiling and crying from page to page.  This was a beautifully written story about a love like no other.  One that hits you in the face the minute you see each other and no that no one will ever love you the way that he/she does.  This touching story hits all avenues of the ups and downs of relationships and hope that true love will finally win out over the tests of time and life.   The minute that Dax sent eyes on Charlee his heart belonged to her and the same went for Charlee.  They had a love like no other.  One that was meant to be forever. "She affected me in a way that I could never fully explain.  We shared a connection that I had never had with anyone else."   Unfortunately, life gets in the way and Charlee chose family over love. Devastation took over both of their lives and they were to stubborn to fight for each other.  After ten years, Charlee decides to try and let go of the past by seeing him again.  Will they be able to let the past go and move on with their lives or will they rekindle their love that has truly never died in each other's hearts? Thank you for a wonderful book Amanda we look forward to reading more from you in the future!! <3  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I laughed i cried, more than once... i wanted to kick dax in the groin. What a gut wrenching story. Please keep them coming!
KCPeeler More than 1 year ago
We all hope and dream to find that one person that makes us whole, the one person who will love us no matter what,  and the one person that makes life worth living. Dax and Charlee's relationship is what most girls dream of as little girls.  Falling for the guy next door, perfect body, perfect voice, just damn perfect in every way.  Their relationship is one that is hot from the get go… once it gets going.  These two have never had a problem with the opposite sex, but for some reason, they act like total goof balls!  Weather it be Charlee at a loss for words, giving Dax the wrong impression with his roommate, or Dax going stalker on her.  Once they make their feelings known, the rest is history… that is until... If you had to chose between your family that has had your back forever and the love of you life… what do you choose?  How do those choices impact your life?  What happens when you realize you were wrong? This is exactly what happens in Dax & Charlee's relationship.  Can they find their way back together or is it to late?  The ending of this book pulled at my heart.  I wanted them to be together, but what about the futures they had built?  Could they let go of their present?  This had me pulling for Dax and Charlee, but also made my heart hurt for Dax's wife.  Knowing that someone doesn't love you like another women has got to be one of the worst feelings on the planet, but what his wife does is phenomenal!  I sure don't know if I could be the bigger person. While Dax and Charlee are the main characters, there are several characters that play major rolls in the events in this book: Trevor, Taylor, Aaron, and Rachael.  Each of these individuals bring different rolls to the table… some are good and others well… I'll let you be the judge of that! Forever and Almost Always is another fabulous read front he AMAZING Amanda Bennett.  She never ceases to amaze me, and I wait impatiently for her next release.  Two other tie bits I just loved were Charlee and Casey… I think that speaks for it's self! ;)