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The Forgetful Spy [The Double Recall 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

The Forgetful Spy [The Double Recall 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

by Lara Santiago

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[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense] Life is a series of choices. Faltering Protocol agent, Rachel Miles, can't afford to bungle another mission, but her growing desire for Colin may ruin her well-laid plans. Choosing between doing her job the way her boss wants it done or giving in to her overwhelming attraction for a man she barely knows, she selects Colin.


[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense] Life is a series of choices. Faltering Protocol agent, Rachel Miles, can't afford to bungle another mission, but her growing desire for Colin may ruin her well-laid plans. Choosing between doing her job the way her boss wants it done or giving in to her overwhelming attraction for a man she barely knows, she selects Colin. Laurie Peterson's life is comfortable, quiet and pleasantly boring until she meets an exciting, gorgeous stranger who won't take no for an answer. Should she risk her comfortable life and risk hurting the aunt who gave up everything to take care of her for a man she's just met? Undercover agent, Colin Riley, loves two very different women. Rachel, outrageous, sensual and mysterious, who saves him from a murderous Colombian drug lord. And Laurie, the sweet librarian whose gentle innocence makes him yearn for a life he can't have. How can he choose between them? Especially once he realizes they're the same woman. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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The Double Recall , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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"Help me get free. And I promise I'll make it worth your while."

"Why are you tied up?"

He exhaled a deep breath. "It's a long story." He turned his head and glanced at the door. "Is the door locked?"

Rachel nodded. She checked her bracelet watch again surprised that only four minutes had passed since she'd entered the room.

"Would you mind putting that chair under the door handle? I don't want us to be interrupted."

She crossed the room and secured the ladder-backed chair under the door handle checking to reassure herself it was indeed locked.

Rachel spied the open closet door and her chest tightened with anger. She had a mission. What was she doing? She shook her head and abandoned her foolish plan for a quickie with this stranger. Her task to escape took precedence over her ardent libido. She crossed the room, focused only on the closet door and tuned out his repeated and now very urgent attempts at conversation.

The built-in shoe rack made a perfect ladder for her to climb and open the attic access panel. She readied her escape path for egress ignoring his whispered pleas along with her own blatantly inappropriate desires in the process.

"Fuck. What do I have to do? Take me with you. Please."

The please penetrated her trance. The attic access door was open and ready for her to climb through. Rachel shimmied back down the shoe rack and turned toward the bed.

Her hands pressed to her hips. "What do you want me to do?"

"Help me get loose." He scanned her body pausing at her breasts for several seconds. "I'll do anything."

A wicked thought occurred to her and a grin flashed before she could stop it. "Anything?" she askedsuggestively.


"What did you do to warrant being tied down? I know you said it was a long story," she glanced at her watch and smiled. "You have thirty seconds to explain it to me."

Taking a deep breath, he shook his head slightly. "If I only had thirty seconds, then I'd plead my case. I must get free." His eyes bored through her. "I have to meet someone tonight. Life or death."

"You're not meeting the man who left you here?"

"No." He tugged at the restraints. The metal of the handcuffs clanked against the headboard. "Someone else."

She pondered his short explanation and stared at him. The bulge below his fly had increased to an impressive ridge. Her core tightened in unquenched desire. Her gaze traveled to his legs and the powerful thighs encased in denim. The fabric stretched molding to his muscular flesh as he pulled at the ropes binding his ankles.

"See anything you want?"

She shot a quick gaze to his face and his sardonic smile greeted her.

"Yes, as a matter of fact."

His eyes narrowed as if in disbelief of her affirmative answer and what it implied. After a few seconds, a smile again shaped his mouth. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"If that's a line, trust me, you don't need it." Rachel was about to implode with an unrelenting thirst for sex. She kicked off her stilettos and leaned closer to the bed.

"Did you come into the compound tonight with the other girls for ... um ... dates?"

"I came in with them, but not to get a date." She hiked her dress up around her thighs and put a knee on the bed. He pushed out a breath as if surprised.

"What did you come for?"

"That's a secret."

"I can keep a secret." His eyes widened and shone with something akin to trustworthiness. She silently applauded his effort. His expression was very sincere, but she wasn't telling him why she was here.

"I'm sure you can. But I'm still not going to tell you." The light of hope died in his eyes. "Let me take a look at your handcuffs at least. I don't have a key on me, but maybe..." she trailed off, climbed up on the bed resting on all fours.

Crawling over him to get a better look at his bonds, she had straddled his warm body before prudence prevented her from touching him. The second her body came into contact with his she had to take a calming breath and resist the urge to lower her breasts into his face. He lifted his head twisting to watch her as she studied the handcuffs.

"I have lock picks, but it'll take a minute or two."

"I'd be so grateful." The whisper of his words caressed her and the intimate position of her body covering him seeped through.

She retreated turning to see his intense focus. "Oh yeah. How grateful?"

He laughed. "So grateful you'd scream 'you're welcome' by the time I'd finished thanking you."

She slid down his body until her mouth was lined up with his. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers making the first contact.


Rachel put her hands on his face, slanted her mouth over his and sucked his tongue into her mouth. He moaned, which unleashed a torrential amount of fluid from her lower half. Her clit pulsed with desire as their hungry tongues collided.

She pressed her hips forward and the ridge of his cock throbbed against her pubic bone. Shifting to line up her lower half with his a little better, she prepared to scratch her itch against his growing erection.

With the next push of her hips, he responded in kind. She ground her crotch against him trying to hit the most sensitive spot but couldn't quite hit the place she needed for gratification. She broke the kiss panting and studied his restraints again.

"Let me taste you."


His gaze fell to her breasts. "Lower the strap of your dress."

The sexy suggestion sent a punch of lust to her midsection. In slow motion to make the anticipation last, Rachel pulled the strap down exposing her breast with the visibly peaked nipple. Carefully she guided the distended tip to his mouth. He latched on with such forceful gusto, she almost came from the power of the suction he exerted. Instead, she moaned out loud and relaxed.

After sucking on her for several heart pounding moments, he stopped the wicked pleasure long enough to whisper, "Now the other one."

Rachel hesitated until he asked, "Please?"

She lowered the other strap pushing her second breast to his waiting lips. The tug of sensation from his teeth grazing the tip sent a pulse from nipple to clit. Her pussy clenched with uncontrollable need.

"Ohmigod," she whispered unable to withdraw. She was out of her mind and lost in the electrifying pleasure marching through her body.

The luscious suction stopped.

"Take the cuffs off. I'll make you come."

The word 'come' from his passionately uttered statement nearly brought the release she sought.

She eyed the handcuffs again.

He licked his lips and sent his gaze down her body to where she rested. Her dress was bunched up around her thighs where her open legs straddled across his midsection. His jeans enclosed hard cock rested against her pussy lips.

"Or you could slip your panties off, straddle my face and I'll just lick you."

The words 'I'll just lick you' reverberated through her body like the vibration from a giant gong banged with a sledge hammer.

"I'm not wearing any panties." Her whispered confession sent another violent wave of desire pulsing through her veins.

His pupils widened. "Show me."

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