Forever Ray Charles

Forever Ray Charles

by Ray Charles

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Disc 1

  1. Here We Go Again
  2. Sweet Potato Pie
  3. You Don't Know Me
  4. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
  5. Fever
  6. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
  7. It Was a Very Good Year
  8. Hey Girl
  9. Sinner's Prayer
  10. Heaven Help Us All
  11. Over the Rainbow
  12. Crazy Love
  13. [CD-Rom Track]

Disc 2

  1. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
  2. Let the Good Times Roll
  3. How Long Has This Been Going On?
  4. Every Saturday Night
  5. Busted
  6. Crying Time
  7. I Can't Stop Loving You
  8. Come Live with Me
  9. Feel So Bad
  10. The Long and Winding Road
  11. Look What They've Done to My Song
  12. Georgia on My Mind

Disc 3

  1. I've Got a Woman
  2. Drown in My Own Tears
  3. A Fool for You
  4. It Should've Been Me
  5. (Night Time Is) The Right Time
  6. What'd I Say, Pt. 1
  7. Greenbacks
  8. Come Back
  9. This Little Girl of Mine
  10. Hallelujah I Love Her So

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ray Charles   Primary Artist
Willie Nelson   Guitar,Guest Appearance
David Hayes   Bass
Patti Austin   Track Performer
Natalie Cole   Guest Appearance
Elton John   Guest Appearance
Gladys Knight   Guest Appearance
Billy Preston   Hammond Organ
Bonnie Raitt   Slide Guitar,Guest Appearance
Bruce Fowler   Trombone
Steve Kujala   Flute
Tom Scott   Conductor
John Chiodini   Musician
Michael Thompson   Guitar
Vaneese Thomas   Vocals
Jim Keltner   Drums
Richard Todd   French Horn
Tom Fowler   Bass
John Acevedo   Viola
John Acosta   Cello
Tawatha Agee   Vocals
Maxi Anderson   Track Performer
Clarence Banks   Trombone
Rick Baptist   Trumpet
Scotty Barnhart   Trumpet,Soloist
Bashiri Johnson   Percussion
Chuck Berghofer   Musician
Rev. Dave Boruff   Saxophone
Ray Brinker   Drums
Rosemary Butler   Choir, Chorus
Ronald Clark   Violin
Mark Converse   Percussion
Larry Corbett   Cello
Jim Cox   Musician
Joey DeFrancesco   Organ,Hammond Organ,Soloist
Joel Derouin   Violin
George Doering   Guitar
Kevin Dorsey   Choir, Chorus
Charles Everett   Violin
Dennis Farias   Trumpet
Charles Fearing   Guitar
Lynne Fiddmont   Track Performer
Brandon Fields   Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Kirstin Fife   Violin
Stefanie Fife   Cello
Ronald Folsom   Violin
James Gadson   Drums
Armen Garabedian   Violin
Berj Garabedian   Violin
Jim Gilstrap   Choir, Chorus
Gary Grant   Trumpet
Trey Henry   Bass,Double Bass
Scott Higgins   Timpani
Greg Huckins   Flute
Clydene Jackson   Choir, Chorus
Danny Jacob   Guitar
Tony Kadleck   Trumpet
B.B. King   Guitar,Guest Appearance
Irvin "Magic" Kramer   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Armen Ksadjikian   Cello
Abraham Laboriel   Bass
Michael Landau   Guitar
Doug Lawrence   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Soloist
James Leary   Bass
Clarence McDonald   Piano
George Marinelli   Guitar
Don Markese   Clarinet
Michael Markman   Violin
Andy Martin   Musician
Rob Mathes   Conductor
Bob McChesney   Trombone
Butch Miles   Drums
Dennis Molchan   Violin
Van Morrison   Guest Appearance
Suzette Moriarty   French Horn
Charlie Morillas   Trombone
Maria Newman   Viola
Alan Pasqua   Piano
Shawn Pelton   Drums
Darlene Perry   Track Performer
Sharon Perry   Track Performer
Edward Persi   Viola
Darryl Phinnessee   Choir, Chorus
Vladimir Polimatidi   Violin
Tom Saviano   Saxophone
Bob Shepard   Saxophone
Kurt Snyder   French Horn
David Stenske   Violin,Viola
Fonzi Thornton   Vocals
Randy Waldman   Piano,Keyboards
Mike Williams   Trumpet,Soloist
Terry Woods   Choir, Chorus
Margaret Wooten   Violin
Ken Yerke   Violin
Diana Krall   Guest Appearance
Shelly Berg   Conductor,Musician
Gregg Field   Conductor,Musician
Nancy Roth   Violin
Dave Stone   Double Bass
Robert Peterson   Concert Master
Edmund Stein   Violin
Suzie Katayama   Cello
Julie Rogers   Violin
Sandy Simmons   Track Performer
Jeff Kievit   Trumpet
Wayne Bergeron   Trumpet,Musician
Charlie Davis   Trumpet
Charles Pillow   Tenor Saxophone
Suzanna Giordono   Viola
Johana Krejci   Violin
John Krovoza   Cello
Timothy Landauer   Cello
Andrew Picken   Viola
Valerie Pinkston   Track Performer
Zheng Wang   Violin
Martin Winning   Tenor Saxophone
Nick Grant   Violin
Lorraine Perry   Track Performer
Rudy Stein   Cello
Joseph Stone   English Horn,Oboe
Trevor Henry   Double Bass
Shawn Mann   Viola
Alexander Isles   Trombone
Robert Berg   Viola
Irina Voloshina   Violin
Brian Benning   Violin
Edith Markman   Violin
Andrew Martin   Trombone
Tim Christensen   Double Bass
Jennifer Munday   Violin
North Wood   Violin
Jennifer Walton   Violin
Daphne Chen   Violin
Gerry Hilera   Violin
Trevor Handy   Cello
Horia Moroaica   Violin
John "4 Daddman" Robinson   Drums
Samuel Formicola   Viola
Will Matthews   Guitar
Yang-Qin Zhao   Cello
Norah Jones   Piano,Guest Appearance
Carolyn Riley   Viola
James Chip Burney   Choir, Chorus
Phillip Yao   French Horn
Shanti Randall   Viola
Alan Ellsworth   Violin
Larry Hall   Trumpet
Alicia Engley   Violin
Igor Pandurski   Violin
Robert Matsuda   Violin
Leanne Becknell   Oboe
Karl Vincent   Double Bass
Steve Richards   Cello
Sai Ly Acosta   Violin
Briana Bandy   Viola
Raymond Brinker   Drums
De'Ante Duckett   Choir, Chorus
Xiao Niu He   Violin
Leslie Brown Katz   Violin
David Kilbride   Violin
Raymond Kobler   Violin
Tricia Lee   Violin
Martha Lippi   Cello
Irene Madison   Choir, Chorus
Paul Manaster   Violin
Fred Martin & the Levite Camp   Choir, Chorus
Alethea Mills   Choir, Chorus
Chavonne Morris   Choir, Chorus
Aminah Ofumbi   Choir, Chorus
Patricia Skye   French Horn
Clarissa Watkins   Choir, Chorus
Dynell Weber   Violin
Alwyn Wright   Violin
Michelle Richards   Violin
John D. Mitchell   Bassoon
Barry K. Cooper   Bass Trombone
Shawn C. Edmonds   Trumpet
Dave Keim   Trombone
Endré Rice   Trumpet
Tony Suggs   Piano,Soloist
Grant Langford   Alto Saxophone
James D. Taylor   Guest Appearance
Franklyn D'Antonio   Violin
Charles Boito   Clarinet
Raymond Tischer   Viola
Todor Pelev   Violin
Richard Shaw   Double Bass
Reginald Clews   Violin

Technical Credits

Lowell Fulson   Composer
George Gershwin   Composer
Eddy Arnold   Composer
Don Gibson   Composer
Willie Nelson   Author
Buck Owens   Composer
Red Steagall   Composer
Patti Austin   Vocal Arrangements
Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Ray Charles   Composer
Natalie Cole   Author
Elton John   Composer,Author
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Bonnie Raitt   Author
James Taylor   Composer
Quincy Jones   Arranger
Tom Scott   Arranger
Roger Neumann   Arranger
Harold Arlen   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
Billy Burnette   Composer
Silas Hogan   Composer
Cindy Walker   Composer
Dennis Lee Askew   Management
David Blumberg   Arranger,String Arrangements
Felice Bryant   Composer
John Burk   Producer,Executive Producer
John Clayton   Arranger
Ervin Drake   Composer
Robert Fernandez   Engineer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Harlan Howard   Composer
B.B. King   Author
Don Lanier   Composer
Clarence McDonald   Arranger
Ronald Dean Miller   Composer
Don Mizell   Producer
Van Morrison   Composer,Author
Joel Moss   Engineer
Larry Muhoberac   Arranger
Don Murray   Engineer
Charles Paakkari   Engineer
Phil Ramone   Producer
Melanie Safka   Composer
Schmitt   Engineer
Michael Smotherman   Composer
Bernie Taupin   Composer
Ed Thacker   Engineer
Randy Waldman   Arranger,Engineer,rhythm arrangement
Jerry West   Composer
Diana Krall   Author
Shelly Berg   Arranger
Gregg Field   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements
David Ritz   Liner Notes
John Davenport   Composer
Stuart Gorrell   Composer
Terry Howard   Producer,Engineer
Herbert Waltl   Producer
Aaron A. Woodward   Executive Producer,Management
Eddie Cooley   Composer
Abbey Anna   Art Direction,Design Consultant
Steven Chean   Liner Notes
Steve Genewick   Engineer
Pete Karam   Engineer
Fleecie Moore   Composer
Renald Richard   Composer
Leslie Temple   Composer
Sam Theard   Composer
Memphis Curtis   Composer
Victor Vanacore   Arranger
Felice & Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Norah Jones   Author
Seth Presant   Engineer
Mark Fleming   Engineer
Bill Airey Smith   Engineer
Andrew Pham   Art Direction
David R. Legry   Liner Notes
Casey Phariss   Engineer
John Mark Harris   Engineer
James D. Taylor   Author

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